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get to know me: [1/?] favorite tv shows   12 monkeys

“Where are you right now? Somewhere warm, safe.. Next to someone you love? Now, what if all that was gone and the only thing you could do is survive? You would, right? You’d try. You’d do things, horrible things.. Until you lose that last thing you have left.. Yourself. But what if you could take it back.. All of it? A reset switch. You’d hit it, right? You’d have to.”


12 MONKEYS SEASON 3 TRAILER: Updated Thoughts…

I’ve had some more zany notions based on the season 3 teaser since my earlier post. Some were inspired by back and forth w/samiholloway via tumblr, some came to me while commenting/replying to other fans on the twitters and bookface…

Cole apparently wants to take responsibility for his son’s darkness or wrongness…

As Hank Hill would say—That boy ain’t right.

However, I want to believe that line of Cole’s about his son getting something wrong from his side of the family isn’t be about guilt or self-hate or a darkness within him, but an actual physiological issue. Cole’s pretty literally a freak of nature right now. The oldest Splinter-based time traveler around, known to Primaries of several generations, only known survivor of a personal physical paradox, and mental time traveler.

What if he’s concerned about passing on some dangerous condition to his boy? Hrm…When we’ve seen the Witness in his tricked out Plague Doctor get-up, there’s been…machinery, right? Possibly something along the lines of a respirator or life support. Maybe that’s exactly what it is. Maybe the child of two time skippers is fated to be formidable in the mental and temporal planes, but frail in the physical one?

Or better/worse yet, what if he’s worried about passing on special abilities?

What if what’s important about little Hot Pocket is not that he *is* the Witness, or grows up to be the Witness, but that he’s the ideal *vessel* for the Witness. As the offspring of two Splinternauts, one of them uniquely favored by Time (as Lillian put it—James Cole don’t need no stinkin’ time machine!), it would come as no surprise if Jimmy, Jr. exhibited abilities similar to his parents, the Messengers, and even Primaries, and perhaps some beyond them.

I like to think so many things about this. I’m really hoping it’s not just 15 seconds out of a 2 minute montage that shows Team Splinter walking thru the Emerson in eight different eras wearing eight sets of characteristic wardrobe.

I love that James is basically dressed as Marty McFly, a callback to season 1…

COLE: Still don’t believe me, do you?
AARON: I believe this cult is real, but no, I don’t think you’re Marty McFly.
COLE: Who?

Is there any way they’re doing a 21 JUMP STREET, infiltrating a high school dance or prom at the hotel? Please o please? =)

What would the prom theme or song be—”Time After Time?” “The Time to Remember?” “We’ve Got Tonight?” “The Power of Love?” =)

What are the odds that Jennifer Goines put together everyone’s ensembles for this particular mission?

If they’re stuck in the 80s for a while, with some downtime, Jennifer should really be taking them on field trips to the movies. If not for simple entertainment value, then as educational resources, so that the rest of Team Splinter can better understand Primary Jennifer’s eccentric way of expressing herself.

The clock on the mantel in room 607 is also frozen on 10:04, right? Will we get to see the moment/reason that stopped the Emerson’s clocks? In my earlier post, I wondered if we might meet Agent Gale’s granddaughter, Roberta…

Maybe she’s inspired by the Emerson’s clocks to add that detail to her screenplay for BACK TO THE FUTURE? =)

I’ve got a good scenario to go with this moment…

At the end of season 2, we see Cole get into the chair and splinter away. The splinter beam is blue-white, same as it’s always been when Jones sends someone to the *past.” I imagine that what Jones does next is get in the chair herself after setting the controls to splinter her to the same coordinates as Cole—Raritan National Laboratory, sometime between 2015 and 2040, let’s say 2024, just for the heck of it.

The image above is what greets them…Project: Splinter…mothballed. Remember, after Ramse’s henchman is found dead in the lab, Elliot Jones’s project is shut down (thus freeing him up to work on Titan). In the wake of the spreading plague, the facility would be shut down, secured, but unmanned.

Why would Kat and James jump back to a time when Splinter was shut down? So that they could use the machine to splinter into the future! Remember, Elliot Jones’s machine succeeded in sending Cassandra Railly (and English ivy) decades into the future. Note that the splinter beam for those events appeared gold, not blue. We see a golden splinter seconds later in the teaser…


  • GOLD : to the future
  • BLUE : to the past

  • GREEN: to the present (time travel without the time =)

I suggest that when Katarina and the rest of her team revived the Beast in the 2040s, and configured it for travel into the past, they disabled its to-the-future capability. Perhaps it’s still possible in 2044, but would require significant mechanical and electronic overhaul, practically impossible for Jones without her team.

So, in order for James to make a jump ahead to catch Titan in the future, he needs to jump back to 2024, so that he can jump forward to 2163.

And in that shot of the cloaked Beast, we’re seeing Katarina first arriving in 2024.

At least, that’s my theory. It could also be that 2163, or some other year, post-2044, after she and Team Splinter have had to leave the temporal facility for an extended time, maybe even before it happens in her personal timeline.

But I really like the idea of one step backward, two steps forward to get to the future. =)

If you’d like a more thorough breakdown of the teaser, please give this earlier post a read. It’s kee-razy! =)

The Witness is safe (8>

Keep on keepin’ on~


Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Felicity Jones as S.S. Charlie Jones
Billy Zane as Deacon
Luca Hollestelle as Cait
John Boyega as Preston Garvey
Ellen Page as Piper Wright
Bobby Campo as Robert Joseph MacCready

I haven’t seen very many faceclaims for Fallout characters, so here are a few of my favorites including my own Sole Survivor.