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 Dead or Alive | Flint  

Starz season 1 promo

Somewhat resent Fandom reactions: (Spoilers).
  • Supernatural: !!!LUCIFER!!!!HE'S BACK!!!!!
  • Doctor Who: OMG! Clara's and River Song not dead!
  • Gotham: Bad guys…dead but not dead?
  • Once Upon A Time: Hook….Kinda dead.
  • Jessica Jones: Killgrave. Dead.
Im starting to think that this camp has some fucked up morals

When percy goes missing to the poin of everybody thinking he is DEAD AND SENDING NOTHING TO SAY HE IS ALIVE: okay that cool
When Leo goes missing but sends a letter saying why he faked his death and where he was nut also explaining that he is still alive and will comebakc: well fuck you lets do a fucking line to punch this little shit