cosmic love

Owen thanks the taxi driver and slams the door shut. He hurries into the airport, one bag slung over his shoulder while the other is wheeled behind him. Owen reaches the check in desk and digs out his passport. The lady smiles at him and happily checks him into the flight back to the states. Owen was there for a conference and while he did enjoy himself, he just wanted to go home. Christmas was approaching quickly and the airport is full. He stands there, checking the signage to figure out where his gate is. Owen hurries up the corridors and eventually finds the gate. He immediately locates the nearest Starbucks and orders himself a drink. Owen has some time. He just wanted to get their early incase of disaster. Owen just hopes the weather cooperates and he makes it back to Seattle soon. He just wants to spend Christmas with his Mum. Owen carries the cup back to his gate and sits down. 

He sips his coffee carefully and looks around the airport at all the people. Everyone seems like they’re in a hurry and even though he’s sitting, he’s in a hurry too. Owen just wants to go home. Now. He hates airports.