dead bird crew


Gavin is pretty much the ultimate cat whisperer.

When Ryan first joins the Fake AH crew, he notices there’s a few cats kind of lurking around the base and he’s just like alright then?? that’s kind of weird?? but he figures they’ve got to be Lindsay’s. 

he’s then paired up with Gavin on a job and - hey, isn’t that the same cat with the eye bulging out of its skull that hangs out at the base? and then, well, he kind of hooks up with Gavin and they end up back at Gavin’s place and he’s introduced to Gavin’s two cats and, being pretty used to all the cats now, he’s like alright whatever, that’s cool. 

in the morning, though, there’s one cat hanging out at the kitchen window which is definitely not Gavin’s cat.

“Gavin, is that your cat?” he asks anyway, and just gets the reply of “nope! that’s just Captain Hook because he only has one paw, see?” and, alrighty then, he’s not going to push the matter.

until they end up back at Ryan’s apartment and in the morning Ryan has three cats at the door, all with dead birds in their mouths. and honestly, what the fuck, because he’s apparently having sex with a fucking stray cat magnet

he’s definitely never going to admit that he names the three. and the two after that. and all the ones after that.