dead dinosaur

so i drew my own puffles today

i miss them

Unfortunate victims of a bio-engineering programme gone horribly wrong, Surf Scoters live every moment of their life with a whole dinosaur skull in place of a bill. Fortunately for these malformed Melanitta the skull’s mouth and nostrils are connected to the Scoter’s digestive and respiratory systems, but control of the skullmouth is retained entirely by the restless spirit of the long-dead dinosaur. 

Above, a Scoter grapples with the terrifying reality it is forced to endure while the grafted skull enjoys a tasty snack.


Pictures I took in the London Natural History Museum. Love that place, man. So many skeletons and great taxidermy specimens (though some of them could really use some airbrushing). I especially loved their thylacine, since thylacines are my favourite animals. And they had tons of deer, which I can always appreciate. 

Jurassic Portal Cast Notes

Here’s a condensed version of my ideas about the characters’ roles in the Jurassic Portal AU! I took out a few details/spoilers in case I do write this whole thing out, but otherwise this is everything! I think casting the characters was fun and fairly easy - it’s just making the details of the story work that’s a little harder. But I like a challenge. If any of you folks have ideas for how to improve this, feel free to let me know~

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