dea tacita



     I told myself I’d do this in Izu’s birthday, but the old man chided me and told me to do it now cause he ain’t celebrating his damned 28th birthday with such sentiments (he got too much drama in his life, it’ll just add more wrinkles in his overly youthful face).
                                                          ——–Nah, kidding. :3

     I just think that recently, people are giving us lotsa feels and making us feel so fab (and thank you so much for that, you don’t know how much it means to me–even I don’t talk too much anymore, every message that are sent in our inbox that conveys appreciation or even just another entry in our tags page make us feel fluffy; I am a derp outwardly, but in the end I’m just another anxious potato. Every good thing we hear about us makes us really, genuinely happy.) I can’t understand sometimes how people could look at us in such a good light albeit we take long-ass breaks and leave some RPs hanging cause of real-life’s divaness, but putting that aside, I could only thank you, nothing but gratitude here for putting up with all of the shenanigans we do (especially those who I breathe fire to most of the time).

     I won’t leave messages for dear peeps for Yuki, they know who they are–maybe I’ll tell it to them directly over Skype (although I already kinda did in a previous post ahaha).

Anyway, before I sob over how precious you guys are, here we go:

Preshest Peeps 

akagenki | ao-no-eishi / stacystrawberry (and all your blogs Stacypon) | burn-for-freedom / shimoneko (who’s =hopefully= planning to make a Genesis blog so we can bother them ahaha) | carefree-vassal/ honoo-no-chujitsuryoko-of-scepter4/ sky-eyed-dreamer 

Tumblr Senpais whom I'm really shy to talk to:

chiaki-c | mizuouji | xbrinni

People that I miss seeing on my dash/talking to:

 aqualitis | ask-andy-doumyouji | dewa-masaomi-of-homra | celesteum | cuivrethanol | chitose-san | homra-san-chan | ignitethecigarette | kusanagis-bar | mikotou

Izumo's 'Children'/Sisters/Bros/'Ducklings'/
Babbus/Flings/Derps/Son in law

ao-no-heika | akiko-kusanagi | ardentesvoix | backstabbing-blade | enomoto-tatsuya | fractumxinnocentiaegravesradium  | greendeathwizard | homrafighter | icehot-addiction | layladearing | noblesse-de-nightingale | tououshootingguard | ironohokori | homra-no-joshi

Hella Rad Peeps that we see on the dash 
-AND- SENPAIS that I rediscovered (you know who you are):

agentleblue | ao-no-utsukushi-sa | ask-yatachan | azurexhues | blue-letter-h | churitsujosei | daisanokensha | dea–tacita/ xgarasu | dog-of-homra | elitistofhomra | fidelis-cor | flustered-blue | g-garasu | greenkingsproctor | homra-pizza | homra-no-orihime | homraspupinquisitivefox | kaependiumofmuses | kumoame8018 | legendasalvatoris | memoryofredhomra | musical-gamer | naivne | nomorewings | pragmatic-yellow-rabbit | peureuxamour | rakuzans-emperor | red-everywhere | redyatamisaki | red-tainted-silver/ magician-ofthe-street | royal-red-siblings | runningxrabbit | sadistfushimi | sapphireseduction | sadisticbluemasochist | silverkuroh | shizumecityirregulars | tothepointofharsh | the-blue-echo | the-pessimistic-one | whimsical-hobbyist | wrenchpops | your-ojiisan

Shoutout to certain twins I know of:

bun-butt ;~; | smoking-bartender ;~;
homras-bartender | homranodaini | scarf-in-blue

If I forgot anyone, please punch me in the face immediately.

ANYWAY. AGAIN. Thanks for everything guys. We rabu rabu you. ♥