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Characters: Y/n, OC Ellie, Lisa, Ben, Dean

Pairing: Past Dean x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Not much. Just angst at the end.

Word Count: 680

Summary: Y/n runs into the last person she ever wants to see in her new home. 

A/N: Ok, random fic here. Just got this idea and wrote it. Probably not gonna be a part 2 or anything, cos I don’t really like the whole Lisa thing and I couldn’t write her constantly in a fic that’s not AU. So probs no part 2, but I hope u like this. 

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“Ellie! Sweetheart, can you please not play with the bubble wrap?”

Y/n heard the little girl giggle and sighed, knowing she wasn’t going to listen at all.

She continued unpacking the boxes, glad the movers had done almost everything beforehand and even put stuff up for a little bit more money.

Placing the last plate in the cupboard, y/n looked around and smiled.

Her new house was complete.

“Mommy! Mommy! The door!”

Y/n turned around, too taken in observing her kitchen that she hadn’t heard the doorbell.

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ppl always think destiel shippers want destiel to be canon so the show can be aLL  ABOUT DEA N AND CAS HA VING T EH SEX but actually i want things like sam walking into dean’s room to see cas sitting on the bed reading while dean sleeps with his head in cas’ lap and they’re both fully clothed and sam and cas have to whisper for the whole scene.

The Renew Year

Imagine you’re brothers convince you to celebrate New Year’s.

New Year’s isn’t a holiday you and your older brothers Sam and Dean celebrate. Anyway, in your opinion it’s stupid to celebrate another year who will probably be worse than the others. As the years go by, you came at the conclusion it’s going darker and darker. Everything going to shit, so you prefer not thinking about what is going to happen in the future year and be in the present.

Sam though, is not thinking like this. In his opinion celebrating this year should be an idea, because you’ve been depressed. Also, you are only fourteen, still a kid so he wants you to have something a little bit normal in your life. Dean agreed, even if he didn’t like celebrating very much, for you he would do anything. The brothers tried to make you celebrate Christmas, didn’t work, now New Year’s.

“(Y/N)!” Dean called out from the main room of the bunker.

“What” you grumpily answered as you make your way to them.

“We were thinking we could have a big supper tonight” Dean said with a smile “you know to celebrate New Year’s together”.


“We know, (Y/N)” Sam cut you off “we just want to celebrate, you know, New Year’s is like a ‘renew’. We can be better this year. I know it hasn’t been easy, with everything that happened… but, we can make it better. We have to think about right now”.

You chew on your bottom lip, your arms crossed and your gaze on the floor. You know he is right, you think like that to.

“Come on, baby sis!” Dean exclaimed “I can even give you a beer if you want”.

You smile a little, making your brother’s grin grow bigger.

“Can I have a little bit of vodka?” You asked looking up at them.

“One glass” Dean accepted “I don’t want you to be drunk at fourteen, you aren’t pretty when you are drunk”.

“Oh, I’m hilarious” you laughed.

The memories of all the times your brothers found you drunk in your room in the bunker or in Bobby’s house in the past makes you laugh. You are a happy drunk, even if you drink because someone dies, which was always that case, you laughed at something.

“She is a little” Sam agreed.

“Okay, okay” Dean chuckles “why don’t we get the liquor and food, huh?”

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Tare-am fost, un om ca nimeni altul,
Un sucit mereu, un “strâmbă drum”.
Mi-am dorit când eram jos “înaltul”
Chiar de-acolo unde sunt acum.

Toată viața mi-o trăi bolnavă,
Am fost mare atât cât eram mic.
Am suit când am căzut​ din slavă
Și am căzut voind să mă ridic.

N-am cerut la nimeni niciodată,
Chiar de-a fost să rabd în viața mea.
Am dat totul fără nicio plată,
Nevoind nimic să mi se dea.

N-am lovit în nimeni mai ‘nainte,
Am izbit în mine pentru a ști.
Cât ar fi durerea de fierbinte 
Pentru-acel pe care l-aș lovi.

Am trecut prin toate totdeauna,
Ne-nsemnat, mereu un suferind.
Un vulcan afară stins întruna
Înăuntru însă clocotind.

Tu vrei sa vezi prin timpul ce-l desparte
Și nu mai poți străbate de desiș.
Închide ochii și-ai să vezi departe,
Ce nu mai poți vedea cu ei deschiși.

Când vrei să fii de depărtări aproape,
Și nu mai poți, oricât ți-ar fii de greu.
Te depărtează și mai mult de toate,
Că depărtarea apropie mereu.

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OOOO je had moeten hallo zeggen! Wij bijten niet hoor! Volgende keer kom je maar gewoon dag zeggen hé? 😘

If Mika Had Stabbed Yuu, Not The Other Way Around

This request comes from an anon!

Anonymous said: I just came up with a really horrible idea today. Could you do a recording about Mika stabbing Yuu when they first met again instead of the other way around?


This is it, human.



*Stabbing noises*


Another human. So annoying. So easy.

GURE- *Cut off as he is le stabbed*

*Yuu makes stabbie stabbie sounds*



Yuu-chan! F-fuck.

M…Mika…is that you?

Yes, I’m here…stay with me!

I feel…cold…

Keep your eyes open, Yuu. People will get here soon that can help.


Yes, Yuu…what is it?

Is it…is it really…you? I thought you….were…dea-

N-no…not after all I’ve worked for…not after everything I’ve done to keep you alive…Yuu…I’m so sorry for what I’m about to do. *Sound as Mika cuts himself with sword* It…it shouldn’t take more than a few drops. Please work….please…You have to live with me…forever…

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk, only for him to say things he really shouldn’t. (Part 4)

(Pretty long for an imagine again but-  READ IT I PROMISE IT’S WORTH IT!!!)

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3

“No” you breathed out, pushing Dean away despite how your heart was screaming at you to do the exact opposite- which was grab him and crash your lips to his a moment faster.

“No, Dean” you repeated, mostly trying to convince yourself “You- you are drunk. You don’t know what you’re doing. You won’t even remember this in the morning. Please jut- don't” you tried to sooth your rapidly-beating heart.

“You- you kee saying that but- but now that I think about it it’s not just my fault that nothing had happened between us.You- you keep pushing me away. You insist it’s because I am drunk but- but you don’t get. You don’t get it at all” he shook his head, pushing himself away from you. He ran a hand down his face, stumbling backwards and trying to walk away from you.

“No, Dean no wait a little” you sighed, moving fast so that you were by his side again. You were pretty lucky his room was just a few steps away.

He didn’t say a word in the beginning but you could see how he wanted to so he finally broke.

“Why?” he looked up at you with sad eyes “Why do you do this? I finally go the balls to say how I feel and you- you push me away”

You sighed, looking down at your feet “It’s because you actually didn’t Dean. You- you don’t know what you’re saying and most probably you-” it was hard to phrase it “-you don’t feel anything about me”

He scoffed loudly “Bullshit. You are the one wrong here and you will see it sweetheart. You wiiiiill see it!” he looked at you in his drunk state.

You breathed out a chuckle that felt forced “Yeah Dean, whatever you say”

“Oh yeah!” he exclaimed, throwing one hand in the air “And you- you will be unable to resist! I will smile and boom- You will know what I want to say and you will know I was right all along!”

You laughed truthfully for the first time “Sure Dean sure”

“Oh don’t suuuure me- you- you- You!” he wiggled his finger in your face and you laughed even more.

“Yeah Dean yeah. Come on now let’s get you to bed huh?” you opened his bedroom’s door and helped him inside.

“Fiiiine” he visibly rolled his eyes and you chuckled, shaking your head at him.

“But you know that doesn’t mean I will stop trying to convince you I am saying the truth” a cheeky grin spread on his lips and this time you rolled your eyes.

“Do whatever you want Dean”

“Oh but I will! And when I get you I will be there to point it out! You can play hard to get but not to me princess” he chuckled and as hard as it was to believe you laughed as well.

“Oh really?”

“Heck yeah and you wanna know why?”


“Because you’re like a camera, baby. Every time I look at you I smile!” he said cheekily and you tried to hide your smile.

Even id you’d never admit it, when Dean flirted like this it made you feel so many wonderful things you’d never believe.

“So that’s how you’re gonna get me huh?” you smirked slightly and he grinned even more widely.

“Hellz yeah! Sides- You wanna know what’s the best thing in my life? It’s the first word of the sentence” he said and you rolled your eyes at him.

“Yeah really smooth” you helped him towards his bed.

“I always am- oh by the way do you happen to have an extra heart? Mine had been stolen when I first met you” he tilted his head to the side and damn if that wasn’t the most adorable sight you had ever seen!

“I think that’s enough Dean” you sighed, trying to keep the smile down.

“Aww but all I wanna do is take care of you. And right now you look pretty cold… Wanna use me as a blanket?” a smirk immediately spread on his lips and you shook your head at him.


You know (Y/n) your lips look very lonely. Would they like to meet mine?

“Ok fine, I think that’s been enough for a night” you said, immediately removing his hand off your shoulders and let him fall.

Dean let out a loud huff and groan as he collided with his bed.

“Already getting me to bed? But (Y/n) I want to take things seriously with you” he said with a visible pout and you shook your head at him.

“Yeah I know you want to Dean, I know” you mumbled as you worked on getting him out of his shoes.

When you finally did so with both you took them and placed them by his door. You heard a whistle behind you so your back immediately straightened and you turned to look at Dean looking at you with a grin.

“Whoa (Y/n) did you sit on a pile of sugar? Because you have a very sweet ass!”

You shook your head at him, not really wanting to say anything. The blush would certainly get darker.

“Shut up” you fumbled and he chuckled.

“I am just saying the truth!” he exclaimed and you rolled your eyes, going back to him to help him out of his clothes – maybe not a really good decision considering the heat on your cheeks but you still had to.

“Yeah sure” you sighed, sitting on the bed close to him and starting to unbutton his plaid shirt.

“No! I really am! Sides- that’s a nice set of legs too”

You sighed “Thank-”

“What time do they open?” he grinned up at you in that flirty way that could make your knees go weak and your eyes all but widened.

“Dean!” you shrieked “Enough!”

Dean only laughed at you, probably enjoying how flustered he got you.

“Jerk” you grumbled and he laughed even more at you.

“Oh- Oh gosh look- look at her! You’re blushiiiiin! You’re so freaking cuuute!” he laughed, wiping his fake tears.

“I’ll show you cute when you sober up” you grumbled under your breath.

He shook his head at you, opening his mouth to speak but was immediately cut off by a squeak leaving his lips. You immediately stopped your movement and raised an eyebrow at him “What was that?”

“N-nothing” he shrugged.

You narrowed your eyes at him and unexpectedly moved your finger by his ribs and sure another squeal left his lips. Yougrinned widely and without waiting a second moved more your fingers more and more.

“No, no hey! Hey! Stap! Stoooop!” he giggled even more and sure that was a pleasant sound to your ears.

“Dean did you just… giggle?”

“So what?” he huffed, crossing his arms over his chest “I am ticklish” he shrugged and you shook your head laughing, this time fully and unable to keep it.

A smile boke on Dean’s face as well.

“Oh gosh who would have ever thought of this” you shook your head, your laughter dying off.

Silence was there for a while until you noticed the way Dean was looking at you “What?” you asked and he shook his head.

“Nothing it’s just- Hey (Y/n) wanna hear a last one?”

You sighed, rolling your eyes “I can’t avoid it no matter what so shoot”

He smiled at you, trying to get a little up by supporting himself on his elbows just so that he was the same eye level with you – his face you certainly noticed – was very close to yours “There is side view, rare view and oh what else? I loview”

That certainly made your eyes widen.

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Hei, acum 2-3 am început să vorbesc cu un băiat care la început se purta frumos cu mine. De ceva vreme am început să ne certăm și uneori să vorbească urât, am crezut prima oară că faceglume proaste. El e în depresie( doctorul a spus), aseară a început să mă jignească, că îi fur din timp, i-am spus ok, te las în pace, încă mai dai mesaj? Că sunt copil, sunt distrusă și tot așa... Mă gândeam că când o să-mi mai dea mesaj n-o să-l iert dar nu sunt sigură. Nu știu ce să fac, țin la el ca la un frate

Si ce daca-i in depresie? Nu prea stiu cazuri de depresie care sa te faca sa te comporti ca un gunoi cu cei din jurul tau, sincer. Unele chestii pe care le faci sunt si voluntare.

Si oricum, tu nu trebuie sa stai asa si sa fi carpa lui, oricat de mult ai tine la el. Nu esti obligata sa-l dadacesti si sa-i suporti toate figurile. Da-i block sa nu te mai poata lua in suturi, si vezi-ti de viata ta. Axeaza-te pe tine. Lasa oamenii astia toxici la o parte, oricat de mult ai tine la ei.


It was the innocent, pink flowered dress mixed with your too-sweet demeanor that threw Dean off.  The way you watched him play pool, sipping your drink, biting your lip, drove him crazy.  So when you asked him to play he couldn’t help but say:

“No, I couldn’t take money from a pretty girl like you.”  You’d batted your eyelashes, acting so naive and persistent he finally gave in.  Half way through the game he realized it was an act and he’d been had.  

“You just got played,” Sam laughed, elbowing his brother as you walked away, Dean’s cash still in hand.  You looked over your shoulder, winking as Dean stared after you.  He smirked, holding up the piece of paper you’d slid into his hand.

“You sure?”  He asked.  Sam grabbed the slip of paper, reading off your phone number, the paper’s decorated with a imprint of your lipstick.


-Anon request (awesome request)

Dea-a-n!” you whined, pawing at his hand which was holding tightly onto the remote. “Come on, I wanna see Titanic!”

“We are not watching Titanic, again!” he told you firmly.

It was a Wednesday night and on Wednesdays you always had a movie night with Dean and Sam- the boys you’d known since you were in pigtails- they were like brothers to you.

Well, one of them was.

“Only because you cried at it the first time!” you shot back, smirking.

Dean narrowed his eyes. “I did no such thing.”

Cocking an eyebrow, you asked him, “Oh really?”

In a second, you were lying held against the couch underneath the hunter, his muscular body pressing yours into the cushions. “Say that again,” he challenged you, a wicked grin settling on his lips.

“Oh, it’s on, Winchester,” you grinned, tackling him upwards and dragging him down again. Play fighting between the two of you wasn’t uncommon, though it only happened when Sam wasn’t there, as was the situation at the moment.

He chuckled lightly before reaching for your waist and pulling you beneath him again and sitting himself on your legs. “You ready to take it back yet, Y/N?” he asked you sweetly.

You narrowed your eyes. “Or what?”

The hunter grinned evily and tickled his fingers lightly against your sides. Immediately you gasped out a surprised giggle. “You wouldn’t dare!”

He smiled again. “Oh, I would.” And with that, he bared your stomach and scrawled his fingers across the sensitive skin there, and soon you were howling with laughter.

Only when you shot up and grabbed his shoulders did he finally stop. “O-o-oh my God,” you gasped, clawing at his back as your laughter died down.

His arms linked behind you, out of a bit, and he chuckled into your neck.

Grinning devilishly, you pulled back slightly and pushed him down under you and leant centimetres away from his face. Your smile dropped, as did his.

Breathing slightly erratically and with your heart beating like it had a time limit, you leant closer and closer until you pressed your lips together. And, oh, it was freaking incredible. Dean reacted almost straight away, cupping your cheek with one hand and carding your hair with the other. His lips moved with yours as though they had been missing your touch since the day they first whispered your name.

Sliding your tongue along his bottom lip, you felt his teeth graze your lip and heat pooled in your abdomen. Leaning back slightly, you looked him in the eye ad whispered, “Dean, is this OK?”

And all he did was gaze back at you, adoration in his eyes, and promise you, “Nothing has ever been more OK.”

[bursts into the writers’ room of soopernatrula covered in glitter and waving an 8x10′ bisexual flag]


[kisses robbie thompson on the forehead]

[punches klein, buck and leming in the faces with glitter-covered fists of doom]

[rips shirt open to reveal bisexual flag tattooed chest]


[rolls self into flag and out of the room]


(not my gif)

Y/N: Dea- *Dean pokes you, agian* S-stop it! *Dean pokes you once more* Im trying to study. *glares at him, then looks back at your book and rereads the first paragraph again* 

Dean: Key word, trying. *GIF*

Y/N: You’re lucky I love you Dean Winchester. 

Dean: I know, and I like how you use that against yourself from cutting me in half. *chuckles and pokes you again*