De Havilland Vampire

The De Havilland Vampire was one of Britain’s first indigenous jet fighters to come out after the second world war. Although the Vampire had its first flight in 1943 during the war it was not till late ‘45 that the jet entered into operational service with the RAF. 

The Vampire was powered by a De Havilland Goblin engine allowing the jet to reach top speeds of up to 882 km/h, for it’s time the Vampire was well armed with 4x 20mm hispano cannons and could also hold payloads of bombs and rockets.

The Vampire fought for many counties and in many wars although it was replaced by Britain in the 50′s, it’s last appearance in warfare was in the Rhodesian Bush War where it fought up until the end in ‘79. 

A sad fact about the Vampire is that during the testing of a new type of the Vampire Geoffrey de Havilland Jr died when the jet broke up at mach 0.8.

Dos modernos aviones iraquíes vuelan sobre la ciudad de Bagdad, capital del Iraq. En primer término se ve la mezquita de Kadhimain.

Mundo, 27 de julio de 1958: “Las operaciones militares en la sublevación iraquí se desarrollaron con gran rapidez”


So I’d been really looking forward to finally being able to fly the De Havilland Vampire and needless to say this glorious post war jet really didn’t disappoint me, yes it’s slow and the climb rate isn’t the best but I thoroughly enjoyed finally being able to test fly this jet.

Also decided to test fly the Gloster Meteor as well and that didn’t disappoint me either. All in all, two successful test flights!