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What is this about othello killing Grell???? This isn't cannon is it???!?

Don’t worry my friend.It’s just a HC about Othello being a manipulative and not so good little shit.☺️And @morifukuro made some beautiful arts about it.


Ult Tony/616 Tony


“I am you,” Tony just said.

“You’re certainly pretty enough for it,” the other him said. He made a show of looking around. “Is Captain America here, as well?”

My late-ish fill for Ults Day! The Tonys are very sad about their Steves.

read on ao3


uni! craig being a heathen and dadsona bearing (unfortunate) witness


todays twitter dump is seungchuchu themed because they are the best boys!! dedicated to @llyn-on-ice because she showed me part of something she was writing and it inspired most of this and also she inspires me every day of my life 

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alright but listen, just listen, hypothetically if lotor was the galra from the weblum, how hilarious would it be if he was just deadass convinced that he owed a life debt to keith???? like can we please just talk about a ridiculous s3 in which the big bad is actually just like “hard pass, this guy saved my life, not gonna kill him” or, maybe life debts are a big deal in galra culture and so lotor physically can’t be the one to take out voltron because it would involve killing keith in the process. i mean can you imagine how hilarious it would be to have to explain to galra generals that, sorry, their prince can’t come to the battlefield right now because the mullet guy pulled him out of a small intestine once


There’s two types of Richonne fans