dead by pregnancy

Title: An Unexpected Plus

Summary: Y/N, Negan’s only Wife thinks she may be pregnant and goes to see Dr. Carson, only to have Negan unknowingly interrupt their appointment

Words: 1087

Warnings: swearing

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You eyes, flew open at the instant feeling of extreme nausea. You threw the covers off of yourself and jolted for the bathroom. Learning over the toilet, you felt yourself vomit the contents of you stomach. Negan, not one to be a deep sleeper, entered the bathroom not long after with worry on his sleepy face.

   “You ok babe?” he asked, kneeling down next to you.

You reached for a piece of toilet paper and wiped your mouth. “Yea, I think so. Must have gotten a bug or food poisoning, something like that.”

But in reality, you didn’t believe this sickness to be either of those things. Over the past couple weeks you’d been experiencing other symptoms, fatigue, bloating, and now this. 

    “Come in.” Dr.Carson said through the door. 

Inside, Carson sat at a small desk that was covered with papers, strewn all across it’s surface. Carson, raised his head from his work when you entered. “Oh, hi Y/N. Just give me a second, I’m just trying to read up on patient history here.”

    “No problem, take your time.” you said, sitting on the observation table. 

    “So, what can I help you with?” the doctor asked. 

    “Well, um…I’ve been having these symptoms. Um, fatigue, bloating, nausea and vomiting.” 

Dr. Carson’s eyes grew concerned. “And how long have you been experiencing these symptoms?” He grabbed a clip board, jotting down what you’d told him. 

   “A couple weeks, but the vomiting started this morning.”

   “Do you and Negan have unprotected sex?” Carson asked. “I’m sorry, I know it’s kind of personal, but from a doctor’s standpoint, I have to ask.

For a moment you flustered by his question. “Uh, yea, most of the time.”

    “Sounds about right, I mean it’s pretty hard to get your hands on any protection these days.” Dr. Carson said, trying to make light of the situation.  “Y/N…you may be pregnant.” Carson said carefully. 

You sighed. “Yea, I was thinking the same thing. Do you have any tests or can you do the blood work?”

    “I don’t have the blood testing equipment yet, the runners are searching the area for more medical gear. I do have some tests, I’ll have you take three just to be sure.”

 Carson pulled open a drawer and shuffled through it’s contents, before pulling out three pregnancy test. 

“There’s a bathroom through that door.” he said, pointing at a door on the other side of the room. 

You took the test. “Thank you.”

Dr. Carson smiled. “I’ll be waiting.”

You were lucky you had to use the bathroom, it would have been awkward to go in with the tests and come out empty handed, because you didn’t have to pee. You pulled your pants down and sat over the toilet. One test, two test and finally the last. One you couldn’t read, the second was positive, as well as the last. You flushed the toilet and returned to Dr.Carson’s office. 

The doctor tried to read your face. Where you happy? Worried? Upset?

A smile flashed across your face as you handed him the tests back. “Looks like we’re going to get a chance to know each other.”

Carson took the used tests and set them aside.  “Wow, alright then. Now, I’ve made sure that all the women here know my stance on abortion, but if you really don’t wa-”

You interrupted Carson. “No, no. I want this baby.” you said almost defensively. 

    “I’m glad to hear that. I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but congratulations.” Carson smiled. “Now, why don’t I set you up with some vitamins. These prenatal-

Suddenly the door opened and Negan stood in the doorway. Negan’s eyes immediately shot to the jar of vitamins in your hands. 

    “Y/N, what are you doing in here?” he asked. 

You felt your eyes widen. “I was just-”

   “Give us a minute, will you doc?” Negan cut you off. 

Dr. Carson nodded, “Of course. I’ll be in the hall if you need anything.” Carson rubbed your shoulder to signify his support, before stepping out. 

   “You’re pregnant?” Negan asked, concern and curiosity in his voice. 

You glanced down at your slightly bloated abdomen. “I guess so.Two out of three tests were positive.”

For a moment Negan was silent. After a minute or so his silence began to worry you. 
    “I know we never talked about this, and that these aren’t exactly the best circumstances, but I think-”

    “Shit. We’re going to have a baby?“ Negan asked, his town almost sounded amazed. 

    “That’s what happens when your wife get’s pregnant.” you joked, cracking a smile. 

    “Man, I can’t believe you’ve got my bun in your oven.” Negan said. 


    “Oh come on, let me proud for a fucking second.” Negan replied. 

He stepped forward, planting on of his large hands on your lower stomach, before embracing you. 

    “I love you.” you said, pecking him on the cheek. 

Negan kissed you gently on the forehead, his beard tickling your skin. “I love you too babe.”

    “You should go, you’ve got that run to Alexandria, right?” you asked. 

    “Nah, Simon can go without me today. I’ve got bigger fucking fish to fry. Come on, let’s get you back upstairs, huh?” Negan said. He took your hand and led you into the hall where Dr. Carson stood. 

    “Carson,” Negan addressed the doctor. “You’re to be fucking sure that you get this woman and baby everything they need to stay happy and healthy. Don’t get yourself killed. Is that understood?” Negan asked. 

Dr. Carson nodded in response. “Yes sir. Either of you can come see me whenever you need.”

With that, you and your husband started off down the hall and quickly ran into Simon. 

    “Simon, my man, change of plans. You can handle the run, by yourself right?” Negan started

    “Of course.” Simon answered, his face showed slight confusion on his behalf. 

    “Good man. Oh, if you happen to see anything baby related, grab that for me would you?” Negan said. 

    “Baby related?” Simon seemed flustered. 

    “The wife here’s expecting.” Negan explained. 

   Simon’s eyes shot towards you.  “Oh, well, congratulations.” Simon said with a smile. 

You and Negan coincidentally answered at the same exact time, saying, “Thank you.”

The rest of the night was spent with you and Negan talking excitedly about the rest of your pregnancy and the idea of having a child to call your own. It wasn’t going to be easy, but the two of you were ready and up for the challenge. 


i shared this with discord but i still keep thinking abt it so i’m gonna dump it on y'all too - taakitz kids.

i love the idea of krav and taako finding out they’re gonna be dads (either with trans taako or trans krav, i love either hc really) and at first they’re afraid that maybe krav being technically dead could affect the pregnancy somehow so they go to a healer to make sure everything is going alright, and that’s when they find out that twins definitely run in the family. so fast forward, and now they have two beautiful little babies, named minerva and millicent (after kravitz’s mother and taako’s aunt, respectively), nicknamed minnie and missy. and they are TERRORS. they’re every bit as bad and their father and aunt, if not worse because of the copious amount of enabling aunts and uncles.

taako plans on them both going to his wizard school one day, but then minnie tells her dads that she actually wants to be a bard, and krav boasts about it for a MONTH. taako groans and make jokes about how missy is his favorite now, but he also is totally willing to buy every instrument in existence until she finds the one she likes.

one time merle’s watching them and he leaves them alone in merlegaritaville for ten minutes and comes back to them running the bar and making cocktails, having heckled the bartender into quitting. merle’s only problem is that “your dads would kill me if they found out!” but they assure him that they didn’t drink any, just served. of course taako and krav DO find out, and taako’s actually proud. hell yeah, of course those are his kids! krav is…less proud.

at first krav is a bit of a hovering parent, he worries, okay? but eventually between the ages of toddlers to preteens he goes from “overly worried dad” to “oh, you’re skateboarding on the roof? okay, just make sure your sister spots you and be back in time for dinner, your dad’s cooking.”

Knock, Chapter 6

You might not be perfect, alright, so you’re not perfect. Who is?

Fluff, Angst, Simon/Reader

Words: 2284

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4    Chapter 5

It’s points day and it might not be the best idea you’ve ever had but you know exactly what you want to buy. Once a smoker, always a smoker. Still, you find yourself muttering the request under your breath like a dirty word. It is a dirty word. You’re pregnant and no doubt Negan has already spread the good news with his almighty mouth.

It’s a woman called Doris working the desk today and she’s never liked you, you don’t think Doris has ever liked anyone. She looks you up and down, not even trying to hide her distaste as she slowly eases stiff legs off her chair to fill your order. When she returns she’s holding a grey plastic crate filled with supplies, she sits them in front of you and slumps back onto her seat with an overexerted heave of stale breath.

It makes your stomach turn but you manage to swallow the feeling down as your eyes quickly scan the contents of the crate. It’s mostly filled with fruit, tinned and fresh. But it’s what’s sitting on top that truly catches your attention. A tub of Prenatal Vitamins next to a box of decaffeinated tea. “What’s this?” you hiss, trying to keep your voice as low and even as possible.

Doris doesn’t even bother to look at you, she just starts flicking through the pages of her ledger, placing a big red tick next to your name, “that’s your allowance.”

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Carried to her coronation in an open chair, enormously overweight and virtually an invalid at thirty-seven, Anne could congratulate herself that she had survived to see this day. She had betrayed her father, cast doubts upon her brother’s [James Francis Edward’s] birth, quarreled with her sister, resented her brother-in-law, lied and dissimulated, ruined her health to provide an heir to the crown. Now she had no children and ignored her brother’s right, despite promises made to her father. But she had the crown. Maureen Waller


Request: Hey my request contains spoilers for the midseason finale but would you consider a Jake Otto x pregnant reader? Basically she vomits after all the soldiers are poisoned and he sees and freaks out thinking she was also poisoned but she wasn’t, it’s just morning sickness and she tells him she thinks she’s pregnant and he leaves the makeshift hospital to get her a test cause she’s a priority to him. The test comes back positive and he’s really supportive and sweet. Thanks, love your writing!!!

Word Count: 3449
Characters: Jake Otto; Nick Clark; Troy Otto; reader (Y/N + Y/N/N); Ofelia Salazar; Alicia Clark; Madison Clark.
Note: Y/N/N = your nick name, Y/M/N = your mum’s name.

Thanks for the request, anon! :)

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anonymous asked:

HC for Thace, Ulaz, Antok, and Kolivan having a pregnant female human s/o?

I don’t know what to say about this request but you asked so you shall receive!! (I’m a minor and I don’t wanT TO KNOW HOW PREGNANCY WORKS BUT I GOOGLED SOME STUFF FOR THIS SO I HOPE THIS IS OKAY!!) Also please do read the rules as I do not write for majority of Galra characters but I guess this request can be an exception!


  • When you told Thace he is going to be a dad, cheesy heck he’s so excited and he kissed you right there and then in front of everyone
  • When you feel tired due to fatigue, he will willingly give you piggy backs
  • Sometimes you fall asleep while he’s giving you a piggy back because you’re very tired and his back just feels very secure and muscular you know
  • That only happens during the first few stages when your tummy isn’t so big and you can afford to have him piggyback you
  • When your tummy grows a little bit bigger, he’ll carry you bridal style
  • Will carry a box of tissue everywhere for your running nose which happens sometimes
  • Will talk to the baby in your stomach
  • He’s extra careful around you because he knows you will be moody
  • Compliments, compliments, compliments
  • Any food cravings you have? He’ll make sure you get it as soon as possible


  • Will be so happy he’ll laugh and everyone will be so surprised because the last he laughed was before the reign of Zarkon’s Empire
  • Pledges to be the best dad even if he knows he will be absent most of the time
  • Probably will be so excited he’ll buy both girl and guy clothes
  • Not many things can ruin his day and he’ll make sure he’s there when you need him
  • One of the symptoms is vomiting and he’ll always be up in the morning hours to accompany you to the toilet if you ever feel like vomiting
  • The thing is can talk about most of the time is the baby
  • Will hold your hand if you ever feel like you want to cry
  • When you experience your mood swings, he’ll leave you alone to cry it out and then come back to tuck you into bed
  • Kisses your forehead a lot
  • He will say your name with his last name and then go all mushy


  • Probably the most inexperienced
  • I mean they all are but he doesn’t know anything - not even the symptoms
  • Will ask for help from others because what the heck is going on
  • If he notices something if off like how you’re always tired, he’ll try to make more spare time for you
  • Will be surprised like “How can this actually happen” but embraces the situation
  • Probably wishes for a guy but he’s fine with a girl
  • He will not be able to sleep because “hey, I’m becoming a dad!”
  • He’ll make sure you’re never sad which is hard since mood swings is a common thing in pregnancy
  • If you end up sleeping on random spots he’ll sleep there with you
  • He doesn’t want to disturb when you sleep that’s why


  • One of the few rare times he smiles and it makes everyone shookthed
  • Probably really paranoid and will prevent you from doing many things
  • He’ll help more with chores etc and he’ll probably have a few days of the Blade of Marmora
  • Says the child will be a great warrior and he will teach the child all the ways to fight
  • He’ll spoil you. Want some tissues? He already has it and he even has a bottle of water along with wet tissues and some hand cloth -
  • He won’t talk to the baby through the stomach or any of those things but he will write letters and count the days and everything for his future child to read
  • He’s really nervous about how he will be as a dad so you might need to reassure him a lot
  • Hopes for a daughter that will be beautiful like you
  • When you’re sad or moody, he’ll tell you jokes and if it doesn’t work he’ll bring you out to buy stuff
  • Like I said, he will spoil you. A lot.

No-No List

So, I was watching S2E11 of B99 where Jake and Charles do the stakeout and they make the “No-No List.” I was actually reading some of the things they said and ?? They were pretty funny, so I thought I would share (what I could see from pausing constantly) it with Tumblr:

Charles (jerk): No eating with your mouth open, no Rasta-man voice, no reciting poems, no ballroom dancing, no bird calls, no male kegals, no rhyming, no eyelash wishes, no forts, no locking, no “I spy”, no talking about your butt holes, no finger Quotes, no “piping” no clubhouse, no writing on my side of the wall, no pig Latin, no nose hair trimming, no yellow king, no sister act, no sister act 2, no les mis, no jerks, no letting birds in, no gasps while reading, no whale, dolphin, or manatee songs, no licking fingers before turning pages, no multi-level marketing schemes, no sniffs, no morning wood, no yoga, no yoga pants

Jake: no butter syrup, no talking about die hard (2, 3, 4, and 5), no using my toothbrush, no spoilers, no saying “noice”, no neck cracking, no at saxophone, no popping, no pull-ups, no saying “-styles”, no kwazy cupcakes, no “dandruff blizzard”, no letting it mellow, no beat boxing, no action movie reenactments, no karate on the bed-ANYWHERE-, no talking about Derek!!, no syrup shots, no sweating, no pop and locking, no Doug voices of suspects, no backstory for Ms Peacock, no chalk outlines of dead bodies, no basketball pregnancies, no parkour, no jerks, no calling legitimate business deals “schemes”, no running man- movie or dance, no asking if things look infected, no parkour, no jerks, no red wedding, no using jerky as toothbrush, no locking any food- ME-, no comparing yourself to Idris Elba- favorable or not, no “de Niro” le “wakken” impressions, no adding “z’s to end of words, no complaint about "not seeing the wire”, no chopstick drumming, no flushing garbage down the toilet, no peeling wall paper, no impressions, no saying “been done”, no cabbage something, no glib (stuff Garfield could say)

so i wasnt gonna post about this until i had more of an idea of whats up with her, but i got a baby rat out of a feeder bin (bc i’m the bitch who never learns) and she’s got a uri and may be pregnant but doggone it




her name is zamboni and i love her

With Love - Masterpost

Series Summary: It was one of those things that you think only happens in movies, but for some reason it was happening in real life. It was surreal and crazy, but it was your life and nothing about it you would change. 


Stress (Jan 2) 

Little Late Night Shopping Anyone? (Jan 4)

Doctor’s Visit (Jan 8)

Bubble Bath Confessions (Jan 11) 

Merry Christmas (Jan 15) 

Seven Months Later (Jan 18) 

Swearing & Babies (Jan 22)

Six Years Later (And New Memories) (Jan 25) 

Wedding (Jan 29)

Wanna know when I post? You can find the tag list here!  Or just drop me an ask and I’ll add you! 

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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 11/?)

PART 1     PART 2    PART 3     PART 4    PART 5     PART 6     PART 7       PART 8   PART 9     PART 10

Me and Monty drove back to Bryce’s I quickly grabbed my bag without saying a word to anyone, then he drove me to my car and I got home. I walked in, my parents weren’t there, shocking.
I took a shower, changed into my pjs, made myself a sandwich and then someone rang on doorbell.

“Hi”, I said surprised when I opened the door. Zach was standing outside with big toblerone. “Come in.”

“I wanted to tell you about the bet before the game, I swear. I found out about it after me and guys left Rosie’s but I blew it off because it’s you and you would never just slept with Marcus, but then you agreed to go to the party with him and I thought he’d try something and I wanted to warn you but you…”, he was sitting out the words.

“But I was an idiot and didn’t want to listen to you”, I sighed and rest my forehead on his arm.

“I thought that maybe toblerone would help me to get you to listen to me”, he gave the candy.

“You didn’t have to”, I laughed. “I’m done with being idiot.”

“So we’re good?”

I nodded my head.

“Okay, good”, he hugged me. “I just want you to know that you’re more of my friend than Marcus”, he said walking to the door.

“I honestly don’t know how could I thought it was different”, I shook my head.

“I gotta go, bio test tomorrow. See ya!”

“Bye!”, I said as Zach left. “Idiot!”, I hit my head with toblerone.


Next few days were quiet intense but on weekend I finally had moment for myself to sit and not think and do nothing. Well, not exactly. It was Saturday and I was babysitting Trixie.

“Y/N?”, she asked.


“What tampons are for?”

I looked at her innocent little face with my eyes wide open and couldn’t believe what I just heard.
Should she already know about periods and sex? Is it too soon? She’s just seven. Am I the fight person to talk about it?

“Sweetheart, you should probably ask your mum, okay?”, I said.

I blow her off but not for too long. Next day we all had family dinner.

“I talked to mum”, she whispered.

“Really? That’s good, sweetie. Probably…”

“Do you have period?”, she asked.

“You mean… Now?”, I mumbled.

“In general”, she rolled her eyes.

“In general yes.”

“And now?”

“Trixie!”, I hissed. “Go to kitchen, my mum will give you extra ice creams.”

I sat there for a moment thinking and the ran upstairs to grab my phone. I opened calendar and started scrolling and counting…

“Oh fuck…”, I whispered.


“Are you okay? You haven’t say a word today”, Zach said at the cafeteria.

“Yeah, I’m fine”, I smiled faintly.

Liar, liar, liar. My whole life was circle of lies. But I couldn’t just say listen guys, me and Monty are fucking since September and now I might be pregnant with his child. That would be really freaking big bomb to drop.

“Okay, what is really going on?”, Monty asked when we were leaving Chemistry.

“Nothing…”, I said automatically, because hey, that’s what everyone does, automatically say they’re fine. “Actually…”

“Something happened?”, he asked and looked at me concerned.

“Maybe… I don’t know…”, I felt tears coming to my eyes. “I want to talk to you… But not here.”

“What’s your last period?”


“You can skip, drive to my house, okay? I’ll meet you there.”

I nodded my head and went to next class.

Monty got to his house faster than me, when I stopped my car at the driveway his was already there. I just walked inside without knocking.


“I’m here”, he shouted from upstairs.

I almost ran there taking two stairs at one step.

“I’m late”, I said opening door to his room.

He looked at me confused.

“Late for what?”

I sighed.

“Fuck, Montgomery… My period is late”, I said trying not to cry.

He freezed.

“Are… Are you… Sure?”, he mumbled.

“Well I’m pretty fucking sure I know how to use calendar… It’s three weeks late.”

Monty started walking around the room.

“Did you take the test?”, he asked.

“Not yet”, I whispered.

“Jeez… Wait here, sit, don’t move”, he pointed at his bed and left room.

“But… Montgomery!”, I shouted but listened to him and sat on his bed.

I laid down on my back and stared at ceiling, I don’t know for how long but it was long enough for Monty to get back.

“Go to the bathroom”, he threw few tests next to me. “How it may even be possible? I mean, we used protection and everything…”, he pinched bridge of his nose. “Usually.”

“What did you just say?”, I stopped walking halfway to the bathroom.

“Usually”, he mumbled.

“Montgomery. We had condom every time. Right?”, I said through clenched teeth. He took a deep breath. “Fuck, look at me and say you wore it everytime!”, I screamed.

“That time… In car… After that thing with Marcus…”, he mumbled. “It all went so fast…”

“Are you kidding me?!”, I threw pregnancy test at him. “Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me”, I hit his arm with every word. “You’re dead, Montgomery”, I took second pregnancy test, not the one I just threw, turned away, slammed the door and went to the bathroom.

We didn’t have condom. He probably got me pregnant. While we’re still in high school. We’re not even a couple. My parents are gonna kill me. My dad is gonna kill him.
I already made few scenarios how I’m gonna tell my parents when I sat down on toilet and looked at my underwear.

“Thank God”, I sighed when I saw some blood. “Oh my God”, at this point I was almost laughing.

I came back to Montgomery’s room to get a tampon from my bag.

“I’m not pregnant”, I said without looking at him.

“You don’t know that, you have to wait three minutes”, he responded while reading instruction.

“Yes, I do. I got my period”, I took tampon and left room again.

“You’re not pregnant, we’re good, right?”, he asked when I got back to the room again.

“I don’t think we should do this anymore”, I said and grabbed my bag.

“Wait. What?”

“The thing between us. It’s over”, I said without looking at him.

“But… Why? Hey, talk to me”, he came closer to me and pulled my face up to make me look at him.

“I just… For last two day I was scared to death I’m pregnant. With your baby. We’re seventeen, we’re not together, we’re just having sex. How would I explain it to my parents? How would I explain it to anyone?”

“But you’re not pregnant, you’re worrying about things that are not going to happen. I want to hear one good reason why you want to end this”, he crossed his arms.

“Because I…”, my voice cracked. I couldn’t tell him the truth. Telling Montgomery about my fellings? What would I expect to hear in answer. I knew him. I knew him well. He would become the one to end things between us very quickly. “I don’t want to do this anymore”, I shrugged. “You said nobody would ever found out and still, Sheri saw us. We’re done, Monty”, I walked past him and left him home.

I got into my car and quickly drove away. I got home, took box of ice cream from freezer and went to my room. Changed into sweats, I put my earphones on and played some music, sat on bed and started eating.

I did the right thing. Relations like that were only right, if they were right at all, if both sides felt the same way. Montgomery definitely didn’t feel what I felt and sooner or later he would call things off when he would get bored and then I’d get hurt more than I am now and I’d be the only one to blame.

He tried to call me few times but I ignored him. As much as I could avoid his calls for eternity  I couldn’t really avoid him in school.

“Can I talk to you for a sec?”, Monty asked when he stood next to the table we were all sitting at in the cafeteria.

“Umm… Sure”, I said as I stood up and walked to the side with him.

“What is going on?”, he asked when we were far enough so none of our friends could hear us.

“Nothing”, I shrugged.

“Bullshit”, he snorted.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Montgomery. What do you want me to say?”

“I want you to explain why you suddenly act so strange”.

“You think I act strange because I stopped something that was convenient for you?”, I crossed my arms on my chest.

“Yes. Because you ended thing suddenly, out of nowhere. We’re good together, Y/N. We had fun. What changed?”

“There is no we, Monty. There is no us. And we never were together”, I felt bigger and bigger lump in my throat. “And life isn’t only about having fun”.

“What do you want to hear? What do you want me to say?”.

Did he just asked me to say that I want him to tell that he has a thing for me or am I going crazy. Definitely the second option.

“Do you have anything to say? Then just say it”, I didn’t realized I was raising my voice until I saw some people looking at us. I looked at Monty, he was avoiding my sight. “I thought so…”, I said quietly and walked away from him.

“What is going on?”, Jessica asked when I came to the table and grabbed my bag.

“Chemistry project”, I lied and left cafeteria. I really didn’t want to confront him again at chemistry so I decided to skip the lesson.

I got to my car and spent the next hour driving around the city, listening to music and ignoring few calls from Sheri, Justin and Jeff.

I went back to school for the next lesson and Sheri caught me as soon as I walked in heading to my locker.

“Where were you?”, she asked standing me in the way.

“Here and there, you know”, I shrugged and tried to walked around her, but she stood in my way again.

“You know you can tell me everything, I’m always here for you, you know that?”

“Yes, can I go to my locker?”, I asked but she got in my way again. “Damn it, Sheri!”

“You can’t, actually”, she said quickly.

I looked over her it the direction of my locker where I saw Monty talking to freshman girl with big boobs, who just got to the cheerleaders team, the same on he asked out when we both went on a dates. “Seriously”, I sighed and rolled my eyes.

This time Sheri didn’t stopped me when I started walking.

“Great, sweetie, I’ll pick you up at seven”, I heard Monty when I was close enough. Jesus, he was pathetic.

“Sorry, guys, it’s my locker”, I said. Monty sighed and very slowly moved away a little but his new friend who literally stood in front of my locker didn’t move even for an inch. “It’s my locker”, I said again.

“Yeah, and we’re having conversation here”, she snapped back.

Sheri frizzed, Monty frizzed, even some girl few locker away stood with her mouth open.

“You know were in the same cheer team, right?”, I asked calmly.


“And you know I’m vice captain right?”, I asked again. This time she didn’t answer anything but her mean smile faded away. “You’re a freshman so I can understand you feel a little bit too confident because number one fuckboy in liberty high asked you out but if you speak like this to anyone ever again I swear you’ll get kicked out of the team very soon”.

“Okay”, she said looking down at her feet and moving away from my locker.

I didn’t like being mean and I never used the “I’m vice captain” card, but this little bitch deserved this. Plus I had though few days.

I quickly grabbed my book and walked away.

“Wow, you’re a bitch”, Sheri laughed. “I mean, she deserved it but I’ve never seen you like this”.

“Yeah, me neither”, I sighed. “Can we meet later?”, I asked. “I need to talk to someone”.

“Sure. You want me to come to you?”, she asked, I nodded my head without a word. “Okay, I’ll go home after school and I’ll be at yours as soon as I can, okay?”

“Okay”, I smiled a little. “Gotta go, bye”, I said and walked in the classroom.


“Wow… That’s like… A lot”, Sheri said after I told her everything about Montgomery situation.

“I know”, I nodded putting another spoon of ice cream in my mouth. “And I also know that I’m an idiot. I mean… It’s Monty”

“You know… He did change lately”.

“Sheeeeri, stop”, I moaned. “You’re saying this because it would be a perfect little picture – me having feelings for him, him changing, not being an asshole, having feelings for me and then everyone live happily ever after. Not gonna happen, Sheri”.

“So what are you going to do about that?”

“I think watching him treating girls like trash again will make those so called feelings go away”.

I didn’t even have to wait long. Next day he came to our table at cafeteria with that girl.

“Yo, guys, this is Tina, she’ll eat with us today”, Monty said and their sat down.

“Hi, Tina”, everyone said.

Justin kicked my ankle under the table to bring me back to reality, because I was sitting there with my mouth open in shock.

“So, Tina, you’re new cheerleader, right?”, Zach started conversation, but after he finished his question, Sheri sighed and pinched her nose.

“Yeah, I just got in”.

“Girls are in team, too”, Justin said and pointed at me, Jess and Sheri. “Y/N is vice captain.”

“Yeah, I know”, she said looking down at her lunch.

“She’ll probably be the captain next year”, Jess said, crossing her arms.

I finally understood, they all knew about locker episode from the day before, but I wasn’t gonna be a part of that scene.

“Okay, you know, guys. I just realized I forgot about my Spanish homework. So I’ll go to the library to focus and get it done and everything”, I said standing up and picking up my stuff.

“Sit down, Montgomery can do it for you”, Jessica said. “Right, Monty?”

“No, he can’t”, I said through my clenched teeth.

“Why, it’s not like he hadn’t done it before”, she rolled her eyes. Jesus, she was so dumb sometimes. Or sneaky, it was hard to tell.

“Because… I had to take advanced SAT on Spanish if I want to go to the Law”.

“But you don’t want to go the Law”, Monty spoke for the first time.

I looked at him a little bit shocked about the fact that he even remembered about that. Yes, I told him about my parents wanting me to go to Law school, but I didn’t think he was listening.

“I don’t know yet”, I shrugged. “See ya later, lads, see you at practice, girls”, I grabbed my stuff and went to the library.

I spotted Jeff and Clay. Looking at Clay I could tell, Jeff wasn’t doing great.

“Hey, guys don’t bother yourself, I’m just gonna sit next to you and I will not interrupt”, I said sitting down next to Jeff untangling my earphones.

“You’re not at the cafeteria?”, Jeff asked.

“Nope. Oh, if anyone ask – I do my Spanish homework here”.

“Does it have something to do with Montgomery and Tina or whatever her name is?”

“Excuse me?”, I chuckled.

“I’ll go and look for that book I was telling you about”, Clay got up and disappear between shelves.

“So?”, Jeff crossed his arms.

“So what?”

“Are you still gonna deny and act like there is, or was, nothing between you and Monty? Come on, Y/N, I know you better, than I know myself.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, he was messing with me, he didn’t know about anything.

“One time you were at my place, you went to bathroom, our phones were next to each other, you received message, I thought it was my phone ringing, so I looked down and saw text from him”.

I was looking at him with my mouth and eyes wide open.

“Really, I didn’t mean to read your texts, it was a mistake. I’m sorry, sweet”, he apologized.

“Jeez, Jeff, you don’t have to apologize for anything”, I rolled my eyes. And grabbed his hand. “Why didn’t you say anything? And like… I always thought that if you’d ever find out about any guy only having sex with me, you’d beat his ass. Especially Monty’s”.

“That was my first thought”, he nodded his head. “But then I thought that you don’t look like anything wrong is happening to you, so”, he shrugged. “Plus, Monty wasn’t such an ass for people around for last few months, so it was a win-win situation. So – what happened?”

“Nothing”, I said, looking down, avoiding his face.

“You’re lying”, he said with such confidence in his voice, that I hated him for knowing me so well.

“I just don’t want to do this anymore”, I shrugged. “It was fun, yeah, but I just want something more and because Montgomery is Montgomery, he probably isn’t able to give anything more to anyone.”

“You really think so?”, he asked looking at me suspiciously.


Clay came back and he actually really brought a book for Jeff.

“For your next history essay, use this, not google”, he put book in front of Jeff.

“Okay, I gotta go for chemistry. Have fun, guys”.

I got to the class before Monty, when we arrived he sat next to me and not said a word.

“Well, hello to you too”, I snorted.

“Oh, so now we talk to each other?”

“We never stopped talking. We stopped doing other thing”, I whispered. “You started showing off with your new girl, that’s the other thing”.

“I’m not showing off. I’m being myself. You shouldn’t be surprised, you were telling this is who I am for last few months.”

“You know what, let’s just get back to not talking again, huh?”




June just had been very busy for me and well, you know, some things you can’t speed up. 

Plus I didn’t really feel like writing for last few weeks and I really truly strongly believe that it’s better to wait and give people some decent content than to write crap just because it has been week or two since you last posted. I already have and idea on next part so it should be sooner than after three weeks lol x

Oh, I wil do proof reading tomorrow so if there are any mistakes, sorry x

With Love - Doctor’s Visits

Summary: There was no talking him out of staying in London, once he decided he was coming home, that was it. I had some running around to do before he got home, I just hoped that my Doc is able to squeeze me in on such short notice. 

Word Count: 879

Warnings: None really.. 

A/n: This one is a bit shorter, but to me it was more of a filler chapter than anything! Next one you guys are in for a treat ;)

Originally posted by worldsokayestmother

I had a little over 8 hours to figure out how the hell I was going to tell him. First things, first, I should probably get a doctor’s second opinion. I dug the number for my physician out of my wallet and dialed, hoping someone was still in the clinic.

“Good Afternoon, Dr. Cohen’s office.” The receptionist answered.

“Hi, I was hoping to book an appointment for today. I’m aware how late it is, I’ll take whatever time you have open.” I was a bit hurried in my explanation, but I didn’t care.

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TERF Tips #256

Not all c*s womyn want to get pregnant and that’s completely acceptable. Hell there’s even a surgery that would make it so said c*s womyn can never be pregnant, and we have no problem with that!

But you know how we view trans “”“men”“” as womyn? Yeah well if they want to transition they may want to get pregnant. So tell them to look it over again and again and tell them that they may change their minds about it in the future! You know, like every patriarchal mother that says this kind of shit to her daughter!

and in today’s installment of Rebecca’s Pregnancy Is The Weirdest Thing Ever: even though she’s known for about 6 weeks that she’s having a boy she’s still using gender neutral pronouns??

“someone kicked me awake this morning, didn’t they?“ “we had a chat” 

she still hasn’t called her baby “him” once? what is this writing honestly