dead apple trees

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The Yang fluff you have here cured my depression. I desire more.

That message cured my acne and brought the dead apple tree in my backyard back to live.

I’ll give you bumblebee fluff because for some reason no one ever sends requests for them.

At night Yang moves around a lot, and she has no concept of personal space when Blake sleeps next to her. She’ll steal the blanket, every blanket available actually, just to end up sleeping on the blankets, and sometimes she’ll end up sleeping half on top of Blake. Or almost throws her out of the bed. Or pulls her close and cuddles her. Most of the time Blake either somehow pushes Yang back to her side of the bed, or she just cuddles her back, because Yang is so warm and soft and comfortable.

Yang learns to sense when Blake is feeling insecure or anxious and every time she grabs her hand or touches her in any way. It always makes Blake feel better.

They can spend hours sitting on the couch together without talking. Blake reads a book, Yang watches a movie or just falls asleep, Yang’s head resting in Blake’s lap, Blake sometimes running her fingers through Yang’s hair. Something about the other’s company always comforts them.

Sherlock Is Actually A Girls Name

It means I love you.
I love all of my fellow sherlockians so much.

It’s really disappointing that we didn’t get a new episode today… But there’s still hope. Even if we don’t get a new episode, I’m still eternally proud of all the things we have accomplished this week; Created an entire survival kit with evidence and details that gave us hope and a reason to survive, and hundreds of dedicated fans contributed to this kit.

People like and wrote beautiful works of fan fiction to help us through the week. along with and SO many others created amazing gifts and beautiful content that entertained us and helped us imagined what could have been.

I could continue mentioning all of these amazing human beings because there are so many more of us, but let me get to my point;
This fandom is the fandom with the best and brightest people I have ever had the good fortune of knowing, we have been through so much together. As I previously stated in one of my other posts Sherlock brought something out of each and every one of us.

Because of Sherlock we became, writers, readers, artist, authors, editors, painters, conspirators, but most of all we have become a community. A community of intelligent people that come together to talk, fan girl, debate, cry, argue, analyze, synthesize, read between the lines, share ideas, create theories, we’ve become a family.

(We literally destroyed Apple Tree Yard on Twitter which is hilarious.)

I really wish to be with you right now, this whole ‘compute screen’ thing is really hard for me. I wish we could be together and talk this out, and hug and shred a tear or two as we silently hope for our a secret episode to come.
Even if it never comes, we’ll still be here, at least I know I will. I hope you guys do too because tumblr is nothing without you.

Since 2013, which was when I started watching, Sherlock has been a massive part of my life. Even people who have never talked to me before but seen me around school know that I’m a fan, I have a neckless key chain of 221B and take it with me every where I go, I guess it protects me somehow, it makes me me. But The television show isn’t the only thing I love about Sherlock. I love you guys too, I love randomly meeting you in public and become instant best friends, kinda like Sherlock and John did.
It may be the end of Sherlock but it isn’t the end of us. We’ve always have been known to survive and we’ll survive this. Our fandom will go on.

Before I conclude this I have one more request, for Moffat and Gatiss;
One more thing… One more miracle please Mofftiss… For us… Just don’t let it be the end. Please. Could you do that for us?
Just. Don’t. Be. Dead.