ok kids, so here’s what you missed on the Vampire Diaries. If you haven’t watched it yet, well get ready for spoilers.

Stefan and Damon was given a proposal by Cade, it was either kill each other’s girls or kill a hundred of people. Stefan (being cold and shit) chose to kill Elena - which by the way is in Bonnie’s safe house but we’ll get to that later - Damon on the other hand, is still undecided but was given a suggestion from our lovely Caroline. She wants to make Cade mortal because lmao Cade is heartless literally and figuratively AND fire won’t work considering he’s the devil lmao.

So the duo planned to give the cure to Cade but in another time, Bonnie and Enzo are planning to live the human life. But bonnie yet again puts other people first before her happiness.

“We’re saving everyone else but ourselves.”

Damon learns that Stefan compelled a realtor to sign Bonnie’s house to him, giving him full access to entering the premises blah blah blah

Big brother talks to Stefan about not killing Elena, Stefan was all, “lmao even when the bitch is in the casket, she’s still a big ass obstacle.”

Bonnie syringes some of Elena’s blood (thicc 👌🏼💦) but notices that enzo wasn’t responding to her so she goes into the hallway - there she sees Enzo’s heart out of his body because Stefan just killed Bonnie’s on going LOVE interest because god forbid bonnie to love someone LMAO

Bonnie planned to stake him but he was quick af, but then she stabs him with her other hand with the cure and he falls to the ground and yeah

So currently:

Enzo is dead
Cade is Cade lmao all smiles but is like immortal
Elena’s still in that casket
Stefan is human lmao how unfortunate
Bonnie’s emotional state is unstable rn
Caroline (maybs doesn’t have) has a bounty on her head
Matt is still against vampirism but Caroline put him in his place.

He’s all, “This isn’t our town anymore.”


That’s what you missed on glee.



Are Bonnie and Enzo going to create a new “other side” together and be together over there? Is that why Elena comes back because Bonnie is dead and living with Enzo in the place she created? I might could live with that knowing they’re together and happy and that they’ll be there to great their friends as they cross over….

Are they seriously going to force Damon and Caroline to watch their lover grow old and die? with Damon unable to be a father to Elena’s children like he vowed to her 2 years ago?! I hate that!

You have the power to give these deserving characters the ending they deserve so do it! I don’t want to hear any “in the real world people don’t always get a happy ending” bullshit! This is not the real world this is a fictional one with magic DO IT! 

Traitor - Enzo Amore

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okay, so this is sad to write. I hardly don’t want to re watch it honestly. Why Cass? 

Jaws were dropped backstage as we watched the scene unfold on the screen. Kurt stood in between Enzo and Big Cass, who I thought was our friend. He was nothing but a traitor.
“All you were was dead weight, Stopping me from winning a championship in the WWE.” Big Cass snapped. When the camera man pointed to Enzo and a tear roll down his face, I starter crying. I covered my mouth as Big Cass hit him with a big boot. 
I ran out of catering and went to gorilla. By the time I got there, Big Cass was coming backstage. If looks could kill…
“How could you, Colin? Why?” I stormed up to him. He laughed and rolled his eyes.  “I was tired of being held back. Have fun with your pep squeak of a boyfriend, Y|N.” Big Cass snickered before walking off. I glared into the back of his head as he walked off. 
Soon, Kurt was helping Enzo backstage. “I got it!” I told Kurt before putting Enzo’s arm around my neck. 
“Oh my god. Are you okay?” I asked as I sat him in a chair. He didn’t say anything. 
I grabbed his hand and gave it a light squeeze. 

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so… Enzo is dead and Damon is a vampire,  Bonnie is able to be a vampire, Stefan is a human being same as Elena. I know the perfect solution to this situation if sb is wondering. and for all those who say ‘what about Caroline’  - well, I know one immortal person who enjoys immortality as much as she does. Just saying..Julie is not going to make it anyway..but i may dream, right?

I’m just mad.
I wanted Enzo dead. That’s a fact about myself. I wanted it so bad.
But, not like this.
In such an unexpected and cruel way, yikes tvd writers, this shows how much you suck at writing.
Enzo is a character that I never liked and I see now why: it has never been good written, even his dead was bad.
And then, Stefan. I hate they’re always trying to make Stefan the villain. And I know for sure they’re gonna make a big deal over this. He’ll feel guilty, he’ll be sad. And nobody will forget for a while, not even knowing that he didn’t have his humanity on.
If this ends leading everything to Stefan’s dead I’ll be mad as hell. Not only because I don’t want him dead, but because it’ll show how much they prefer Damon’s character. Damon killed Tyler. “You know, he was under Sybil’s control. Not a big deal, let’s forgive him and move on.”
But then Stefan does something as bad as that. “Oh no, he deserves dying”
I mean, if this ends with Stefan’s dead it is official: TVD is the worst written TV show ever.

20 reasons why Damon and Bonnie are meant to be {Books and Show}

1. Because they have an “understanding”. 
2. She saw something in him than no one else had - his humanity. 
3. They look hot together ;) 
4. They have intense chemistry. 
5. They have fun together.
6. Because when Damon falls in love he falls hard. 
7. You can’t deny their sexual chemistry.
8. Because was never really in love, she just loved Elena because it was an obsession as she looked like Katherine, but then Bonnie showed up.
9. Because their love is forbidden. 
10. Because their love is like a roller coaster; a lot of backwards and forwards. 
11. They have a love/hate relationship. 
12. Because Damon would do anything for her. Even give her up. 
13. Because there is a possibility they won’t be endgame; but we keep hoping they will be.
14. Because they would have gorgeous babies (If vampires could have babies!)
15. Because even Sybil saw that something is going on between them! 
16. Because Damon threatened Enzo that he’ll kill him if he hurts her.
17. Because she wear his shirts. (season 6)
18. Did I mention eye sex? ;) 
19. Because their cute scenes are going to give Delena’s a run for their money! 
20. Because their love is eternal; they will always found a way to get back to each other - Enzo is dead, but Damon isn’t; Elena is meant to be with Stefan, it’s Damon’s turn for love.

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If Julie Plague has taught us anything over the years...

… it’s that recycled storylines, main characters dying and coming back to life, and NO CHARACTER GROWTH is all she knows how to do. 

How much you wanna bet that now that Bonnie has her magick back, she’ll be will be doing the same recycled shit next episode: trying to bring big-foreheaded-ass Enzo back to life, regardless that there’s always some ridiculous price to pay. 

As excited as I was to see Enzo bite the big one (hooray Stefan the Bamon Fanboy!) I couldnt be truly happy, because I’m betting his weak second-place ass will be at Bonnie’s side before the end of the series. You cant depend on Plague to write a decent story, and actually have the characters deal with real issues like loss, and death, and heartbreak, and grow from it. She always gives them a ridiculous supernatural out (dont even get me started on Elena’s coma, Damon and Stefan’s multiple deaths, Alaric’s and Klaus’ multiple deaths… UGH).

The closest we came to seeing a character truly deal with death was when Liz died, and Caroline didnt even deal with it - she turned her humanity off. Elena whined and cried and turned her humanity off. Damon drinks and Stefan broods. And then they all go to Bonnie to “fix it.”

And Bonnie was never even given the screen time to deal with the repeated, tragic losses she’s put through.

It boggles my mind that this woman is actually a showrunner, and calls herself a writer. 

Bonnie ain’t dying. And don’t twist JP’s words because you hate her. A “Happy ending” means “Happy ending.” It’s not Bonnie dying to be with Enzo. And JP said her happy ending is unpredictble so it’s not Enzo cuz BE is predictable. JP teased BE having a scene in the finale why would she do that if it’s Bonnie’s unpredictable endgame ? It’s because she wanted to trick peope into thinking BE would be endgame she said it. Just like MM spoiling his script for ep 15 when he just died in ep 11 and we didn’t know he would still be around as a ghost. This is to make people believe BE are endgame so “unpredictable” is not BE endgame. Also, Enzo is dead for good so it’s not a happy ending for Bonnie. 

So JP saying Bonnie will have a happy and unpredictable ending means alive and without Enzo.

I think it’s Bamon.

tag yourself (tye version!)

enzo valenciano:
-dead on the inside
-hates most people
-would resort to killing others when it comes to his friends

adelina amouteru:
-could kill you by a stare
-pretends to be emotionally stable
-a problem

-knows how to deal with problems
-the mum friend™
-seems calm even when furious

-best friend is a lute
-i bet he doesn’t even know his real name
-loves money more than himself

teren santoro:
-thinks he’s God’s gift to humankind
-does not know how to chill

character vocab
  • Elena: I don't know what I feel
  • Stefan: Sired
  • Damon: You gotta be kidding me!
  • Caroline: Seriously?!
  • Bonnie: Phesmatos fsdkjhhbfigrbildfdh INCENDIA!
  • Alaric: You killed me!
  • Jeremy: Dick
  • Tyler: Hybrid
  • Matt: Everyone I know is dead
  • Enzo: Ello, gorgeous
  • Katherine: I love you, Stefan. Stefan, Stefan, Stefan.
  • Klaus: Rippahhhhhhh
  • Rebekkah: Nik
  • Elijah: O.M.G