Cougars Final Resting Place

Statement by the photographer:

Early April in the Rocky Mountains, the majestic peaks are still snow-covered while the lower elevations, including the lakes and rivers have melted out. I was walking along the riverbank when I saw a dark form lying on the bottom of the river. My first thought was a deer had fallen through the ice so I wandered over to investigate…and that’s when I saw the long tail. It took me a few moments to comprehend what I was looking at…a full grown cougar lying peacefully on the riverbed, the victim of thin ice. I tried to capture the eerie feeling I felt at the time as best I could.

Location: Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada

An assembled decaying albatross with plastic in its stomach. This is an art piece from the documentary Plastic Paradise. The photographer’s name is Chris Jordan. He was inspired to create this based on related events on Midway Island. 


The Gensou Hyouhon Hakubutsukan, or Museum of Fantastic Specimens, is located in Japan. These super realistic creatures are all made of paper, modeling paste and bamboo. It is not a real museum, but an online one. You can view it here, though it is in Japanese. There are dozens of exhibits, I picked some of my favorites. Some of these creatures even have backstories such as the white dragon above that was “found” in Belfast, N. Ireland in 2000.


I think animal feet are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Each species of animal has feet that are specifically evolved to suit its habits, whether it’s the long, hooked claws of the pileated woodpecker, or the vibrissae on the toes of the raccoon. 

[Pictured are the feet of a mink, pileated woodpecker, porcupine, white-tailed deer, raccoon, gray fox, barred owl, common nighthawk, and muskrat. The final photo shows the mangled feet of the raccoon whose pelt I just finished tanning. Note the deep scar on the foot in the background, and the missing toes on the foot in the foreground. He most likely escaped from at least one trap in his lifetime. All animals pictured were roadkill.]