dead as dreams


“Hey there, Juliet.” OMG. Jughead climbing into Betty’s room through her window on a step ladder like Romeo in new promo clip during Lili’s interview!…….  and just like Leonardo Dicaprio! Cole is the new Leo confirmed. xD yeah…we’re all going crazy.

there is nothing more beautiful to me than a relationship portrayed on tv as something rooted purely in friendship and understanding and just a mutual respect of one another. Something where two people can always rely on each other, can make each other laugh, can be their best and worse selves around each other and not feel ashamed. Something healthy and realistic and honest and not depicted as an “epic true love” that is toxic and harmful and only ever requires sacrifice. there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than watching healthy relationships develop and grow and become even better.

Mark: Mark is absolutely fully capable!

SM: Challenge accepted

Mark: *After 3 debuts, two comebacks, and a high school rapper show* 


Mark: Mark is absolutely fully capable


Mark: Of changing his mind.

Supergirl finale spoilers

Kara: I’m the one that should kill him (manhell)



Kara: NO I SHOU-


Clark: NO I-

*sanvers watching*

Alex: I’m gonna tell them

Maggie: That their fight is useless because we already killed him? Nah let them fight I’m having fun 

Alex: Yeah…me too…