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1 year of soft research/prep, 1 year of gif making, and I’m finally crossing the 100th gif posted. I wouldn’t have made it here without the support of the greatest friends in the world, to whom I owe so many huge opportunities to, I’d also like to thank everyone who enjoys and follows the work that I do, it’s been a huge motivation for me that the things I make have been received so well, I couldn’t have asked for more. I promise more mind blowing shit to come.

Light in the Past [Kylo Ren x Reader]

Summary: The reader – a bounty hunter – knew Ben Solo, and believes him to be dead. Now employed by the First Order, the reader lives in ignorance of Kylo Ren’s true identity. It is not until the two are required to go undercover to find Lor San Tekka that the secrets that Ren has masterfully kept begin to unfold.

Word Count: 4000+

Warning: Mention of dead bodies. (Not graphic. Just gross.) The reader fears death several times. The reader considers murder. 

Leave the mask… Kylo Ren instructed himself. He found himself struggling to obey. During his years with the First Order, his mask had become a part of him. It was a tie to his grandfather, an anchor and constant reminder of the power Dark Side. To leave it just to meet with her – a bounty hunter – seemed ridiculous. You’re out of options, he insisted. If you fail to regain her trust, finding Skywalker will become impossible.

Kylo remembered Y/N from his time as Ben Solo. She was impossible to forget. She had been General Organa’s apprentice. From the time she was old enough to fire a blaster, she had been taught politics from. He had been insanely jealous of her at one point, and not just because of the attention that she received from the General. It was the confidence in her stride, the way she seemed to know that she could talk herself out of any situation. The way that she seemed unaffected by anything or anyone was something that had stood out to Ben Solo. He had hated that she could go about her life so unperturbed when he hadn’t been able to look at her in the eyes without his palms becoming sweaty and his heart rate speeding up.

The tables had turned, now. He was Kylo Ren. He was more powerful than anybody stuck in the narrow mindset of the Jedi could imagine. What was she? In comparison to the master of the Knights of Ren, nothing. Yet, the memory of who she had been to him caused him to remove the helmet. Already, the feeling of vulnerability attacked him. It was a pointless feeling, he knew. Y/N had been a master negotiator without any help. He needed her. That’s what she would do, he reasoned. Leave the mask.

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Scattered Fett family thoughts and plot bunnies I’ve collected today while reorganizing a bunch of notebooks and papers at work. Kind of in chronological order?

  • Teenage Rex is trying to coerce little Elijah to come inside for bath time. Elijah argues that he’s not dirty. Rex smudges a handprint of mud on his chest. Elijah argues that he can just put his shirt in the wash. Rex smudges another handprint on his face. 
  • Teenage Rex pulls the centerfold out of a magazine and tacks it to the wall of the bedroom he shares with Cody. Cody enters and comments, “Sexy.” The two boys go back and forth for a bit, discussing the graceful beauty, alluring curves, tight body, etc. Camera cuts to the poster. It’s a motorcycle. 
  • Addendum to Echo’s ponytail: Actually it makes more sense if immediately after the accident, Echo has his head shaved. Stitches and scans and electrodes and whatnot. After that he lets it grow out to just long enough to get into a stubby ponytail, but it doesn’t last long before he goes back to his standard haircut.
  • Jesse and Echo both hate fireworks.
  • Jesse is a /fit/izen.
  • Fives is that guy who breaks the ice on tinder with puns.
  • All the boys played a sport of some kind through school, but all I know for sure is that Cody was in football and Tup was/is in soccer.
  • Dogma was actually the first person Tup told about his parents’ plan to move far away.
  • Dogma is talking shit in Mando’a in front of the other high schoolers; Tup passive-aggressively responds to him in English so he can’t get away with it.
  • Echo deadpan offers to teach Tup how to drive. No one is sure how to react.
  • Kix suspects (rightfully) that Rex is actually pretty awkward about giving Tup “The Talk.” He stops by their apartment and leaves a box on Tup’s bed, like a little first aid kit except filled with condoms, lube, dental dams, etc. A note on top reads: “So you don’t have to go snooping at an inopportune time. Love, the brother you’d all be dead of every disease without [Lightning bolt symbol]”

anonymous asked:

hello! can you do a Boba Fett drabble? maybe he's sent to kill you or something but then for some reason he doesn't and falls in love with the reader?? (2nd person pls! human !) xxx

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Among the bounty hunters the galaxy had to offer, Boba Fett was arguably the best. He was calm, efficient and lent his services out to anyone who could pay enough.

He was also the worst conversationalist ever.

It had been inevitable after being stuck in a small ship (his usual ship, Slave II, had been taken from him) in the black void of space for what felt like months, that you would start talking. The initial terror of being taken as a hostage had worn off some time ago, and Force above, you were bored. There was nothing to do; the ship was set on autopilot to some place Fett wouldn’t tell you, and although you couldn’t see his gaze behind the helmet, you could feel it trying to burn a hole in your skin every time you reached to fiddle with the buttons. It was a vast improvement over being held at gunpoint, though the weapon was still in easy reach for the bounty hunter in case you tried something.

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