An Unwanted Surprise

Dean Winchester Drabble  

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam (Mentioned)  

Word count:  585

Trigger warnings: Suicidal talk, self-harm scars, Depression, Panic attack (tell me if I missed anything)  

(Do not read this if any of this triggers you please)  

(I based this off of things that I have gone through myself which made this somewhat easier to write. This is my first Fan Fic and I just want to thank @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms, @ilostmyshoe-79 , @chelsea072498 for letting me read their fucking fantastic works and inspire me to finally put something I wrote onto here. Thank you guys so much so much)  

Hearing an audible sharp intake a breath from the door way you curse to yourself for not closing the door before you started changing. Quickly pulling on your pants you shove down the panic that Dean just saw your old self-harm scars.  

“Y/N what were those?” He nearly yelled as he stepped into the room. Turning to him your face void of emption so he doesn’t see the panic you’re feeling you mutter the lie you always tell yourself.  

“Nothing. They were nothing.” You can see the rage, hurt, confusion on his face.  

“Those were not nothing Y/N. They looked like scars a lot of scars. More than a hunter should have in one place.” You took a deep breath trying to force down the panic but failing miserably. Clearly shaking you answer him with a small trembling voice.  

“T-They’re old self-harm scars from a few years ago” It felt like you had stopped breathing and in reality you had. The next thing you know Dean is holding you to him trying to get you to calm down and breathe.  

“Sweetheart breath. C'mon Y/N breathe with me.” Running a hand along your back while your ear is on his chest focusing on his hear beat you slowly begin to breathe in time with him. Soon you’ve calm down enough to speak but he beats you too it with a question.  

“Why?” He sits you and him down on your bead waiting patiently for you to answer him.  

“A-as a teenager I was depressed.” You start out slowly. “I wasn’t well liked in school and I couldn’t seem to do anything right in my mother’s eyes so I really started to hate myself. At first it was just on my arms with a paper clip, not enough to do damage, but soon that wasn’t enough and I started using pencil sharpener blades on my arms. It just got to the point where I did it on my legs. I stopped after 3 years I think but the damage was done” you finish shaking softly.  

Through all of this Dean was quiet and listening closely and wiped away a couple tears that you hadn’t noticed fell from your eyes. Scared to look into his eyes you buried your face into his chest. He gently placed his fingers on your chin motioning you to look at him.  

“This isn’t something you have to hide or be afraid of Y/N. You aren’t alone in this world anymore. You have Sam and I and If you ever feel like harming yourself or any self-destroying thought please come to me or Sam. We are willing to listen to you and not judge. We love you Y/N you’re family. Please don’t hide anymore sweetheart.” He gently kisses your forehead and rests his chin on top of your head.  

Fighting back tears you bury your face into his neck as he rubs his hand up and down your back. “Thank you Dean…thank you so much. I love you too. You guys are my family too and I wouldn’t trade you two for anything in this world. ”  

“Us either sweetheart.” He smiled softly into your hair.  

For the first time in a long time you felt at piece with who you are and that there are people in this world that love you.  

Imagine detective Dean Winchester flirting with you while working on your case.

“I have to see him!” you raised your voice as the policeman refused to let you pass.

“M'am I told you, detective Winchester cannot see you now. He’s busy!” he repeated what he had told you just a few seconds ago and you glared at him.

“I heard you the first time! But I’m telling you I need to see him!” you insisted, trying to push him aside but still glaring at him as he grabbed onto your arm and wouldn’t let you go.

“M'am please don’t make me use force to make you leave. Understand that he is busy!” he was obviously getting annoyed as well but it wasn’t your fault he couldn’t understand.

“I know that very well-” you almost growled “But he’s told me I can come to him anytime I want to see him. And I am not playing here! This is about a case!” you tried pushing past him but he wouldn’t budge.

“Mam!” his voice rose, scaring you for a moment “I told you he cannot see you now, he is busy! And if it is about a case then there are plenty of other officers to talk to!”

“But you don’t understand!” you raised your own voice “Dea- Detective Winchester is the one taking care of it! Please just let me in for even a second and you’ll see for yourself!” you insisted but he wouldn’t have any of it.

“Miss enough!” he shouted, practically pushing you and making you stumble “I told,you cannot see the detective now that-”

“What the hell is going on here?” Dean’s voice clearly laced with anger caught both of yours attention. The policeman’s grip on you loosened for a moment and you found the opportunity to slip from his arms and ran straight to Dean.

Being the damsel in distress was not your thing but this week had been one of the hardest of your life. You had tried putting off going to Dean for your case again but at this point you thought you were almost going crazy, you needed answers and at the same time… his comfort. His arms were like a small heaven to you that you’d found in your darkest times. And at the moment you needed it more than anything. So without even thinking you crashed right into his arms, and he didn’t miss a second to hold you tightly to him.

“Hey!” the policeman protested, angry at you but didn’t do anything to pull you away from Dean’s embrace “Sorry detective, she just wouldn’t stop asking to see you. I told her you were busy but she wouldn’t have any of it.” he said to Dean as he pointed at you, giving you a glare.

But it was nothing compared to the one Dean shot him “And why didn’t you let her in the first time?”

“Wh-what?” he blinked “You were busy, you have been talking with-”

“That’s not a fucking excuse!” Dean roared and you too felt scared for a moment “Let me make it clear for ya Josh, and let everybody else know. Whenever (Y/n)- Miss (Y/l/n) comes asking for me you will let her in, even if I’m talking with the fucking president of the US, got it?”

“Uh ye-yeah- yes sir, got it.” he lowered his head as Dean mumbled a rough ‘Good’ to him.

“Oh and Josh, next time you or anyone decides to use force on her to make her do anything- anything she doesn’t want-” he clenched his jaw, taking a look around him as everyone was practically watching in grave silence, fear written over most of their faces “-I’ll make sure you won’t be allowed to hold a gun not even on Halloween, much less fire you.” he said seriously and for a moment you looked down, feeling guilty for being the reason to all this trouble.

“Come on.” he whispered more softly to you, his hand rubbing the small of your back as you bit your lower lip and walked with him; not daring to look around you. You could feel the stares of everyone on you already, just as you could hear the whispers especially from those assistants that you’d gotten to meet over the couple times you’d been at the police station for your case.

“I’m sorry” you finally breathed out as you got inside his office, pulling away from him and slumping down on a chair.

“Sweetheart-” he sighed, kneeling in front of you and soon cupping your face, making you look him in the eyes “-You don’t get to apologize, alright? Never.”

“I’m just-” you bit the inside of your cheek, trying not to get distracted by how good he looked in that blue button-up shirt with his dark tie loose around his neck. You spotted his long black coat hanging somewhere and for a moment you got carried away thinking how good he looked in that too.

You shook your head, brushing away all of the thoughts as you fidgeted with your hands “I just really needed to see you, that’s all. I didn’t think I- I’d cause such a mess.” you mumbled and he shook his head.

“You’re not causing a mess, you never are, beautiful.” he leaned to kiss your forehead, making a blush creep up your cheeks “It’s better now that they know how to treat you. Come on, relax now. Want something to drink?” he asked, already getting up to get you something.

“Just some coffee if you’ve got.” you said softly and he nodded his head “I drink it-” you started again but he cut you off.

“I know.” he grinned softly “I remember.” he sounded proud “Here” and he handed you a cup, proving you right on what he’d said.

“Hm you really do.” you bit your lip and he grinned.

“I wouldn’t be such a good detective if I wasn’t conservative or didn’t have a good memory.” he shrugged and you hummed in agreement “Especially about things that interest me.” he added softly, sitting right next to you.

Your eyebrows shot up and a small smirk formed on your lips. Not even five minutes with Dean and you were already loosening up and relaxing, forgetting about what troubled you and what occupied not only your day but also night.

“And the way I drink my coffee interests you?” you asked shyly and he chuckled, shaking his head.

“The coffee? No, I’m not interested in the coffee.” he gave you an adorable grin, making you frown for a second.


“I’m interested in you.” he said honestly, biting his lip softly and making you thankful that you were sitting because your knees already felt weak.

“Detective-” you started but stopped when you saw a disappointed look take over his face.

“I thought we were clear on this, (Y/n). It’s Dean for you.” he stated softly and you nodded your head with a small smile “But- it’s probably not the time to talk about it. Is it?” he noticed how reserved you were, more so than usual and he frowned deeply.

“Well actually-” you started but pursed your lips, stopping yourself.

“What is it?” he asked in a low voice, protectiveness taking over “Because I’m guessing you’re not here just for my charming smile and pretty eyes.” he chuckled, managing to make you ease up a little bit.

“Well, although that is a good enough reason-” you smiled slightly, not meeting his eyes as you felt your cheeks burn at his mere gaze “It’s not just that, no.”

“Tell me what’s going on?” he asked, tugging a few strands of hair behind your ear as his hand rested on the back of your neck.

“I-” you trembled slightly as you thought about it. Talking with Dean, being in his presence and his arms you felt safe and comfortable. Like it was just the two of you and you didn’t have to worry about anything. But reality was much more cruel.

“I think she’s back Dean.” you admitted, looking up at him with eyes laced with tears and fear, shock written over his face as well soon turning into anger and defense.

“And she’s coming for me.”

Simple Man (Part 2)

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Summary: Reader finds out she isn’t the only one in town that Officer Winchester rubs the wrong way…

Part 1

Pairing: cop!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Third and fourth parts tomorrow!…

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A Day in the Life

Characters: John, oldest Winchester sister!reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester.

Words: 2000

Warnings: A teeny tiny bit of blood, a little bit of a language (probably just one word or something), a little bit of fluff. Nothing bad at all in this one.

A/N: So I was debating whether or not to post it since it’s a bit similar to stuff I’ve written lately, but then again, I felt like I needed to post something, and some of you even seemed to want me to post it <3 

Have you seen Shameless? I’ve only seen a handful of episodes (started watching the other day) and this is a little bit inspired by Fiona taking care of the other siblings. I think it’s cute, so yeah, just a fun fact I guess. Also, this is pre-series (my favorite thing to write) and pretty much focused on the reader and her life.

So yeah, hopefully this is okay for now and I’ll try to vary the fics more until next 

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Your name: submit What is this?

You looked down at the fresh fake IDs you just made for you and your dad, pictures of the two of you staring back at you as you thumbed through the thin stack. Reaching the Impala, you opened the door, and sat down, stuffing them into the glove compartment for now. You would need them for the investigation you were continuing tomorrow, going undercover.

Nowadays, you and your dad split up for the most part of the cases, during basically all of the research. It was fine, you were young — 21 years of age — but still good at your job. You did have quite a lot of experience contrary popular belief, judging by your youthful appearance. Since you graduated, this was what you did 24 hours around the clock, hunting was the only thing that made up your life. That, and taking care of your baby brothers, of course.

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As It Seems: Chapter 4

Table of Contents

Según Parece: Lista De Contenidos

Summary: You and Dean finally upgrade from the under-the-mattress storage to an actual car where you get caught up on the rest of the team

Word Count: 1984

Warnings: None


~Reader’s POV~

“Aww, they’re so cute, aren’t they?”

The light assaulted my eyelids and I groaned and turned away from it as much as I could, which just elicited a pained grunt from the person beside me. And just like that, everything came hurtling back to me.

“Oh my God, Dean. I’m sorry!” I tried to open my eyes so I could carefully extract myself from this coffin without hurting him more, but let’s be honest here, at the moment I was positive that the attack of light on my optical nerves was just as painful as his gunshot wound. We’d been in the dark for… who knows how long. We’d both fallen asleep a few hours after we passed through the checkpoint without any problems. It could be years later. Centuries, even.

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Cas and Deans ‘true’ Deaths

ARGH Tumblr just ATE my ask response… so I hope you see this… an ask about Cas’ season 12 death and Dean’s season 3 death being much more final than their others in the show…

I love that we can meta about how deathly a death was in Supernatural….

But yeah I totally see what you mean. season 3 Dean suffers a ‘true’ death then in 4x01 Dean stabs Cas after being resurrected, 12x23 Cas is stabbed before dying a ‘true’ death…

I wrote a whole post about Death in supernatural and how it is much more like the tarot style Death than a true Death in that it usually means a new chapter for someone, to do with self - awareness and a transformation (these are standard tarot term, not mine by the way, and yes they totally fit with this show, I love it).

Dean literally clawed his way out of his grave and started a new Chapter in 4x01. Aided by his ‘sunshine’ Castiel (even non shipping, Cas is Dean’s sunshine and always has been, for himself and also for the ways that for Cas himself he is associated with Sunshine and Jesus).

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And now Cas died just before sunrise… hmmm

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

So… the ‘true’ death of Cas is partly as his counterpoint to Crowley in the metaphor of making up Dean but also I hope it means now he is resurrected (at sunrise please) as entirely his OWN character as Dean after 12x22 is “done” and Crowley is dead, so Cas is just CAS now and not a metaphor for a part of Dean….

These deaths are yes massively a big player in their ‘new chapters’ and I cant wait to see how this transpires for both Cas and Dean now in season 13 as they are now so closely intertwined (again, even without shipping, they and their endgames are canonically intertwined).

Let Me Show You

Summary: The reader questions whether Castiel is as innocent as he seems, which is extremely hard because of how he acts around her. On second he’s innocent and the next he seems anything but. Actions speak louder than words, but the reader won’t complain. 

Word Count: 2525

Author’s note: Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written something I’ve just been so busy! Hope you guys enjoy, and tell me your thoughts:)

Castiel was extremely hard to figure out, and each time you thought you were close to understanding him, he’d always surprise you. He was innocent, but then he’d seem anything but innocent. Sometimes when talking with you his eyes would linger, but unlike other men his eyes would stay where he wanted them too. It always made you blush but he seemed unbothered.

You could stay thinking about this for hours, but you knew today would be busy and you needed to get your day started. Walking out to the kitchen you planned to start your day with coffee, like you started almost every day, but you were greeted by the angel himself.

After saying good morning to each other you continued to fix yourself something to drink. Sam did most of the cleaning in the house which meant most of the necessities, like cups, were put on the higher shelves. You tried to reach up on your tippy toes, but you still weren’t tall enough.

Suddenly you felt someone’s body pressing against you, their hand and arm reaching over and above yours to grab the glass. After the glass was grabbed you turned around to face your helper to find it was Castiel. His body was still pressed against yours pressing you into the counter. Before you could even speak he brought his face closer to yours, making you think he’d kiss you but he reached for something behind you.

His eyes stared into yours as he softly spoke, “I know just how you want it (y/n)”. Your brain suddenly shut down and you just looked back at him too shocked to reply. His stern look faded as he smiled, “ I see you always put sugar in your coffee” and he handed you some packets of sugar. You’d felt so stupid and you laughed, “Thanks Cas”.

You felt his body still pressed against yours but before you could address it you heard Dean’s voice, “Come on Cas remember personal space?”. Both you and Castiel laughed as he backed up and Dean started to get things to make his own coffee. Dean still shook his head, “Cas sometimes you just bug out huh?”.

Castiel replied, “You know I’m still trying to understand humans, and what they make me feel”. While saying the second part of the sentence his eyes went to you and he scanned your body up and down. Out of feeling his eyes on you, you looked down and placed a stray strand of hair behind your ear.

Dean chimed in, “Okay so today we’re going to talk to an old friend who has possible ties to the British Men of Letters, so you two get ready and we’ll be on the road”. You sipped some more of your coffee before taking it back to your room to pack for at least two nights. Hearing a creak in the wood floor you turned around and saw Dean leaning on the doorframe.

His arms were crossed against his chest, “We should talk (y/n)”. You tried to play dumb and turned back around packing. Laughing lightly you answered, “About what?”. Dean loudly sighed as he sat down on the bed making you have to face him.

Rolling your eyes you answered, “Fine Dean let’s talk”. You already knew what he was going to talk to you about and it was Castiel. He began anyways, “I can tell you’re overthinking this all”. Dean was your best friend and he knew your insecurities, and Castiel was one of them.

You threw a shirt at him and he took the hint to fold, “I just don’t understand him Dean, this morning you should’ve seen him! He was using innuendos, do angels even know what those are?!”. Dean stood up next to you and started folding with you. He laughed, “Trust me he knows, and I saw he was almost inside of you”. You hit him in the arm lightly and he started to laugh again and then put his hands up waving his white flag. Catching your breath you replied, “Well what am I supposed to do Dean we’re going to be on a hunt which isn’t really the time or place”.

Turning to face you he grinned, “Why don’t you play him right back? Make the angel flustered, I have a feeling he’s just talking a big game but lacks real experience”. That sounded easy but would be extremely difficult. Flopping down onto the bed you let out a huge sigh feeling defeated. Dean plopped down right next to you propping his head up with his arm, “Come on (y/n) I’ve seen you on hunts, if you want too you can have a guy become putty in your hands, he’ll if we weren’t best friends you could do the same to me”.

You looked at him grinning while raising one eyebrow up, “You’re telling me that I could play Dean Winchester, THE Dean Winchester?”. Getting up from the bed he grabbed for your hand pulling you up with him. He grinned at you, “Listen princess, you’re one of a kind everyone sees that especially Cas”. Without Dean you’d be completely lost emotionally and feeling very thankful you hugged him, and he hugged you right back.

Together you’d finished your packing and you’d finalized your plan with Dean. Phase one would include wearing some very flattering “pjs” for your car ride where you’d occupy the backseat with Castiel. Dean said this would work, but no funny business better happen in the backseat of his baby while the car was occupied.

When you and Dean met Sam and Cas in the kitchen Sam was the first to fall for phase one and Dean gave you a “ see I told you so” look. Upon Dean’s suggestion you’d worn a low cut top that was very flattering when it came to your chest. Smiling you asked, “So boys are we all ready for the trip?”. Dean of course always had to poke fun at Sammy, “Oh trust me (y/n) I think Sam is very excited can’t you tell?”.

Sam tried to hide his blush by sipping from his coffee, but you all knew it was there and Dean seemed to be the happiest about it. You all started to make your way towards the car and Cas ran to catch up to you, “You look…comfortable (y/n)”. Trying to continue with the plan you kept walking forward not turning to face him. You smiled, “I feel even more comfortable Cas, feels really good”.

You heard him laugh dryly and you could only imagine that he’d said, “Game on” in his own head. This whole “calm, cool and collected” act had been hard but you were proud of yourself. Before you knew it you were in the car, and before you knew it, it was dark out. Night time and Cas? Not a good mix.

The best way to distract yourself was with music, and you looked around for your bag but realized it was below Castiel’s feet. You thought to yourself, “Hm okay this could actually work in your favor”. Castiel was watching you and you looked in the mirror to find Dean watching you too, and a wink from Dean encouraged you.

Smiling at Castiel you took him by surprise by bending down over his lap and grabbing for your phone in your bag. You heard Dean laugh quietly and if you could see Castiel you would’ve seen him put his hands up unsure of where to put them as his eyes opened widely in surprise.

After grabbing your phone from your bag you put one hand on his upper thigh as you spoke, “Sorry Cas I just really needed that”. A couple seconds passed where he looked extremely confused until you held your phone up and laughed lightly. He smiled after realizing that by “that” you’d meant your phone, and not being so close to him.

Feeling smug you put your headphones in and just listened to some music. You were finally relaxing until you heard his voice, “You’re pretty easy to fool you know that right?”. Confused you took one of your headphones out and looked to Cas to see him engaged in a conversation with both Sam and Dean. Thinking you were just hearing things you put your headphone back in and continued listening to your music.

One song passes and you hear his voice again, “You’re so cute, thinking you have me all flustered”. Again you were confused but took both headphones out and Dean looked at you confusingly in the mirror and you just shrugged your shoulders. Sam spoke up, “Are you okay (y/n) you seem a little off?”.  Cas turned to you and looked genuinely concerned, “Yes (y/n) is everything okay?”.

You parted your lips to speak but his voice rang in your head, “I thought you were supposed to be an expert, but I’m not even touching you and you’re already all worked up”.  Not wanting to concern either brother you tried to speak but suddenly it felt like every nerve in your body was awakened, especially your core.

Smiling through the pain, or rather pleasure, you barely got out, “Yeah I’m f-fine ju-just feel a little o-oh-off”. The boys gave each other a look and Dean said, “We’ll be at the hotel in 5 think you can hold it together until then?”. You nodded your head but Cas answered, “Why don’t I just use my grace and help her?”. Again Sam and Dean looked at eachother and nodded their heads in agreement.

Cas put his hand to your forehead and his voice consumed your thoughts again, “I’ll make you feel good, reallly good”. Waves of pleasure were sent to your core and you felt your clit throb. Just when you felt like you were about to scream his hand left your head and so did the pleasure. Castiel smiled, “There that should do it”.

Panting you nodded your head and softly said, “Yeah thanks”. Dean pulled into the parking lot and you all got out. Sam grabbed your bag and passed it to you, “You sure you’re okay (y/n)?”. Sam was so sweet and before you could thank him Castiel’s voice was in your head again, “Awe Sam’s so cute, if only he knew that you weren’t in pain, but that you enjoyed it”.

Shaking him out of your head you smiled, “I’m fine Sam thank you though”. He reached in the back to get his own bag and said, “Well the good thing is at least Cas will be sharing a room with you so incase you feel bad again he’ll heal you”. Cas sharing a room with you? You were definitely in for an interesting night…

Dean and Sam said their goodnights and thus begun your night with Castiel, but not before you got a text from Dean, “Have fun kiddo show em how it’s done xx”. Cas had been messing with your head all car ride and you wanted to know what the hell he was doing. Was he toying with you for fun?

Castiel entered the room to find you sitting on the bed and once you saw him you got up, “Cas what is this? You kno-”. You were interrupted mid sentence by his lips meeting yours. He kissed frantically down your neck, “I know you want this, no need this”. He was right you did want this.

You let him lead you towards the bed but trying to shut off your brain wasn’t working. He was lying on top of you kissing down your body as his hands tried their best to remove your clothes. Castiel stopped, “Why don’t you trust me? Lying is a sin”. Castiel was far from pure.

Laughing you answered, “And so is making me almost cum in a car full of people Castiel”. You felt him smile against your skin, obviously you’d had a good point. He spoke softly, “Just let yourself enjoy this okay? Afterwards ask the questions”. He impaired your thought process by continuing to kiss all over your body and you just barely got out an, “Okay”.

He knew you too well, “Fine (y/n) let me show you”. Castiel backed up until he was resting against the headboard and he pulled you so your back rested against his chest. By now all of your clothes had been discarded and your skin against his sent goosebumps all over your body.

Your head rested in the crook of his next and one hand massaged your breast while the other found your clit, “Let my hands speak for me instead of my words”. His hand was huge, his fingers long, and you thought you’d faint.

One finger slid up and down your slit while his other hand tweaked your nipple causing a moan to escape your lips. Castiel smiled again, “that’s it (y/n) you sound so fucking beautiful”. He loved every moment of this, and seconds late his finger circled your clit slowly. He was toying with you.

He heard your breath hitch, “Feels good doesn’t it?”. You nodded your head unable to speak. His finger moved faster and you moaned louder, “fuck Cas”. Castiel loved hearing you say his name and to show you he inserted one finger inside of you.

His finger went in and out and you could barely process what was happening, and then he inserted another finger inside. His two fingers moved fast and you felt yourself coming undone. You didn’t even realize but you began to buck into his hand and you heard him mutter, “Shit you’re amazing”.

Your moans got louder, “Cas I’m so close”. Looking up at him you saw him grin and if you weren’t feeling immense pleasure you would’ve cared more. You became very aware why he was grinning when once again it felt like every nerve in your body awakened. Castiel was using his grace again like he’d done in the car.

His fingers worked frantically while his grace sent wave after wave of pleasure through your body and you knew you couldn’t hold it in anymore. Cas was right there encouraging you, “Cum for me (y/n)”. That was it, you came undone. Your eyes closed and your body shook frantically with all the pleasure it was feeling, When your orgasm hit all you could do was yell out his name.

Finally it was over and he pulled out his fingers and left you panting. Your head still rested in the crook of his neck and when you looked up you saw him lick his fingers clean. He grinned again, “You taste so good baby”. You felt so relieved, but also so tired. Castiel kissed your forehead and held you tight, “Believe me now?”.  

If you weren’t so tired you would’ve made some funny remark. He laughed and moved your bodies so you were now resting against the pillows, “I’ll take that silence as a yes”. You nodded your head before cuddling up next to him. Cas was full of surprises, but something told you they didn’t stop here.

Not A Day to Be Shy

Pairing: Dean x reader

Song: Extraordinary Girl - Green Day. Or listen to the version by Frank Iero, it’s also good :)

Request: Can you do a one shot where the reader meets the boys on a hunt where you save them while being a total badass? And afterwards, all of you go out for drinks and they realize you are super shy?? Dean x reader fluff afterwards???That would be the best! 

Words: 1832 

Warnings: swearing, concept of a person being tortured, implications of plans to have sex. 

A/N: this was really cool to write because all I wear is band t shirts, skinny jeans, DM boots and a leather jacket (or sometimes a hoodie and trainers if I’m not feeling as cool)! Literally, the description of the leather jacket is exactly what mine is like! I also grew up listening to classic rock, metal and since a few years ago, punk because of my dad, so it’s great to write about someone who’s into those sort of things. Btw, I can do a part 2 at some point if you guys want it. Tell me if you do :) 

Set in: season 1 because I wanted to write it in a time where Sam and Dean had much less experience, and things didn’t come as easy to them in terms of hunting.

Your name: submit What is this?


“A demon?!” One of the men snapped. “You couldn’t have told me about this before?!”

“Dean, shut up!” the man in his company replied in a whisper. “They’ll hear us. And if I had known myself, I would have told you, but I didn’t I thought it was some salt and burn case.”

“Guys… have you not learned that salting and burning the bones hardly ever works?”

The two men jumped in unison as they heard your voice. They were crouching around a corner from the demon at hand, who seemed to be questioning someone. Well, more like torturing them… Fortunately, the sounds of the interrogator yelling and the person being interrogated screaming allowed quiet talking without the fear of being heard coming along with it.

“Who… Who are you?” the shorter, snappy one asked, appearing to be slightly astounded. His gaze roamed over your body and you felt yourself going red as the intensely good looking man analysed you.

“You don’t need to know.” you shrugged nonchalantly.

“Ooh, mysterious… I like that in a woman” the man who had previously asked who you are smirked and nodded his head slightly.

“Shut up, Dean!” the taller man, who was also intensely attractive, vigorously elbowed who you took to be Dean, at this point. “Sorry about my brother” the absolute giant of a man continued in hushed tones, after a pause. “I’m Sam, and this is my brother, Dean, as you may have gathered from my last little…” he trailed off. “Yeah, sorry about him.”

“No worries. I like a man who speaks his mind” you grinned. “Anyway, sorry, but I can’t stick around to exchange compliments. This mother’s going down like a lead balloon.” you motioned to the demon around the corner. “You can peek round, now, by the way, boys… It’s not like he’ll have the time to look around and notice you.” You gave them a wink, stood up, smoothed down your leather jacket (which was covered in badges of skulls with mohicans and Foo Fighters logos) and sauntered out into the open space where the demon was, the heels on your boots clacking all the while.

Dean got in a good stare at your ass - one which was so obvious his brother cringed for him. “Now, that” he shook his head, “is my type.”


“Hey, bitch” you called, causing the demon to whip round. “Drink this!” rather ungracefully, you sloshed holy water in the demon’s face. “I would have said son of a bitch, but I don’t follow gender stereotypes. Anyone an be a bitch.” you muttered while the man hissed in pain. 

“A feminist… I like it” Sam admitted.

“Shut up, dude. She is so mine.” Dean shot the younger Winchester brother a look.

“Cliché move, I know…” you commented, criticising your own attack technique. “Now, it’s going to get even more cliché.” you made a face. “Come on, boys! Come free the innocent dude from the chair so I can-”

The demon decided to get cocky whilst Sam and Dean were rushing to untie the man who had been tortured. “You know I can just run away, right? I’m probably faster than you.”

“I know I’m so metal magnets are attracted to me, but I’m not that heavy because of it” you smirked. 

“I swear to God, I’m in love” Dean muttered under his breath while untying a rope on the chair.

“… And anyway, you wouldn’t be able to run if you tried.” you kicked the edge of the carpet so a fraction of the devil’s trap you’d put there earlier in the day could be seen.

“You motherfucker” the demon muttered under his breath. At the same time, Sam and Dean ran off with the man that had been in the chair, taking him somewhere safer.

“Told you this was gonna be cliché” you smiled. “Now, let’s get down to business." 

You took a deep breath, and projected the first word of the exorcism ritual.


"That was really, really cool, you know” Sam muttered when the vessel of the demon was safe and so was the tortured man. Suddenly, the floor seemed extremely fascinating to him.

“Yeah, we barely have any… experience with demons” Dean confessed, giving you an awkward laugh.

“Who knew two muscly, handsome guys who could win in a fight against a professional boxer could be so jittery?” You smiled.

“Do you wanna get a drink with us?” Dean blurted.

“Another night of third wheeling…” Sam sighed. “But, yeah, come to the bar with us?”

“Why not?" 


"So” Dean returned to his seat, having downed a beer or four and a few shots. “Sexual experiences. The best ones. Go.”

“Deeean” Sam groaned. “Seriously? You think I really wanna hear about you doing that? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t wanna hear about my ones, either…”

“Come on, man! It’s only a bit of fun!” Dean made a lame attempt to convince his brother to join in with him.

When it was perfectly clear that Sam was nothing if not unfazed, he turned to you. “Maybe you can tell us some, then… It’s not like you’re related to us, so it should be cool.”

“Wait… You never told us your name!” Sam exclaimed. As Dean facepalmed, you mouthed a silent ‘thank you’ to Sam; he had seen you were uncomfortable and taken action, trying to change the subject.

“I’m y/n” you told your two new friends, in a low voice. “Anyway, I don’t really have any, uh… Legendary sexual experiences, as such. They’ve all been kind of ordinary standard. So, yeah… nothing to see here.” you went bright red as you said this. 

Over the course of the evening, you’d developed a little bit of a crush on Dean. You felt extremely self conscious by this time, though, because in any situation where you weren’t on a hunt, you were generally quite a shy girl. Hunting felt different to you… It gave you confidence and assurance, in a weird and unexplainable way. Unfortunately, you could see the two men you’d recently encountered catching on to your natural reserved manner. You were worried Dean wouldn’t like you like he seemed to earlier in the day when you acted like normal. For that very reason, you decided to wrap it up and head back to the place you were staying in, before you embarrassed yourself to the point of no return.

“You could always have a couple with me…” Dean’s voice seemed huskier, and even sexier than it was before. “You’ll definitely come out the other end with some legendary ones under your belt.” he looked extremely smug, but he didn’t seem like the type to come onto you when you didn’t want him to… Was it really that obvious?

You giggled and turned away, not wanting to leave any more, just as you heard Sam tut, more to himself than anyone else.

“That’s it. I’m going back to the motel.” Sam sounded resigned. It was lovely of him to want to give the both of you some privacy, you noted. “Oh, and y/n” Sam leaned over so he could whisper in your ear. “Remember, don’t feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to do. Dean wouldn’t dream of making you uncomfortable, alright? It’s okay to tell him to back off if you want to do that. He seems all tough and my-way-or-the-high-way-like, but really, he’s a goodhearted man with a bundle of feelings and a need for cuddles. Trust me… Okay, that sounded weird coming from me. I should stop talking, now.” He stood up and addressed both you and Dean. “Dean, I’ll see you later. Y/n, I’ll see you… Whenever.” he gave you a warm, genuine smile.

Once he left, Dean asked: “hey, sweetheart, you’ve been really quiet all night… are you okay? Is something up?” He looked slightly worried.

“No, no… It isn’t that. Thanks for the concern, though” you began, ready to explain. “The thing is, I’m usually really shy and I don’t talk too much, but I’m really confident and easy-going on hunts. You know, when you get that adrenaline rush, and it makes you feel like you can do anything… No?” you questioned, when you’d got no response from the man in your company.

“Kind of… I guess I’m not too used to hunting, yet. My dad let me start a few years ago, but I’m not an expert… Not like you seem to be, anyway” he teased. His intentions didn’t seem malicious, though. 

“I’m not an expert, as such… Just been doing it longer than I should have.” you smiled meekly. “you say ‘let you’? You wanted to do this?” you were a little shocked about that, actually.

“No, it’s just been the only life I can picture myself having. I guess I could have been a mechanic, but, me, my dad and Sammy travelled around our whole childhood and settling down seemed weird.” it was his turn to shrug. “I probably couldn’t afford a home, even if I wanted to get one, anyway.” he added, sounding reluctant.

“Hey, me too… but if we scraped all our credit card scam money together we might just be able to get a small place. For the satisfaction, if nothing else” you joked, coming out of your shell a bit now you had come clean with Dean about your normal attitude. 

All of a sudden, your companion seemed a lot more distant than he had for the rest of the conversation. “Yeah” he agreed absent mindedly, his face going soft.

“I really like you, y/n” Dean started after a couple of moments of silence. “I really do. When you’re hunting and when you aren’t. And, sorry if this is too forward, but” he was hesitant to make his next point. “I haven’t stopped thinking about your lips all day, if I’m honest. I bet they’d feel good on mine, you know?” Now the cheesy pick up lines were back, he was evidently more at ease.

You stood up, taking the hint. “Wanna test the theory?” you broke out of your shy shell for a second.

Before you could say “salting and burning never works”, Dean was stood up and his lips were on yours. He was gentle but meaningful with the way he kissed you, his hands tightening their grip on your waist every so often. You slid your hands into his back pockets and kissed him back, deciding today was not a day to be shy.

“This is totally not a one night stand kind of deal - God, I want to see you again - but do you wanna take this somewhere else?” Dean asked. “Please tell me to back off if you don’t. I’d never dream of making you uncomfortable.

"Yeah. That’d be really cool, Dean” you gave him a small smile.

“You do feel good, by the way” Dean beamed, taking your hand and leading you out of the bar.

Save Me

Requested?: No

Summary: You are an angel. And being close to the Winchesters often proved a difficult task. You were prepared. Prepared to fight for them, for him. But nothing prepared you for this. This time, you needed him.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Angel!Reader

Word Count: 2564

Warnings: Fallen angels, wounded reader.

(A/N): So I had just finished rewatching the Season 8 finale and this little idea popped into my mind. And so, I wrote it! Took me a few hours, but I hope you guys liked it. Oh, and because it 12 a.m where I’m at…. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! (And if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, then happy Thursday and I hope you have a nice, lovely day.)

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“Damn it, (y/n), you shouldn’t have done that!”

“What else was I supposed to do, Dean? Kill you? Let you die?”

“Yes! That’s exactly what you were supposed to do.”

“What? Why the hell would I do that!?”

“Because your life is more valuable than mine, and now I only have so much time with you, and once you’re gone… I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Alive - Dean x Reader

Originally posted by bennylafitte

A/N: Part Two! I tried posting it earlier, and nothing. Not sure why, but alrighty. Anyways, this is the final part. Another request checked off the list. Hope the requester, and all of you, enjoy!

Previous Part Here

Warnings: Smut

Word Count: Roughly 1900

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It was the innocent, pink flowered dress mixed with your too-sweet demeanor that threw Dean off.  The way you watched him play pool, sipping your drink, biting your lip, drove him crazy.  So when you asked him to play he couldn’t help but say:

“No, I couldn’t take money from a pretty girl like you.”  You’d batted your eyelashes, acting so naive and persistent he finally gave in.  Half way through the game he realized it was an act and he’d been had.  

“You just got played,” Sam laughed, elbowing his brother as you walked away, Dean’s cash still in hand.  You looked over your shoulder, winking as Dean stared after you.  He smirked, holding up the piece of paper you’d slid into his hand.

“You sure?”  He asked.  Sam grabbed the slip of paper, reading off your phone number, the paper’s decorated with a imprint of your lipstick.

Hot For Teacher: Part 2

Summary: Now you and Dean have finally met in the most intimate way possible, it is now the start of something wonderful. But the struggle of being a teacher and student is getting to them.

Warning: Smut, and a bit of something else.

A/N: Back by popular demand! PS: PLEASE DONT HATE ME!!!


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Trying to wake Dean up is about as hard as, well… him. No amount of poking, talking, yelling, or hitting could get him up. He will just hold your wrists or put a pillow over his head.

“Dean, get up! You are going to be late!” you shake him, trying to get him out of bed. It’s a rainy Wednesday and going to school was the last thing on your mind. “Dean, please?” you ask, using the sweetest voice you have.

When he made no attempt to get up, you took matters into your own hands. Literally. Removing the blanket from his body and tugging the band of his boxers down, his beautiful, red, leaking cock sprang out and hit his stomach. You wrap your hand around the base, giving it a rough tug. Nothing.

You tug a few more times, finally getting a moan out of him. You smirk in satisfaction and lean your head down, kitten licking his tip. He shifted his hips, flexing them for you to take him. Your tongue circles his crown, teasing his slit before you open your mouth and take him in.

Dean was massive, he was long and thick, the perfect size to wreck you in the most perfect way. What you couldn’t take in your mouth, you used your hand, stroking and sucking him the way he loves.

“Jesus Christ, babe.” He moans, threading his fingers through your hair, pushing himself deeper into your wanting mouth. “Fuck, feels so good.” Jutting his hips quicker, he fills your mouth.

When you pull your mouth off him, you tug him a bit more, making sure to milk him completely. A few more ribbons came out and you are more then happy to lick them off him.

Dean helps you crawl up his body, running his finger through your hair. “Good morning.” You smile, wiggling your aching pussy over his sensitive cock.

“That’s one hell of a wake up call.” He grabs your ass and rolls you over, returning the favor.

Threading your fingers through his hair, you chant his name as he eats you out, finding your release rather quickly.

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Don't Break Me Down

Title: Don’t Break Me Down

Author: livelaughloveboo

Word Count: 2646  words

Warnings: past abusive relationship, yelling and cursing, drinking, and all that good stuff that goes with those three

Link to fic: my blog or

AN: This was a request sent to me from fanfiction from a user with the pen name of writing.ontheimpala. I hope you enjoy this one, hon! :).

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural


Don’t Break Me Down

It was a bad hunt, a really bad hunt. They had no leads or ideas as to how things were breaking into homes and killing whole families in their sleep. That night, Dean left Sam and her at the motel and went to the local bar, drinking away his frustration with the current hunt. She could understand his need to distance himself from the hunt. She and Sam had to do it sometimes, too - although Sam chose to run now and she opted to vent through watching a television show or reading a book until she fell asleep from exhaustion to distance herself from some of the ugly parts of her lifestyle. Yeah, her way to cope wasn’t really healthy, either. Sometimes - when the hunts got really ugly - she’d stay awake for days on end, throwing herself into anything that she could to forget about what happened.

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