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“I’ll be honest. My patience has come and gone. I messed up real bad this time.
So I’ll apologize for my poor appearance, and ever awful pronunciation.
I’m shot, full of hope and I’m slightly intoxicated. Yet I’m searching for something more.
And I long for a little bit more.
It’s the disappointment that’s far too much to cope with when everything is a fabrication.
Our lives, our hopes, our dreams, our love was all exaggerated.
Yet I’m searching for something more. And how I’ve longed for so much more.
Here I am to admit defeat, I’ve never been one to beg pardon, but yet I’m on my knees
I’ve tried my best to smile, but it’s hard when you look up at the stars and ask the sky when they’re coming back.”



I just read about this study on people who listen to heavy metal and its all about brain chemistry!

While you listen to it, your brain releases angry/aggressive chemicals and you feel the same as the music being played, but as soon as its turned off your brain releases dopamine because I guess it thinks you just won a fight or something? But dopamine makes you happy, and that’s why metal makes me so giddy.


Science, I love you.