dead bodies


Anatoly Moskvin

A well respected (or was well respected) Russian historian and cemetery explorer dug up the corpses of 29 children and turned them into dolls.

Anatoly Moskvin kept these “dolls” in the bedroom of the flat he shared with his parents. He would dress them in stockings, knee length boots, put lipstick on them and he would even put music boxes in their rig cages.

A mother of one of the girls (Olga age 10) – said that she would had no idea she was visiting an empty grave. She even says that they would find strange anonymous notes on Olga’s grave. “These sick anonymous notes were addressed to my daughter, calling her ‘Little Lady’.”

Anatoly Moskvin was caught of course. He said he was keeping the bodies until science found a way to bring them back to life. He was decreed to ill to face trial and sent to a psychiatric hospital.



James Moriarty: Snake Dad Extraordinaire™

I love that Andrew decided that Moriarty would have a pet snake or giraffe. Ever since seeing Andrew with the beardie in Dead Bodies I’ve loved the idea.

* Jim cooing at his ball python. Female. Ridiculous name. From some fairy tale.

* Rapunzel. He’d name her Rapunzel.

* He’d call her Punzie for short.

* Calling her “my little baby” even when she’s fucking 5’ long.

* Feeding her mice and rats and complimenting her on her kills.

* Taking her out to cuddle her.

* Letting her slide around his home. Free range.

* Sebastian is freaked the fuck out by her even when she’s a baby. Jim occasionally whispers to her while cuddling her “Yeah. You’re going to eat Bastian one day, aren’t you, my girl?” Just to freak Seb out.

* Seb: That thing should be caged
—Jim: Cage this 🖕🏻

* Sherlock would love her

* Jim would be a weird snake dad too. He’d save all her shed skins and pin them in a shadow box. Like they’re achievement ribbons. In order by size. A living growing chart.

* Of course they don’t all fit in one so his hallway is just covered in shadow boxes filled with her skins.

* Sherlock: Don’t you think that’s a bit much?
—Jim: NO! She’s a growing girl! I like to look back on how small she used to be.
—Sherlock: But–
—Jim: There are only five things in this world that I love, Sherlock: crime and chaos, music, my piano, you, and Rapunzel.

* No wig for being “Rapunzel”. He thinks that’s rude. But he does make her a flower crown.

* Please give me snake dad!Jim in season 5. Thank you


Mummy Fact Post 2:

Lady Dai, or Xin Zhui. Another one of the most well preserved.

In 1971, workers near Changsha, China were digging an air raid shelter when they discovered an enormous find. A Han Dynasty tomb filled with over 1,000 artifacts… With a little extra.

Xin Zhui, the 50 year old wife of the marquis of Han. That means she’s dated178–145 BC.

When found, they were performing an autopsy only to find her limbs were pliable as if she was still alive. Her hair and internal organs were all fully intact. There were remnants of her last meal still in her stomach, and blood rested in her veins.

After extensive examination, it was found she wasn’t the thin, dainty woman pictured before. Xin Zhui had a love of food. So much that she was buried with it, a dining set, and all of her favorite recipes.

It was also found she suffered from parasites, back pain, and something incredible: Heart disease. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was so incredible for her.

At the time, it was unheard of to find heart disease in those times. It was thought of as nonexistent, something brought on by modern times.

No one has figured out the mystery of how she was preserved so well. Some say it was the sealed tight crypt, some say it was a mysterious fluid, some say it was the amount of tight silk she was wrapped in. In any case, we hope to someday know Lady Dai’s secret.