dead cicada

 Imagine: Lance admitting his feelings to Keith and assuming that Keith is going to shoot him down, but instead, Keith grabs Lance’s shoulders and kisses him and Lance is so confused, but so happy like. “omg his lips are touching my lIPS.”

june comes in like the 
afterthought of a destruction. 

cicadas are a low hum in a 
kitchen that is too wide, the 
wall stretch themselves just 
out of reach. stormclouds build
up on may’s deadness and make
the sound of 

my bones know that sound inside
themselves, a quaking of marrow and
of sickness. once before when the 
universe was unmade and they hummed
like this was all they were meant to do. 

the cicadas are dead. june moves 
forward and in the seconds between, 
i try to remake. but i am not the universe.

i am the afterthought of a thought. 
the scars left behind, circlets of roses 
pressed against my tongue. 

june comes in, a reminder of
a missed opportunity. 
“you could be nothing and yet, 
here you are. the insignificance of something.”

Cocytus Water

Cocytus is one of five rivers that runs through the realm of Hades. Known as the river of wailing, this river joins into Acheron, the river of sorrow, fairly early in the underworld.

Cocytus spell water can be used to draw noise. This can be used to quiet a room or busy mind. It can also be used to create jumbling and confusion, and discomfort.

*Not for Ingestion*

  • nails, screws, little metal bits that make unpleasant sounds when shaken together
  • Cicada husks or Dead Crickets
  • Grave dirt (Note! It is illegal to take dirt from a public graveyard. So, if you are being totally legal about this, it can be dirt from where you buried a dead pet once, or something similar. Buuuut, if you want to grab graveyard dirt I won’t stop you)
  • Clear Alcohol (everclear, rubbing alcohol, ect…)

Metal bits are in there for shaking up and making noise. The wails from Cocytus are supposed to be unbearable, so go with something that produces a sound you hate. This could actually be switched out for a chunk of chalkboard and some finger nail clippings, or that really annoying kazuu your kid brother has. But something that would really get on your nerves and make you want to pull your hair out if you had to listen to it constantly.

Cicada husks, dead crickets, dead hissing cockroaches….these things are incessant in their sound, and they make a lot of peoples skin crawl. Cocytus is an never ending cry, there is ALWAYS sound coming from it, and to me that is super creepy. So the creepy aspect of the bug is just as important as the fact that they’re noisy little buggers.

Grave dirt is the binding agent that ties this one to the underworld because graveyards and graves are quiet. Death is quiet. At least, the living perceive it that way. 

Combine your ingredients, charge, and let set for three nights. The night before the new moon, the new moon, and the night after. Strain out the solid bits, store in a dark bottle, and you’re good to go. you’ve got wailing water to use for spell purposes.

And here are the links for all five rivers (current post included)

  • Acheron-River of Woe (personally associated with Air)
  • Cocytus-River of Wailing (personally associated with Earth)
  • Lethe-River of Forgetfulness (personally associated with Water)
  • Phlegethon-River of Fire (personally associated with Fire)
  • Styx-River of Hate (personally associated with Spirit)
No Pressure

#83: “I can’t swim!”

Lin Manuel-Miranda x Reader

Modern AU

Warnings: drowning, cussing

Authors note: Based off of real life experiences !! I never learned how to swim lmao and yeah here’s basically what happened except no hot guy showed up to save me

You always hated summer.
Yeah, sure, it was finally nice enough outside in New York where you didn’t have to wear a heavy winter coat and get bundled up, but trading your winter coat for a swimsuit was a choice you rarely would ever take.
You weren’t a social person, at least not a horribly outgoing one. But you had *friends.* So when you were invited to a summer party, how could you say no? Your friends had taken you shopping for a new bikini, and per usual, you went right along with whatever they picked out, even if inside you thought it was too skimpy and showed too much cleavage and was way to complicated to put on. Had it been your choice, you’d be wearing a t-shirt and shorts, sitting on a chair, reading a book. You would have even been fine with tanning, or rather horribly burning your skin.
To your dismay, when you arrived at the pool, all of your friends wanted to get in the water.
“Come on, Y/N!”
You struggled to come up with an excuse.
“Sorry, I don’t want to get my hair all wet. Just washed it. Got a date tonight.”
You lied, biting the inside of your cheek, begging for them to believe you.
Eventually, they nodded.
“Fine. But you got to get in the shallow side with us at least.”
You sighed with relief and allowed yourself to be dragged to the 4 ft area.
You smiled to yourself. If you could just keep them over here, then everything will turn out fi-
“I’m bored. Deep side! Sorry, Y/N.”
You had to swallow a protest.
They grabbed your hands and led you to the deep end of the pool. You wrenched yourself away from them and quickly hopped out of the pool.
“I can’t get my hair wet, guys! I’ll sit with my feet in!”
They began to argue, saying that they wanted a jumping into the pool picture.
“Then I’ll take the picture. Come on, I don’t want to get in.”
They pouted.
“We want you in the picture. Come on, just get in the shot!”
Grudgingly, you agreed.
Your friends ran off to harass some poor stranger into taking a picture for them, and you sat down on a chair, trying to figure out how to escape your situation without making it obvious that you could not swim.
Yes, you couldn’t swim. You had never been taught, and had always just stayed in the 4-5 ft pool. It hadn’t affected anything when you were little, but then in middle school everyone wanted to go deeper. It didn’t matter anyway. You weren’t ever invited to stuff anymore, why should you bother to learn to swim?
You were shaken out of your thoughts as your friends came back, with a quite handsome stranger behind them. He had dark black hair, tied back in a ponytail. He was tan, and was absolutely gorgeous. You were smitten the instant you saw him.
“Y/N! Come on! Picture!”
You sighed and got up and made your way to the edge of the pool. It was 16 ft deep, and the dark blue water looked unforgiving and cold.
Your friends grabbed hands and made the leap. You just had time to whisk your hand away before your friends had jumped in the pool, and were submerged under.
You breathed a sigh of relief.
The man handed back the phone to your friends, and they crowded around to get a glance at how they looked.
You turned to the man.
“Thanks. Sorry they disturbed you.”
He smiled.
“No problemo. See you around.”
He waved and walked away.
You turned back to your friends.
“You didn’t jump!”
You sighed.
“I told you. I can’t get my hair wet.”
Your friends rolled their eyes.
“SUCH a baby. C'mon guys.”
They walked away, leaving you standing there. You fought away tears as you reclined on the lawn chair and closed your eyes. Maybe if you napped they would stop bothering you…
A few minutes later, you heard a lot of snickering around you. You didn’t open your eyes, praying that your friends would eventually see that you were asleep and not bother you.
“Shh, put it there.”
There were lots of giggles, and you were getting curiously scared.
“Ready? 1,2,3!”
You felt the top of your bikini being lifted slightly, and something being put in.
You opened your eyes and shot up quickly. You began screaming as you looked what was in your bikini top.
A dead cicada.
There was a dead cicada touching your bare skin.
You lifted the bottom of the top off, and dropped the cicada out.
You screamed as you hurled the dead bug as far away as you could, and turned to your hysterical friends.
They were crying with laughter, and they sat wheezing on your chair. You glared at all of them.
“Fuck all of you.”
You got up and went to sit at the edge of the 5 ft pool. You were fuming.
Eventually, they came to sit next to you.
“Y/N, that was so funny! Your face-”
You got up and moved to a different edge, unaware that you were headed for the 16 ft pool area.
You sat down, and dangled your feet in the water, barely acknowledging that this water was noticeably colder.
“Aw, Y/N. Don’t be like this.”
You ignored them.
“Y/N, stop being such a sour pus!”
When you didn’t respond, they got a bit angrier.
“Y/N, you’re such a baby!”
Then, you were submerged in the deep cold water. You vaguely heard laughter above your head, but you could barely comprehend what was happening.
You panicked.
You began to kick your legs, and flail your arms. You continued to sink downwards.
Apparently, panicking only made things worse for you. You opened your eyes, then immediately shut them from the sting. You couldn’t breathe. You tried to kick up, but that just released the little breath you still had and reduced you to coughing.
Icy water clawed its way into your lungs, and you began screaming. You couldn’t breathe at all, and now your eyes were open and searching for any way to escape.
You found none, and by now you had sunk to the bottom. You attempted to kick upwards, but your attempts were futile as you had no energy left.
You began to black out from lack of oxygen, and slowly felt yourself beginning to float upwards.
Then, you felt a strong pair of arms wrap around your waist and bring you towards the surface. You couldn’t comprehend what was happening, but then you broke the surface of the water, and took a gulp of air. You began to hyperventilate as you coughed up water and choked on the air in your lungs, mingled with the water.
Your mind was every where, so you didn’t remember the stranger, (who you now knew was a man) lifting you out of the water and into a chair.
You were shivering as he wrapped you in a towel and began to calm you down.
“Are you okay? Do you need an ambulance?”
He asked in a calm voice.
You shook your head, and opened your eyes slightly.
It was the man who had taken your picture earlier.
He was quite handsome, as you’d said before, and you were attempting to display your thanks, but all you got out was a cough.
“Th-than-thanks. F-for th-that.”
He nodded.
“Don’t mention it. Are you okay? Oh!”
He got a mildly panicked look on his face.
“Please don’t cry!”
You hadn’t even realized you were crying until he’d mentioned it.
He took the edge of your towel and used it to wipe away your tears.
“Do you wanna leave? I mean, I can take you to my place so you can dry off.”
You attempted to smile, and nodded.
“Yes, pl-please.”
He carefully helped you up, and you slightly shook as you gathered your things in your bag.
He helped you to his car, and promised that he’d come back for your car.
He opened the door for you, and climbed in on the other side.
“Before we go, I always make sure the girl I’m taking to my house knows my name. Not that you’re a regular girl. You’re beautiful. Er, sorry what I meant was, these different circumstances-”
You cut him off.
“I’m F/N L/N.”
He smiled.
“Beautiful name. I’m Lin. Lin Manuel-Miranda.”
Lin stared the car, and drove began to drive you to nicer apartments in New York.
He parked the car in a spot behind the building, and escorted you through the doors.
“Let’s take the elevator, yeah?”
He handed you your bag, and grabbed his out of the backseat.
On second thought, he stopped you and took your bag along with his, so that you could hold your towel around you.
“Thanks. I really appreciate this. You don’t have to do this-”
He silenced you.
“No, I do have to do this. Your son of a bi-”
He cleared his throat.
“Your friends pushed you into a pool after they were being horribly rude to you, and you almost died after they cried wolf, instead of trying to help you. So yeah, I kinda do have to do this.”
He pressed the button for the 5th floor, and you began your ascend.
Lin led you to a door marked 51, and he ushered you inside.
“Here. Set down your bag and shoes. I’ll start the shower and grab you some warm clothes. I’ll be right back.”
He ran around the corner, leaving you to neatly place your shoes and bag on the floor near the coat rack.
He returned moments later, with a fresh towel, a shirt, sweatpants, and fuzzy slippers.
“Here. Take a warm shower. I’ll be out here if you need anything.”
He dashed away, and you made your way to the already steaming shower.
You peeled off your wet swimsuit, and stepped in the hot shower.
Fifteen minutes later, you emerged to find Lin sitting on the couch, with a steaming mug on the table.
“Hey. Come and sit.”
You sat down tentatively, and accepted the mug of hot cocoa that Lin offered you. He tossed you a warm blanket, and flipped on the TV.
After a few minutes of silence.
“Hey Lin?”
“Thank you. For saving me. It was stupid. Why did I go to the pool if I can’t even swim? It was a stupid decision, and I just-”
He interrupted you.
“Yeah, on your ‘friends’ behalf. They pushed you into a goddamn pool! I knew that as soon as I saw you not jump in that picture that you didn’t know how to swim. You looked scared. I felt bad. So I waited, and made sure that they didn’t try anything on you. I saw them put that dead cicada down your shirt, and then toss you into the pool. I saw the fear in you eyes as soon as you started falling. So I immediately jumped in and got you out. So I didn’t 'save’ you. No. I just did the thing that those girls SHOULD have done.”
You were silent for a moment. How many times had these girls forced you into something that was against what you YOURSELF wanted? Like making you get that bikini? Or going home with that one guy from the bar?
“Yeah. Yeah. They aren’t good to me. They really aren’t good friends at all. They force me into all kinds of things that I don’t want to do! They expect me to be constantly feeling no pressure when they want me to do stuff for THEM.”
Lin nodded.
“They’re that type, huh?”
“No pressure this, no pressure that. No pressure, but you have to look good for once. No pressure, but don’t fuck up my makeup or I’m telling everyone about your secret. No fucking pressure.”
Lin grabbed your hand.
“I’m sorry, Y/N. That you’re in that situation. You’re honestly beautiful. Intelligent. And I’ve only known you for a little while, but still, you’re a great gal. Honestly.”
You swallowed.
“Hey Lin?”
Lin glanced up.
“No pressure, but you should kiss me.”



okay, so, time for another giveaway – a bit large one this time, too! 


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-1 low-quality cicada (will replace with nicer one if i find one! found specimen / not killed) 


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It is wonderful here today. It’s about 80 with a wonderfully cool breeze so Megatron and I hung out in the backyard for awhile. I read, and Megatron chewed on some sticks. Whenever he noticed I was trying to take a picture of him he would turn away from me like he thought I was going to steal his stick.

Then he found a dead cicada in the yard and had to roll around on it.

i don’t understand people who get mad when pokemon designs are especially quirky or take inspiration from unusual sources. this is a game where my final party can consist of a possessed refrigerator, a sexy mangosteen, a literal bag of garbage, a creature based on a dead comedian, an empty cicada shell, and donald trump’s fursona. i can make this specific group of monsters fight gods and extradimensional abominations. if you don’t think that’s beautiful, get the fuck off my blog.

Neko Atsume + Miraculous Ladybug
  •  one day Marinette accidentally leaves some cake on the balcony
  • and the next day she realizes and she’s like
  • oh no better get it before the pigeons get to it (if they haven’t already)
  • but instead of pigeons she finds
  • twenty-three cats on her balcony
  • and she would’ve been okay with that but then she sees Chat Noir with the cats and Chat Noir is playing with a ball of yarn
  • and Marinette’s totally fine with the multiple cats except Chat Noir she tries to shoo away
  • and it ends up a habit for her to leave food on the balcony to attract the cats and Chat Noir, much to her chagrin, always comes too
  • no okay but imagine Chat Noir just stuffing his body into a glass vase
  • or just stuffing his face into a cake box looking for some leftover crumbs because he’s a hungry nerd
  • or trying to sit on top of a cardboard house and literally crushing it with his weight
  • or just trying to get his butt into a giant sock, but it tears apart because he’s too big to get inside 
  • or giving up and just crawling into a tunnel and just lying there, head out one end, feet out the other, big grin on his face
  • or just sprawling his body across a cushion and she just takes it out from under him like “Chat this is for the actual cats.” “But I’m a-” “No you’re not.”
  • and every time Tubbs comes marching along, Chat Noir is ready to fight because Chat Noir wants some of that food too (also he knows how much effort Marinette went into to making all that cake and bread for the cats)
  • Chat Noir eventually brings her a necklace or something cute to give her after seeing all the other cats giving her things like dead cicada skin and aluminum pins for gifts
  • she accidentally leaves out his gift for the cats to play with
  • neko atsume and miraculous ladybug i need