dead already oh god

in general something i’ve been thinking about with harry potter is a) remembering just HOW EXCITED i was waiting for each new book, i don’t think i’ve ever been that excited waiting for the next installment of fiction…. like… ever since. and probably won’t ever be again, because

b) it was this blissfully ignorant pure excitement? i realize looking back that i was nervous about certain things, like “oh no what if my fave dies” type nerves (sort of, i was always pretty confident about who had immunity and who didn’t lol PLUS MY FAVES WERE ALREADY DEAD), but i never had that “OH GOD WHAT IF THIS IS THE ONE WHERE IT GOES OFF THE RAILS AND RUINS THE STORY FOR ME” fear that i now have with EVERYTHING.

now i can’t be excited for basically any movie/episode/whatever of anything without thinking “oh god what if this is the part where they fuck up!” WHAT IF BARNEY AND ROBIN DIVORCE AND SHE GETS WITH TED??

it was a simpler time

*The Perthshire tourism page gets a million views in one day*


haha Vincent oh my god

“aw hell, he really IS dead already, how am I gonna exact my BLOOD VENGEANCE now? ):

wait a minute i can sTILL SHOOT THE BODY”

seriously, what could possibly be the point of drawing his gun here. is he “just making sure”? is it therapeutic, just for his own sense of closure? maybe he doesn’t know how to react and he’s just doing the first thing that comes to mind?