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Gone(Shawn Mendes)

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The police men leave Shawn to his thoughts, having just told him the worst news in the world. His love was dead, Y/N was gone. “I’m so sorry, honey,” His mother hugs him tightly, but he doesn’t even lift his arms. 

“It will all get better in time, son.” His father said, patting his shoulder as his mother pulled away. 

“I was gonna ask her to marry me.” Shawn says, surprising both his parents. 

“What?” His mother, gasps.

“I bought the ring,” He takes the box from his pocket. “I was gonna ask her when I picked her up, but-” He freezes, a sob choking out. He was back in his mother’s arms in a moment. “I love her so much,” He says into her shoulder, “We were gonna get married, and have kids, and a future together.” He sobs grow louder. 

“I’m so sorry, honey.” 

The funeral was the worst part. Shawn was crying through the whole thing, standing alongside your parents who were full on sobbing at the loss of their child. “Now its time for, Shawn, Y/N’s boyfriend, to say a few words.” 

He slowly walks toward the stand, and lets out a shaky breath. “Y/N is the love of my life,” is the first thing he says. “I was gonna ask Y/N to marry. Y/N was flying in to see me and,” He wipes a few tears. “Y/N was a beautiful person, a supporter to everyone, a lover, and a teacher. Y/N has taught me more than any of my teachers: I learned that life isn’t a game, its all one thing after another and there is no time to waste. Once the moments over, its over and there’s no going back. Life doesn’t slow down for anyone, it just keeps on moving. Y/N taught me to take a breath, to realize the importance and specialty of every moment. 

“Y/N will always be the love of my life, no matter what that will never change. We all deserve a Y/N in our lives, but no one will ever replace her because Y/N was one of a kind. We’ll always remember.” 

Shawn takes the ring from his pocket, walking over to the lying body of his love. Part of the body was burned from the plane crash, but Shawn still thought Y/N looked amazing. He slid the ring onto her finger, kissing his fingers, and presses his fingers to Y/N’s forehead. 

As he watched the rest of the funeral, he kept on twisting his own ring, the promise ring you shared. 

“What do you wanna be?” Y/N asks her boyfriend. 

“What do you mean?” 

“When we grow up, what do you wanna be?” The teen looked over at him. 

“A rock star!” He says and begins playing an imaginary guitar. “I’d like to that my biggest fan!” 

“I love you Shawn!” Y/N let out a girly squeal, laughing alongside him. 

“What about you?” He asks, sitting next to her, leaning his back against the tree. 

“I don’t know,” She lets out a sigh, “I just know I wanna be someone special.” 

“You’re special to me.” Shawn says causing her to look over, smiling softly. 

“Well than looks like I’m already living the dream.” 

Shawn flutters his eyes open from the memory, and for a split second he smells the familiar cooking, hears the loud singing, but then reality hits and he realizes the house is silent. 

Shutting his eyes again, he prays for the dream to continue. 

“I can’t believe it!” Y/N laughs, causing Shawn’s grin to widen. 

“Me neither,”He kisses her temple looking over the large his, your shared home. 

“We’re a family now,” She wraps his arms around his waist. 

“Yea, we are.” He whispers, pulling her inside. “Go unpack some stuff, I’ll cook some dinner.” 

Later on that day, Shawn’s in that same kitchen he cooked dinner for you that first night. He has a half empty bottled of Scotch on his hand, sitting in the barely lit house. 

He begins walking down the hallways of the large, now empty feeling home, trying to get a feel of one more memory. Any memory, as long as Y/N was in it. 

“Okay, now strum,” Shawn tells Y/N. She follows the instructions, correctly. “Amazing!” He claps loudly. 

Laughing, Y/N kicks him, “Shut up, I barely know a thing.” She giggle again, as Shawn leans down and presses a kiss to her lips. 

“Well I’m sure you’ll be amazing, you’re amazing at everything you do.” 

“That is not true,” She argues. “I can barely put my jacket on, remember when I got stuck?!”

 He lets out a roar of laughter, “Y/N that was yesterday!” He chuckles, kissing her temple, “Well you’ll forever be amazing to me.” 

He stood in the pouring rain, no jacket, no umbrella. He falls to his knees, tracing the lettering. 

In loving memory of Y/N Y/LN. 

“I’ll always love you, even when your gone.” He mumbles to himself.