dead and living

~5~ Orange is Your Best Friend

Sans stared G down, keeping his daughter behind him. “sorry g, i don’t think i can help you out here.” Figuring as much, G nodded and turned, preparing to walk away when Sans said, “i know you’re up to something. i don’t know if it’s good or bad, but i don’t trust you enough to simply come with you. besides…” He didn’t finish.

G knew Sans would be affected if he saw Frisk. G was trying to change that, but dared not say so. Sans already figured G mad and beyond saving.

Then again, weren’t any of them beyond saving?

“We cannot hurt each other,” he reminded Sans. Sans shrugged, his yellow eye glowing profusely. “sorry pal,” Sans said, “but my kid ain’t going anywhere near you.”

With a chuckle, G waved at Sans, walking out of the door and back into the snow. He knew that approaching Sans, even if he seemed to have more sanity than him, would not end well. Then again, he expected Sans to threaten him.

His Aliza did not find comfort in approaching G regardless.

As he walked to talk with Papyrus from the Swapverse, he passed by Rus and Aliza, who were watching him intently. With a wicked grin he asked, “Something interesting?”

“Yes actually,” she said. “Your own determination to get this to work. Do you feel pity for them? Or do you not like the idea of failure?” G stopped walking, irritated and amused with her ballsy accusations.

Then again, she wasn’t wrong. G was not accustomed to failure, his stubbornness and pride refusing to let him just give up. Maybe even a slight hint of pity, but it was barely there.

“Maybe both, who knows?” He put his hands in his pockets, facing her. “I’ve come this far and I see no reason to give up now.” Aliza wanted to smile. She found his unwillingness to just give up amusing. She almost wanted to encourage him.

“Well, I cannot stop you nor do I want to. We’ve held our end of the bargain and you yours. Should you need anything else, we’ll be here.” Her voice was firm and decisive, and he found that annoying. He and Rus locked eyes for a mere second before G simply chuckled and walked away.

‘What an amusing child,’ he thought. He then wondered if his little Aliza would grow up like that.


Papyrus was already on the porch, yawning and looking both relaxed and annoyed, possibly from dealing with his niece. Despite his relaxed personality, Papyrus was still wary of everyone around him, save Sans since the two could relate about the anxiety for their brothers.

G cleared his throat carefully, watching Papyrus’ blue eye lit up. G stopped, waiting for Papyrus to get up.

Instead Papyrus just slouched, opening his good orange eye. “hey” was all he said. Slightly annoyed, G approached him and said, “I thank you again for letting me see… Well, her. Exquisite beauty.”

Papyrus chuckled lightly, sitting up straighter on the steps of his porch. “thank you. she would have blushed and called you a liar.”

G grinned wide. “A flustered one she was.”

Papyrus grinned wider but it softened quickly. “i know you aren’t here to talk about her. what do you want?”

G hesitated. Papyrus seemed a little too content to trust, but he doubted the tall skeleton would turn him away. Still, he had to play his cards right. “I’m in need of you and your niece’s assistance. Of course, I do realize you cannot leave your brother to himself.”

Papyrus tilted his head. “so you need my Aliza for a project?”

“Not a project per say, but a chant,” G said, choosing his words carefully. “I’d need her to stand and say words of encouragement.”

Papyrus blinked. “okay.”

G froze. “Pardon?” Well, he wasn’t expecting him to comply as quickly or positively.

Papyrus raised a bony eyebrow and stood up, stretching. “come on g, i know you’re up to no good, but you literally can’t harm me or my family. so.” He shrugged again. “look, i dunno what you’re up to, but you asked to see my deceased wife the other day. either you’re up to something plain evil, or you’re up to something helpful.”

Papyrus walked towards G and placed a hand on his shoulder. G flinched but did nothing more than that. Papyrus grinned and said, “fate has us here, so let’s make the best of it and try to be friends. we’re all coming from a hell. besides…” He almost broke into laughter. “three heads are better than two.”

G didn’t look pleased, but couldn’t help but chuckle. “Good one,” was all he said.

Papyrus smiled wider. “i have more than that came from.”

“Please don’t.”


@mercy-monster I promise you, I had so much fun writing this, I’m almost embarrassed to say.

I love me some Swap!Paps.

Copyrights and AU’s belong to @axetale and Toby Fox.


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V's Route
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