dead clams

Forcing open clams is rough on the fingers.

Fingers that hurt so much they are almost numb, blindly following orders from one who is just as blindly obeying the original purpose, that was important, surely.

Within each lies disappointment. The search goes on and on, and a huge pile of disappointment lies forlorn upon the sand. Towards the sea, there is so much more yet to be had. 

Another shooting pain through raw fingers, another opened, another disappointment. Another clunk to add to the pile. A hollow, bitter sound.

It is common knowledge that the more that are opened, the less chance there is of finding what is sought; but stopping was never an option to begin with.

Although, the beginning had been different.

There was hope. Hope that shined almost blindingly in young, youth-intoxicated eyes, hope that swept the truth conveniently under rugs of cashmere, hope that forged promises over cracked glass, hope that did not hesitate to shatter before despair.

How much easier it would be, if promises were known for what they really were. They would be feared, then, and perhaps this pile of listlessness might not be dying in the flaky sand.

Another one broken through, and here is a pearl. At the beginning, it was simple.

Empty clams to toss away,

             Pearls to wish them full

So many pearls, so many wishes. It matters not. This pearl flies the way all before it have gone. This one is accompanied by screams. Sometimes, wishes cannot be articulated within crude implements as words. Especially when the wish is trying to echo the sentiments of a heart torn through with the shards of shattered promises.

Another clam, another clam, each tiny life takes it’s dying vengeance on the sorry, whimpering form of hope. She flutters in the salt-filled wind, reduced almost to nothing.

In a minute, her wispy remains will float onto the pile of those lost, and will soon be buried under clams.

For the hands, they will not stop until the knees buckle, when they will drag the body across the sand, and add it to the dying pile.

Then, perhaps, if peace is too much to expect, there will numbness, nothingness, anything but the pain.

There is no hope left for it to end.

GUYS I’M BACK (I sincerely hope that most of you have not left me for my inactivity and that I have still some followers left)!!!! I hope to post more now that things are settling down, and on my other sapling of a blog as well. I hope you all are well. I shall be nineteen in two days, and I hope whoever reads this enjoys it at least a little. Wrap up tight, and don’t let the vampires bite!


Dr Warhol’s Periodic Table of Microbes, The Small Guide to Small Things

93.  Np. Neptunomonas

You can’t look at Neptunomonas and not think about King Neptune, SpongeBob SquarePants, and the great voicing done by John O’Hurley and Jeffrey Tambor. Well, maybe you can, but I can’t. From the name, you can tell that Neptunomonas is a marine organism, and at the moment there are 7 recognized species.

As you know by now, recurring themes in this Periodic Table are that 1) Microbes are tougher than you; 2) Microbes can live anywhere. Neptunomonas is no exception, as it was first discovered in a highly toxic superfund site in Puget Sound happily munching away amid creosote and coal tar contaminated soil and sediment. Creosote is a tarry preservative that gives old-fashioned fishing piers their characteristic scent, in addition to cut bait. More essential trivia is that the general manager of the creosote company went down on the Titanic, and that their treated timbers were used in building the Panama Canal.

The type species (Neptunomonas napthovorans) was first noted to consume naphthalene, the white crystalline solid better known as the stinky stuff in moth balls. Think about that, these microbes eat moth balls. Other species have been isolated in Antarctica (Neptunomonas antarctica), a dead ark clam in South Korea (Neptunomonas concharum) (OK, ark clams are cool because one species has hemoglobin and red blood, unlike other clams), and as a symbiotic microbe (Neptunomonas japonicus) of the tube worm Osedax japonicus that was living on or near the carcass of a dead sperm whale, all of which were unknown until 2006. The symbiotic microbes enable the worms to eat whale bones. And if that’s not strange enough, yet another species (Neptunomonas phycophila) is a triple symbiont, as it is a symbiont of an algal symbiont (Symbiodinium) of the sea anemone (Aiptasia tagetes).

Neptunomonas cells are Gram negative rods typically measuring around 0.7 to 0.9 microns wide by 2 to 3 microns long.

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i don’t get why people get into such a tizzy about whether mermaids would eat fish or not. i mean we’re mammals and we generally eat other mammals, right? i can understand if mermaids felt squeamish about eating bigger marine animals like whales or sea lions but they’d probably eat fish tbh?? and idk why people are so ready to accept that mermaids would wear dead clams’ shells or starfish as accessories but not accept that they’d eat fish?? you do realize that those are dead animals they’re wearing, right? it would be like humans wearing bird skulls or hamster backbones as accessories??? have you ever thought of it that way, huh???

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Hi I need advice , my boyfriend and I are trying to name my cooch , I named him franklin but we can't think of any names :P

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you guys can pick one together ;)

Everlasting Dragon Ecstatic to Receive Recognition for His amazing Covenant.

The Everlasting Dragon has won yet again the Best Covenant Award for Lordran. He was overcome with emotion as he gave himself the trophy. 

“The panel of judges did an amazing job yet again!” said the Everlasting Dragon.

The judges panel consisted of the Everlasting Dragon, a dead clam with a smiley face sharpie’d on, and a sock puppet on the dragon’s right hand.

The Everlasting Dragon accepted the trophy in front of a roaring crowd consisting of sand, some decapitated Hydra heads, and a confused Undead who accidentally wandered into Ash Lake.

The Dragon thanked all the inanimate objects around him for the magnificent reward and soon was left alone talking to his sock puppet.

A spooky #SeaweedSunday!

In honor of Halloween, this week’s Seaweed Sunday is focused on the notorious Dead Man’s Fingers (Codium fragile). A species of green algae in native to Monterey,  it can also be found on rocky coasts from Alaska to Baja and in the Sea of Japan. 

This algae has become an invasive species in other parts of the world, extending its range to many locations including Australia, Europe, Antarctica, and the east coast of North America. Like a green, photosynthetic monster from a horror movie, the Dead Man’s Fingers successfully invade other habitats by growing in high densities—even in low-light conditions. By creating a dense, shaded area the Dead Man’s Fingers can prevent native algal species from photosynthesizing, thus eliminating any competition.

 This algae has also been known to cause trouble for shellfish farmers. Dead Man’s Fingers can grow on the shells of bivalves such as clams and mussels, increasing the drag on these animals. Unfortunately, this also increases the chance that the shellfish will be carried away from the farms by the current pulling at the Dead Man’s Fingers. Shellfish farmers have named Dead Man’s Fingers the “oyster thief” since the algae is known to carry away their shelled animals. 

Who knew an algae could be so villainous? Fortunately for us, the Dead Man’s Fingers is a native species to our coast; so not very tricky, but a treat to have in our backyard.

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When I was 3 I went to Florida with my mom and I kept findin clams in the sand and putting them in my pocket and naming them and I didn’t know they’d die I just thought they were my pet clams and after a few days my mom was like “Belinda why do you smell like a fish market” and I said “it’s my pet clams” and opened my suitcase to reveal 40+ dead clams