Yahchouch is a village in Lebanon. Its name means “wounded god” in Aramaic, since the Surian god Tammuz (also called Adonis) died in the river named after him (now called Ibrahim River) that runs through Yahchouch. Yahchouch is located in the Keserwan District of the Mount Lebanon Governorate. The village has eight Maronite churches (St. Semaan, Wardieh, saydet Ghoshraya, St John, St Takla, St Therese, St Bechara and Saydet Shouan) and several other Christian churches. Its inhabitants are entirely Christian. The Lebanese last name “Yahchouchi” comes from this village.Many families as well live in Yahchouch such as: Keyrouz, Zouein,Turk, Bedrane, Barakat, Attalah, Mouawad and many others.