dead & done

Echo Rokhor(row-core)-Highwind, Half-orc, Paladin of the god of Knowledge. 

A seeker of truth, and honesty. She’s kind, and helps her friends, but has a hard time understanding that the opinions of others can hold equal weight to her own. She is fiercely protective of things she loves and refuses to let anyone go anywhere without a buddy to watch their back. Echo keeps little to no secrets, and is bad at keeping secrets of others as well.

She stands tall at 6ft 8in and has the muscle to match her towering stature. With a strong head and strong muscles, she’s a good fighter, though lacks in way of strategy. Echo is more likely to take a beating while trying to defeat an enemy as fast as possible before they can retaliate. Her cool green skin contrasts largely with the pink bandanna around her neck, the only item remaining of her departed wife, Melody Rokhor-Highwind

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Sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try, no matter how much I give, I will never be good enough for anyone
—  Courtesy of the Depressing thoughts eating me alive

I keep forgetting that Magnus will never age

forget the whole, “slowly watching my friends die without me” thing for a sec, this’ll be sadly hilarious when people start noticing

he still makes trips to the mortal world, when/if Sam has kids is she gonna hide it from them, or is he just gonna be ‘mommy’s weird friend who doesn’t age’? 

People are eventually gonna think Blitz and Hearth really are his parents or grandparents

imagine him showing up to Annabeth’s wedding or baby shower or whatever in ten years

“Maggie boy! What moisturizer are you using, you haven’t aged a day!”

“I’m dead, Valdez.”

Excuse the shit out of my goddamn French.
—  Negan (and I when shit doesn’t go our way.)


A̠͎̯̤L̻͈̫͍̗͟Ĺ̫̰͙̖͎̞͇ ̧͇A̱̟̘͎͙̯ͅB͓̩̼̮̖O̪̗͎̫̪͙AR̛͙͇̖͎D͍̙̭͔͍̟̩͡ ̩͚̮͔̪T͖̩̟͈͓͙̪̀H̶͕̭̖̞̬̠̤E̖ ͡C̯̤̦̞̤ͅH̘͓͖̗͚͚̙A͈̝̳͖̞O̗̰̮S̕ ̶̱͇͙T͟Ŕ̤̗̟̲̭̱̭AI̴͙͉͙͖N̢

okay, the kiss was everything I need for the rest of my life, but the hug though. The way Stiles presses his face into her hair and holds onto her so tightly. His arms are literally completely around her. It’s the most beautiful embrace my eyes have ever witnessed.

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