dead done buried

Everytime I look at this gif. I stare at it forever. Looks at the intensity in his eyes. There isn’t anything in this universe he wouldn’t be willing to kill if it meant saving Melissa. Like I’m pretty sure that Chris would rip apart Heaven and Hell to be reunited with Melissa in the train station. And I’m upset because I was shipping Mama McCall and Sheriff for so long and now Jeff Davis threw this in my face and now its working, I’m a solid member of the McArgent Shippers. Someone close my coffin and start throwing dirt on it cause I’m dead. ✌

Replace Plus Extra Chapter 14: Christmas Miracles

What if the Generation of Miracles were Santa?
Kagami: *snore*

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[2/?] Favorite Miyuki Kazuya Scenes/Faces asked by anon


                  Stateless Matilda Lyric Starter Meme

Below are a bunch of lyrics taken from Stateless’ brilliant 2011 album Matilda and adapted into roleplay starters. Fill in the pronouns & names, change the punctuation as it suits you. Also feel free to shift the spelling to convey your character’s accent and dialect.

❝Won’t you come sit here by the fire with me?❞
❝Tell me your stories, all the places you’ve been.❞
❝You must confess you’re not exactly innocent in all this.❞
❝We both knew what time it was as soon as you walked in.❞
❝So now I’m gonna vanish with you.❞
❝But I’m leaving with you.❞
❝What else can I do?❞
❝Sister put the gun down and come.❞
❝Deep in a bunker underground there is a voice that makes no sound.❞
❝There was a fire in your house they say.❞
❝They say you’ve been dancing with the devil.❞
❝How could ____ be so damn naïve.❞
❝Maybe the devil took ____.❞
❝Or maybe ____ just chose to leave.❞
❝I can watch the sunlight melt the snow.❞
❝I can feel a new light start to grow.❞
❝But I still got miles to go before I sleep❞
❝Still got miles to go before all is revealed.❞
❝We’re gonna hunt ____ down.❞
❝And I doubt you’ll even notice we were on your trail.❞
❝We strike like the lighting; once you can see us, you’re already too late.❞
❝You can’t stop whatever is ‘round the corner.❞
❝Don’t wanna bind ourselves to your joy.❞
❝Don’t wanna cut and grab and snatch and destroy.❞
❝We will knock ____ dead.❞
❝Whatever you’ve done, just bury it.❞
❝And find the secret place where we buried those bones.❞
❝I don’t care where you’ve been tonight❞
❝It is of no consequence my dear.❞
❝Just stay here, my arms are wide, my love.❞
❝And the rest of the world could disappear and I wouldn’t care.❞
❝I guess I should open another bottle of wine.❞
❝Light another cigarette and turn the record over.❞
❝And play the songs we sang when we buried those bones.❞
❝So pure, so damn pure.❞
❝Dancing in the kitchen cooking up a snowstorm.❞
❝Lie to me, _____.❞
❝Lie to me.❞
❝’Cause I’m no damn good.❞
❝Meet me at the water’s edge tonight.❞
❝Running out of places to hide.❞
❝You say that these are nothing more than words.❞
❝Mama couldn’t make him stay.❞
❝Hatred resides in a fitful mind.❞
❝Don’t want to live that way.❞
❝Be careful not to slip now.❞
❝You’re too young to die.❞
❝Your blood is full of energy.❞
❝There’s fire in your eyes.❞
❝But these people aren’t your enemy.❞
❝The truth gets disguised.❞
❝Can’t find a good enough reason why.❞
❝Don’t make your mind a prison cell.❞
❝You have no right to play god.❞
❝We sail into the storm.❞
❝I recall when I first saw you.❞
❝Why d’you wanna hold my hand?❞
❝Surely that must mean you do care for me.❞
❝You said you’d read my fortune.❞
❝You told me of your nightmares.❞


Title: Warrior
Summary: After the war, Hinata seeks out Tenten.
Characters: Hinata and Tenten, NejiTen
Mood Music: My Love by Sia
Note: I cried pretty hard while writing this.


After the war, everybody is busy. There is rebuilding to be done and dead to bury. Hinata has done her fair share of both of these, even though she’s a member of a prestigious clan and she could get out of it if she really wanted to. But that’s not her ninja way.

Now that they’re back home, so many things have demanded her attention. The first is Naruto. When he’s not spending time with Team Seven or helping to rebuild, he wants to spend his time with her, making up for all the years he was oblivious to her feelings.

The second was Neji’s funeral. Everybody came, and it brought tears to Hinata’s eyes to see how many people loved him, even though he had been stand-offish and cold in childhood. He had grown into such a wonderful and admirable man, and Hinata’s heart breaks in half every time she remembers that he’s gone. At the same time, she knows that he is finally freed of the shackles that their family placed on him.

The caged bird may finally be free, but now there is someone with a new set of chains weighing her down.

And it is for this reason that Hinata has taken today for herself, to visit Tenten. The weapons mistress has kept to herself since their return, preferring to haunt her and Neji’s old training ground when she’s not helping with the reconstruction.

She emerges from the trees to find weapons raining from the sky, embedding themselves in targets and tree trunks. Tenten gracefully falls back to the earth, her weapon scroll exhausted. She senses Hinata nearby, and waves her over. “Hey, what’s up?”

Tenten looks exhausted, Hinata notes, with dark circles under her eyes. And her eyes, which before had been cheerful and full of determination, now look listless and lifeless. Hinata’s heart aches for her. Nobody has ever asked if Tenten is okay since Neji died. Hinata knows this. She’s faded into the background, doing her duty and retreating inside herself.

Hinata doesn’t want Tenten to be alone anymore. So she nervously pulls something out of her thigh pouch and turns it over in her hands. Her father will be furious, but she doesn’t care.

Taking a deep breath, she holds it out to Tenten. “I want you to have this. And I think he would have too.”

As soon as she sees it, Tenten freezes. Her eyes widen to the size of saucers and Hinata can see the tears gathering. A single drop slides down her cheek as Tenten slowly takes the forehead protector from Hinata. Her breathing becomes ragged, and the heiress can tell she is doing everything she can to hold back sobs.

Tenten stares silently at the dented metal for a long time, her eyes burning with unshed tears and something fierce that Hinata can’t name. Hinata can feel her own tears making tracks down her face; she knows she has to say something. Tenten deserves more than just a piece of metal and her memories.

“He loved you, you know. Even if he never said it.” Hinata pulls a stiff Tenten into a tight hug. “He loved you even though he didn’t get to say it. And if nii-san loved you, then as far as I’m concerned, you’re my sister. And sisters are there for each other, so I want you to know that I’m here for you, Tenten, and I love you too.”

At that, Tenten finally breaks down crying, sobbing harshly into the shorter girl’s shoulder. Hinata cries too, and they stand there for a long time just holding each other and grieving for the man who was a brother and an almost lover.

After a while, they finally break apart and wipe away their tears. Tenten grips Neji’s forehead protector hard, and that fierce glow overtakes her eyes again as she smiles grimly. Hinata returns the smile.

Tenten’s going to be okay, she knows, because Tenten is a fighter.

Koujaku’s thumb on the hand touching my face lightly traced my lips that were burning because of the alcohol. Koujaku slightly narrowed his eyes, talking on.

“I haven’t regretted anything. If you feel insecure no matter how many times I’ll say it. I love you. I love you the most, Aoba.”

“…Is that—so, very good, then I’m going to kiss you.”


Koujaku couldn’t help but smile, raising his body that was against the wall to bring his face closer to mine. I prepared to press my lips against his…when suddenly, the doorbell rang.