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Seize the day is the meaning of carpe diem To my Followers @tmnt-ootsnightcore, @redworld96, @rad-o-rae, @miwared101, @panizhe, @sleepingseeker, @zeachiaki, @shaylitheturtle, @cheri-raimu, @mikeyandpizza, @sirensfantasy, @anime-works, @leonardo-the-leader, @ohsewerapples, @chocolatehellspawn, @frost-xx-bite-x In school just saw a movie called Dead Poets Society. You might think dead poets society is scary but it’s not it just a movie base on a book. It is a great movie and my favorite is were they said Carpe Diem. It was a good saying that when my class finish it my teacher wants to be called captain. So if some of you think life sucks or just having a bad day this movie is a great movie of you Comment , like , or reblog just put it out there because there is beauty out there in the world Carpe Diem !!!

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