Last night sketches while chatting with @key-ei

Excuse the crap quality these are all shots, I’ll post better stuff later

Marching band AU!

Fucking Lance with braces ended me! I just can’t even and I’m not crazy about braces!!! And Keith with all these piercings hshrhjsijhvfjaogcfjihsve!! Nope abort abort!

*tap dances into the room* rose quartz is not evil

*does the hand jive* she is a multi-faceted character with heavy moral grey areas

*shimmies* she had flaws and made many mistakes but still managed to be kind and compassionate. her special ability was healing powers because she cared about her friends and allies so much and no-other quartz seems to have that ability for pete’s sake

*moonwalks* we’re seeing a darker side of the choices she had to make because she was the leader of a war and no-one can be pure and innocent in a war. when you’re a leader you have to make choices some people might not agree with

*jazz hands* she was not perfect but she is not evil or secretly cruel or sinister. thanks


Norman Reedus photographed by Andreas Laszlo Konrath for T Magazine 2011

‘A sense of humor and honesty are really important. If a woman is dishonest, that kills it for me. I can’t even talk to her anymore. It’s hard going out with me though, because I’m always working, constantly gone, or on a plane going somewhere. So trusting someone is crucial to making it work; otherwise it gets weird. I have no problem treating a woman like a queen, doing everything I can for her, but there has to be trust. Someone who smiles and enjoys her life.’