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Praise The Writers 💞 (April Addition)

I get anxious leaving comments sometimes, which makes me feel bad as I want fanfic writer to feel appreciated for their writing. So here’s a shoutout to them 💞


Teen Wolf

American Horror Story

Harry Potter

Criminal Minds

13 Reasons Why


The Walking Dead


Game of Thrones 

Stranger Things

Multi Fandom
@1-800-imagines (Great friend of mine! Love her)
@bonniebird@highfaerys@houseofimagines@imxginxsforyou@love-sex-smut@tommy-10-k (absolute sweetheart)
@underratedcharactersimagines@zoevesper (love this beauty too!)

Feel free to add your own writer - who you appreciate - to the list 💞 (If I’ve placed you in the wrong section please just message me and I’ll fix it 😅) I’m gonna try and do these every couple of month, so you can see who I’m interesting in and to make the writers know they’re loved.
I hope you all have had a great day 💞

P.s Most (if not all) of these writers are super friendly & easy to talk to! Don’t be Afraid to talk to them 💞💞