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i just went on a very large unfollowing spree and it’s amazing to me how many of y’all I’ve followed for 6+ years like….we tru mutual homies for sure 

kinda sad to go thru and realize that some blogs that were HUGE to me back in the day now haven’t posted for years and are dead n’ gone… just from the icon alone I can remember how much I looked up to these people and I didn’t even notice when they faded out of my life yknow?

If I Could Fly

Bucky x Reader

REQUEST: reader is a mutant w wings, also combined some other prompts/requests

Warnings: angst, violence, fluff, mostly platonic but you can probably guess what happens next

Word Count: 1.2k+


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They watched in horror from the shadows.

They had gotten an anonymous tip that there was a group of people auctioning off and show casing mutants–scratch that, humans. Innocent human beings were being sold for profit for something that they were born with. These humans were being forced to fight each other.

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Guess who recently joined a DnD group and has fallen in love with her own character.
It’s me. It’s definitely me.

I’m just doodling my half-elf son while I figure out the little pieces of his personality before we start playing. Just look at this dork. I love him. My good, tired, half-elf prince

Also, you can’t tell me that elves’ and half-elves’ ears don’t move to express emotion. I refuse to believe they don’t.


Request: Can you do one where Daryl x reader get into a big fight, and reader goes on a risky run to piss Daryl off and Daryl chases after her and the group she goes with and sees her get blindsided by a zombie and gets bit? You haven’t had a reader die yet. Maybe this can be a first? 

Song: I Found by Amber Run

A/N: I promise that the others will be up this week! Enjoy!!

     “Fuck you, Daryl,” you growled through gritted teeth, anger radiating from your body. Your eyes were full of flames, daring him to say another word and jump into that fire of yours.

     “Y/N, you’re too goddamn stubborn! Why do you have to be such a bitch?” Daryl yelled, not bothering to obscure his voice from the group within the prison. “You’re too weak to be goin’ on a damn run. You’re stayin’ and that’s final.”

     You let a scoff escape your throat. Just because you had a few cuts, you couldn’t leave? How wrong he was. “I’ll go if I fucking want to. You have no authority over me! You’re my boyfriend, not my father.” As you spit out those words, you walked out of the cell, not bothering to hear anything else. 

     Wordlessly, you grabbed your knives and joined the group of Glenn, Michonne, some of the new people and Rick by the cars. You could feel their stares on you, curious as to what you and your boyfriend were screaming about but you kept your eyes straight ahead. 

     The run was risky. Your group had scouted the grocery store, seeing that it hadn’t been looted yet. The need for basic things like soap and extra food outweighed the dangers of anything that awaited you.

     Your mind kept drifting back to your’s and Daryl’s fight. It was one of the few times large amounts of anger were aimed at you. You loved him so unbelievably much, it hurt to think of being with anyone else, even if you did fight. The fight had started because he cared about your wellbeing, too much sometimes, if you admitted it. It hurt that he called you weak, but you knew that he was on the defense, ready to break down every emotional stability that stood inside you. And today, he made them topple over. Tears pricked at your eyes as you attempted to steer your mind from the fight. 

     It wasn’t long before you were met with the large structure of the store. The cars halted and everyone started to retreat from them. It was go time.

     Daryl knew that he was out of line. He knew that you were very capable of handling yourself. But that didn’t stop his strong urges to protect you from every danger that was outside the fence. He would wrap himself around you like a blanket, if it meant you would be safe from every sorrow, every threat, every walker. 

     After pacing in your shared cell, his love for you drew him to his bike, set on finding his girl, safe and sound. 

     The ride was excruciating, his worry swelling every time he thought about you getting harmed. You were his absolute everything. He relied on you, you saved him in so many ways. Daryl felt like your love could heal his broken down self as soon as your eyes met.

      As soon as he arrived, he shut off his engine and sprinted to the building. He could hear the stabbing of the walkers, the blood splattering on the ground. He saw the group fighting for their lives, all surrounded by the undead, killing them one at a time. 

      And then he saw you.

     You were alone, fighting off the walkers, lodging your knife into their skulls. But what you couldn’t see was that a walker had crept up behind you.

     Daryl felt himself scream your name, he could feel himself running towards you, stabbing every walker in the way. 

     In all his years, Daryl had been abused, had seen the worst things, had to kill his own brother. But absolutely nothing could have prepared him for that moment. A walker sank it’s teeth into your shoulder as you took down the last walker. A scream fell from your lips as Daryl killed the creature that bit the only reason he was alive.  He saw you fall to the ground and caught you in his arms before you had a chance to hit the floor.

     Tears were pouring from his eyes as he cradled you close to him. 

     “We can amputate your arm,” he said shakily, “you’ll be fine, you’ll be okay. You’re not gonna die on-”

     “Daryl.” You said the word so softly, he almost didn’t hear it. Your beautiful eyes were swimming in saltwater. “Daryl, I’m going to die.”

 Daryl shook his head, about to refuse when you continued speaking. “Please let me go,” you sobbed, “I need you to move on and live for me. You were the best thing I’ve ever had in my life, thank you.” Tears were falling steadily from the eyes of both the hunter and his dying girlfriend. Daryl was sobbing, cries of pure sorrow escaped his unsteady body. He couldn’t lose you, not after all he’d been through.

     “I love you, Daryl Dixon,” you whispered. A last exhale left your body and you fell limp in his arms.

     “Y/N,” Daryl cried, “No, no, no! Wake up! Please just come back.” He sobbed out the last words quietly, clutching your body against his beating heart. Daryl felt like his heart had been ripped out of his chest. The light of his life, his Y/N, was dead, gone. Memories of you and him flashed through his mind, not leaving one untouched as saltwater fell from his eyes like rivers. You couldn’t be dead, this was just another nightmare. He’d wake up to you sleeping peacefully in his arms, a light sigh escaping you as your eyes began to flutter. He’d wake up and you’d be there to kiss him and mumble a good morning. He’d wake up and you’d be alive.

     But deep down, he knew that he’d never see you again. He’d never kiss you again. He’d never see your smile again. He’d never be happy again. Anything good in his life faded in that moment. His joy left with that last breath of air you took. He knew that nothing would ever be the same.

     Tremors ran through his body and sorrow fell from his eyes to his cheek as he whispered, “I love you too, Y/N.”

We’re Not Too Far Gone

Characters: Teen!Dean x Teen!Reader (will be), Rick, Daryl, Carl, Glenn, Hershel


Warnings: language, zombies, violence?

A/N: Yay!! Part 1 of the crossover is finally here!! Okay, so this first part is basically like a overview/introduction, so bear with me! If you watch the show this part is kinda based off 3x16 of TWD! I hope y’all enjoy and I’m excited to be writing this! Feedback is appreciated! Also, we’re going to say that Lori was not the readers real mom, but Rick remarried to Lori when Y/N was little, so she is basically like a mom to Y/N! (we’ll say that the readers biological mom passed away)

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It has been almost a year since the world went to shit. Our group has been through hell. We’ve lost people, some closer than others, and we’ve gained people. We have bounced from place to place, until we found a farm and we were grateful that the people living their took us in, under a few conditions. Sooner rather than later, we had to leave when a huge herd of walkers were taking over the farm and we didn’t have enough guns to take it back, so we were forced to leave. After a couple of months on the road, we finally found a secure location. We found a prison. We took it over within a couple hours and finally caught a break. Or so we thought.

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Prompt: the reader dies protecting Allison and visits the pack a few months later as a ghost

Note: I had to wait and write this during the day because I am a very big chicken lol but this was hella fun to write

Warnings: it starts off really sad because the reader dies and then becomes a ghost. Ghosts freak me out so I figured I’d make this known in case anyone else gets freaked by them too.

Dying didn’t hurt all that much. If anything, it was peaceful. I was able to relax, knowing that Allison was okay. She was my best friend. She was practically my sister. I wouldn’t have wanted to die any other way than saving her life. I strongly believed that she deserved a happy ending. A sword through the stomach didn’t really sound all that happy, and I doubted that it would be featured in a Disney Princess film.

           There wasn’t much that I remembered because everything seemed incredibly out of focus. The edges of my vision were blurred, and I couldn’t pin-point where exactly all the yelling was coming from. It was an overwhelming crescendo that was somehow muffled at the same time.

           Allison’s sweet face appeared before my eyes, tears trailing down her cheeks. I found myself laughing. “Your mascara is going to run, dork.” I coughed. Her lips pulled up into a wide smile, but her chin still shook, and suddenly they parted to let out a cry.

           “Why did you do that?” She sobbed. Scott knelt beside her, and Isaac placed a hand on his shoulder. Kira hovered with a heart-broken expression. I didn’t know where Lydia and Stiles were, but I just hoped that they were safe because now there wasn’t anything I could do for them.

           “Because you’re my sister.” I told her, spitting blood on the ground. “And nobody hurts my sister.” One of Allison’s hands cupped her mouth, and she leaned heavily against Scott. “It’s okay; you’re going to be okay. Please don’t cry. You’re safe. You’re fine. It’s going to be okay.” I tried my hardest to appease her.

           Isaac sank to his knees. “No, it’s not.” He whispered hoarsely. “Y/N, you’re… you’re dying.”

           I gave him a smile. “I’m not scared.” Then I coughed and blood drippled down my chin. Definitely wasn’t helping the situation. “I’m going to be okay. I can’t even feel it.”

           Kira was suddenly sitting, trying to examine the wound. “Do you think… maybe if we put pressure on it… we can call Ms. McCall and Sheriff Stilinski…”

           Scott gasped, “I don’t think they’ll get here fast enough.”

           “The bite. Scott, we can give her the bite.” Isaac’s blue eyes danced nervously from my weak form to Scott’s tear-stained face.

           “Isaac, no. It’s okay.” Using all my strength, I brought my hand up to touch his arm.

           “No.” He argued, lower lip trembling.

           “It’ll be fine, I promise. You’re strong; you’re all strong. You guys can get through this. You’ll never be alone. I’ll always watch over you.”


Months passed. I watched as Isaac moved to Europe. Allison ended up visiting him quite often, so Mr. Argent decided to move there. Scott and Kira’s relationship progressed, although their hands were full with the whole dead pool drama. When you factor in the new Beta, Liam, Scott was constantly on his toes. He and Stiles didn’t spend as much time together as they used to. In fact, Stiles and Lydia had become very close friends. Lydia even helped Stiles ask Malia out. It was nice to see that my friends were safe and happy- for the most part.

           It was around the fifth month that I began to worry.

           Allison started to have nightmares. Vivid, gripping nightmares that left her gasping for breath and screaming. Isaac would run into her room and shake her awake. It would take hours to calm her down. I had never seen my best friend so broken. I couldn’t just sit by and let it keep happening. So one night, when she had started to whimper in her sleep, I called out to her.

           “Hey, sis, wake up. It’s just a bad dream. You’re alright. Allison, wake up!”

           She shot up in her bed, shaking, clutching the comforter to her chest. Allison sucked in several deep breaths. She shook her head and ran her fingers through her dark hair. Through night’s cover of the room, I could see tears on her face and the silver chain around her neck. It was one of my old necklaces. My parents had given it to her at my funeral.

           “You good?” I made the mistake of asking. Allison jumped, eyes wide as she stared at me. She was about to let out a scream, but I held my hands up. “Hey! You’re going to wake Isaac up! He needs his sleep; he’s got a test tomorrow, you know.”

           Allison turned her head, still eyeing me with suspicion as she crawled out of bed. She came around the side to stand directly across from me. “You’re…”

           “A ghost. I told you guys that I was going to be watching over you. Did you think I was lying, silly?” I smiled. It was so nice to be able to talk to her again. You know, despite her being completely and totally freaked out.

           “You’re a ghost. You’re here. Y/N, you’re a ghost.” She breathed. Then she lunged at me… and fell right to the floor.

           I couldn’t help but laugh at her sleepy stupor. “Yeah, I probably should’ve mentioned… I’m kind of transparent now… well, I mean, you can see me but you can also go through me. Would ‘transparent’ be the right word for it? I feel like there’s another word.”

           Allison managed a grin. “I’m so glad you’re back.”


I watched as Isaac shook his head firmly. “No, there’s no way. I’m sorry, Allison, but you were dreaming. Y/N is dead. She’s… gone.” He gulped. “And making up stories like this is just down-right cruel.”

           “But I’m not making it up!” Allison insisted. “Last night, I was starting to have a nightmare. I heard someone calling my name, and so I woke up. I looked around and she was there. I saw her.”

           Isaac slammed the carton of orange juice on the counter. “It’s not possible.”

           Alright, that was enough. Sometimes it was entertaining to watch Allison and Isaac fight like a married couple- mainly because I shipped them so much- but now it was starting to grate on my nerves. I shivered, and then I knew I was visible when Allison jumped, mouth dropping open. Isaac gave her a weird look before turning around, his nose going right through mine.

           “Boo.” I said, giggling as he stumbled back. “What were you saying, Isaac? That it wasn’t possible? Did you think Allison was crazy?”

           He grasped the side of the counter in one of his large hands, searching for support. “How long have you been there?” Isaac asked, breathing hard.

           I rolled my eyes. “I’ve been here the whole time. Like, not just now, but everything before, too. Damn, you guys don’t take my promises very seriously, do you?”


Isaac took it upon himself to call Scott immediately after my surprise-appearance at breakfast to tell him the news. It was pretty obvious that Scott didn’t believe him, so I decided a little trip back over to the U.S. was in order.

           Scott was in his room. Stiles had spent the night, and was currently staring at his sleeping bag in confusion. Isaac was on speaker phone, and was very adamant. “It was Y/N, I swear. She came to see Allison last night, and then she popped up over my shoulder this morning. You’ve got to believe me.”

           Sighing, Scott ran his fingers through his hair. “Isaac, how much sleep did you get last night?” He asked. His tone was rather bored. I’ll admit, I was a little offended.

           Isaac scoffed. “You don’t believe me.”

           “I want to believe you, Isaac. But ghosts aren’t real.”

           Stiles looked up at Scott with squinted eyes. “Why not?”

           “What?” The two werewolves asked in unison.

           “We’ve been through this before, Scott, but I guess I’ll go through it again. You’re a freaking werewolf. Your eyes become stop lights to anyone messing with your pack of werewolves, a were-coyote, a banshee, and a kitsune. We have fought a Darach, took on a pack of other Alpha werewolves, and activated a Nemetan. A few months ago, I was possessed by a freaky Japanese spirit that made a duplicate of my body. After all of that, you’re telling me that you refuse to believe ghosts could be real? Are you stupid?”

           It was quiet for a moment. Then, Isaac muttered. “He’s right, you know. Thanks, Stiles.” Even though Isaac couldn’t see him, Stiles beamed and nodded. I snorted. Apparently he could hear me because he practically jumped a foot.

           “Scott, tell me you heard that. Tell me you heard that with your wacky werewolf hearing. You heard that, right? I’m not going crazy?” Stiles sputtered, suddenly examining his hands. Scott was frozen on the bed, eyes darting across his room.

           I was merciful, choosing not to hold them in suspense any longer. “Hello boys.” I drawled out, making myself known from my perch on the edge of Scott’s desk.

           Stiles ogled me with huge eyes before pumping his fist in the air. “Knew it! Told you, Scott.”          


You walked down the street, a basket of fresh red apples and green grapes hanging from your arm. Your skirts swished as you treated carefully over the cobblestones, your eyes traveling over the bay of New York. You passed some red coats, quickening you step and ignoring them when you heard a whistle behind you. You picked up your pace even more, before cringing as you felt a hand land on your bicep, stopping your movement.

“Miss, what do you say you join me back at the home we’re staying at.” You struggled in his grip, frantically trying to pry his fingers from their grip.

“I’m rather afraid I am uninterested.” He snorted and you jerked your arm away, but it wasn’t any use. His hand stayed firmly wrapped around your arm.

“C’mon, you know it’s what you want.” You growled, shaking your head, fear bubbling up in your chest as another wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you into his chest as you squirmed frantically.

“I pay well, miss~” and with that, you slapped him across the face. He jerked away in surprise and you snarled at him.

“How DARE you! I am a married woman, and my husband Alexander will kick your ass!” With that, the red coats regarded you curiously, the pushy one still outraged.

“Hamilton?” Your eyes went wide as they spoke his name and you realized you had made a mistake. Instantly your arms were seized and you cried out trying to kick your way away from the men dragging you somewhere, probably not to give you some free food or anything remotely nice. You cried out for help, and while you recieved concerned or sympathetic looks, no one came to your aid as you were then hit across the head and dragged off, your feet and skirts dragging across the stones below you.

Alexander smiled as he laughed with his friends, but he was excited to see you. They had been given a brief vacation, and he planned on spending it with you. As his friends walked to the pub, he pushed open the door of the home you shared together and smiling happily. He was delighted to see you, and he could imagine your face when he arrived home, a surprise. “Darling! I’m home!” He smiled, waiting for a response, his smile waning as he heard nothing. He began moving from room to room, his pace picking up with each empty room, the furniture dusty, the bed untouched. He sprinted from the house, bursting into the pub, frantic.

“Alexander? Mon amie, are you alright?” Alexander panted, placing his hands on his friend’s shoulder.

“She’s gone.” The Laurens and Hercules exchanged looks, coming closer to Alexander. You had been friends with their group before you had married or even began courting Alexander, it was only natural they would be worried. It couldn’t be you, he couldn’t be talking about you…

“Who? Alexander, who’s gone.” He moved back, catching their eyes, his own filled with panic. Had she left him? Was she gone? Was she hurt, was she gone, was she dead?

“Y/N. She’s gone, she hasn’t been home in ages.” The group exchanged glances before bursting out of the pub, each man heading a separate direction to track down Y/N.

They gathered in front of the building, only Laurens missing. The three men exchanged morose looks, Alexander franticly running his hand through his hair. “She didn’t leave me, oh my god she totally left me, I love her, I thought she loved me, why would she-”

“Alexander!” Laurens came sprinting over, red in the face and obviously angry. “A woman said she say her being taken by british guards!” A hush fell over the group, all of their faces going livid. Alexander however…he had never been this mad in his life, it was terrifying. He wasn’t about to lose someone else he loved, especially not to some red coats. The group looked around before nodding to each other, the four setting off towards their camp to speak to George Washington.

You groaned in pain, spitting out blood as the crack of a hand across your face left a mark. Your only scowled up at the men in front of you, refusing to open your mouth. They assumed you had been privy to the general’s plans through Alexander, but of course he hadn’t mentioned military movements to his wife who wasn’t fighting in the war, why would he? Glaring angrily, you felt his boot collide with your ribs and hissed in pain, feeling something crack within you.

Suddenly there were shouts and bullets firing outside, and you groaned in pain, allowing your head to collapse to your chest as you breathed out, the world growing dark from the apion you were enduring.

Lafayette burst into the tent, finding you tied in the chair. He quickly cut you free, picking you up and exciting at top speed, heading towards where the rest of the troops waited with Hercules and Laurens. He had no doubt in his mind that Alexander was currently arguing to come get you with them. He softly handed you to Hercules, jumping into his saddle and taking you back gently, before riding wit breakneck speed towards the camp to deliver you to your husband.

Alexander was pacing in his tent, anxious and nervous. General Washington had refused to allow him to go but sent out LAfayette, Mulligan, and Laurens to gain you back along with a small troop of men. When he heard galloping, he burst outside, seeing you passed out in Lafayette’s arms. Instantly he raced forward, removing you from the french man’s grasp and holding you close to him while he cried tears of relief, pressing you close to his body as he peppered you face in kisses.

“Y/N, I’m so glad you’re safe, you’re safe now, I’m going to protect you, I won’t let anyone hurt you again.”


Wanda: My brother I dead he’s gone.
Y/N: I get that, I do, but it’s been 3 months. And you have barely talked to be or given me any attention at all.
Wanda: well I don’t understand what you want me to do.
Y/N: I want you to stop shutting me out, I want you to talk to me, tell me how your feelings. I want us to be like we used to. Because what we have now is not a relationship. It’s me waiting around and wasting time trying to help you when you won’t let me.
Wanda: well maybe the relationship is dead.
Y/N: so what are you saying you want to breakup?
Wanda: maybe that’s what’s best for right now.
Y/N: fine but if we breakup now it’s for good. I’m not going to wait around for you until you decide you want to be in a relationship again and act like a girlfriend.
Wanda: Ok, that’s fair. I can’t ask you to wait.
Y/N: so that’s it, just like that were done. Fine. Goodbye Wanda.

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Mom uhhhh I'm stressin I think my iPod with All of my Music is dead n gone like it will not turn on or charge and I don't have spotify premium or Apple Music or anything and I'm so sad?????

aw 🤧 i been thru any apple problem let it charge for an hour or so and if it still don’t turn on then u gonna hold the power n home button for 10 seconds n see if it do anything if not try connecting it to ur computer n see if he identifies it if not im thorry it should all b in ur library tho 😣💙

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“Before or after we fucked up your dad?” Mordecai smirked from his squatted position next to the low bed, his hands resting on his knees as he gazed down at the Siren.
“Th’others figured it’d be better t’get you outta there than t’leave you for dead. ‘n with the Sheriff gone, we got our own mine now. Puttin’ th’two together was pretty easy.”

“wait both jack and nisha are dead?” she should have been happy, her asshole of a father was punished for his crimes finally. she didn’t know nisha besides that she was jack’s girlfriend. But alas she wasn’t happy she was upset, now she was an orphan though I suppose she had been one for a long time.

“ I suppose I should thank you for saving me.”