So I know I’m like a week late to this but better late than never. 

I’ve seen a heck of a lot of people post their contribution to the HS fandom now that it’s over and I figured I might as well do the same.

I’m a pretty decent fanfic writer and I’ve written a lot of fics, so here’s the fic list! It’s going to be broken up into categories by ships/other with a very small summary. (I made most of these before the last homestuck updates so the info in some of them may be wrong because of the latest updates.)


  • Karkat’s Lessons- Karkat learns about what’s he’s destined to do in life with the help of Kankri and a lecture that lasts forever.
  • Karkat’s Journey- (Part Two of Karkat’s Lessons) Karkat sets out into the new universe with hopes of becoming a leader to the new race of trolls but history ends up repeating itself once they find out that Her Imperious Condescension has already taken over Earth.
  •  The Kids Are Alright- The Game’s finally over and Dave’s just happy he can stop worrying about dying and destruction and just relax with his alien boyfriend.
  • A Sprite, A Ghost, A Dream Bubble- Neither Davesprite nor this dead Karkat are the “original” versions of themselves and that sucks, but at least they have each other.
  • Picture Perfect- Dave just wants Karkat to see himself the way Dave sees him.


  • Migraines and Sore Throats- Sollux was just some troll that created a better chatting application to use for himself and his friends, he didn’t realize that’d he make such a huge connection with someone who typed in weird grey text.


  • The Only Hope For Me Is You- Gamzee’s let out of the fridge and it seems like Karkat’s the only one willing to help the poor clown change.
  • Best Friends?- The story of Gamzee and Karkat and how their friendship grew through the years.


  • ScreenEridan and Sollux weren’t perfect matesprits. Hell they weren’t perfect kismesis’. But they were happy and that’s all that mattered to them.



  • His PrinceKarkat Vantas never really expected to become anyone’s matesprit, especially not Equius’s.


  • Turtlenecks- Karkat and Kankri were the exact opposite, yet they were perfect for each other.


  • LovelyJohn stays on the meteor instead of Dave, and it is boring. Everyone except the one person he wants to talk to talks to him. He just needs some way to get the nubby-horned troll he desires to talk to him, and when he does get that he wonders if maybe he wants more than to just talk to Karkat.
  • Love Actually- Was there ever really a point in time where Karkat denied his feelings about John? No. Was there ever a point in time where Karkat realized his feelings about John were something different than what he first thought? Oh yeah. Definitely.




  • High School Football HeroNepeta just wanted to play football and not even the school’s fucked up sports system will stop her and her girlfriend from achieving her goal.


  • Night Of The Living GamzeeGamzee Makara finally snaps, hunting and killing every single troll or human inhabiting the meteor
  • The Loneliest Corner of the Meteor- Karkat’s lonely. He was lonely ever since Kanaya and Rose hooked up. Since Dave and Terezi hooked up. Since the death of a vast majority of his friends. Since Gamzee broke off the already fragile pale relationship with him. What’s a troll to do when no one on this small meteor will even give him the time of day?
  • Ground Control to Mituna Captor- We all know that Mituna suffered severe thinkpan damage from protecting his friends from some sort of monster, but how exactly did it happen?

Thanks for reading! Remember to comment and tell me how my writing is! Happy late 4/13!!

after body-swapping
  • Dave: aw come on karkat this isnt so bad
  • Dave: ive always wondered what it would be like to make out with myself :D
  • Dave: what expression
  • Dave, obnoxiously smiling: oh you mean this one
  • Dave: yeah
  • Dave: in each other's bodies ;) ;) ;)
  • Karkat: YOU'RE DEAD TO ME.
Life and Light in the New Universe

When the Earth was first planted in the new universe, Jasprosesprite descended in the midst of a thunderstorm and played the rain on her violin. This planted the the first seeds of new life on the flooded earth. When they fastforwarded to the future where the waters had receded, the life had co-evolved along with the sea lusii already living there. The new animal life is both familiar and strange as evolution dealt with a similar but not exactly the same world. And there is a healthy amount of lusii to care for the new troll race when it restarts.

Some animals and plants are brought back through Roxy’s void powers. Other plants are quickly re-engineered through Jade and Jane’s careful plant breeding.

The night sky is different now. For Dirk especially, it’s disconcerting looking up at the stars and having them not be where they’re supposed to be. Fortunately, Jade provided a moon she fashioned out of some rock, since everything would be messed up without one. Jade and Dirk take it upon themselves to chart the new stars, giving names to them and the constellations. Jade’s names are cute, “The Squiddle” or “Good Dog Best Friend”, Dirk’s are ridiculous, “Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff” or “Plush Rump.” 

But sometimes they agree more serious names are in order and they ask their friends for suggestions. Dave suggests “The Pimp in the Crib” and “Snoop Dogg” but they let him name one “Karkat.” Not to be outdone, Rose names another one “Kanaya” but also suggests “Fluthlu, Foul Patrician of Misery.”  Roxy names one “The Wizzerd.” She was very specific about the spelling. John names one “Nicolas Cage.” Jake suggests “Neytiri” and almost every awful movie title he can think of (there’s a lot). They let him have “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Jane names one “Lil Sebastian.” Terezi names one “Pyralspite” and she and Kanaya offer the names of their dead friends and ancestors. Karkat doesn’t really care, but Dave nags him into suggesting some things so he offers “The Thresh Prince” and “Kiss My Shame Globes.” 

They discover that there are now eight zodiacal constellations as opposed to the twelve of the old universe. They conclude each one stands for the eight new gods, i.e. themselves, and they call meetings to decide what to call them. They have a hard time agreeing. John wants to just name them after their own names. Jade suggests their old Chumhandles. Jane suggests their classpects. Jake suggests their old symbols. “’Green Skull’ would be awesome!” Dirk disagrees. “Sorry, Jake, but no. I’d feel so fucking sorry for all the kids born under ‘Orange Hat’.” Roxy suggests objects of personal significance or maybe their weapons. Dirk likes that idea. Rose thinks they should be more esoteric. Maybe something about themselves in a dead language like latin or the language of the elder gods. They say ‘maybe’ to the former; ‘definitely not’ to the latter. Dave thinks everyone should just name their own constellation whatever the fuck they want. They don’t all have to be themed or match like a bunch of celestial teletubbies for fuck’s sake. We’re the gods of the new universe. Let’s personalize our own fucking specks of light in the sky. They end up going with Dave’s suggestion. Dirk still feels bad for the kids born under his sign.