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Excerpt from fanfic im working on: “ This was it. This is what they had spent months planning for. Lift off. A voice came over the intercom, instructing him to get ready. He had done the test simulation and all the necessary training courses. Today was finally the day. Mark was going into space. ”

"pizza is like sex"

lafayette: even when it’s bad, it’s good!

mulligan: it never gets old!

laurens: it’s good in the morning!

hamilton: it’s best with the boys!







southern motherfucking democratic republicans:

king george:


the world:


DEFAW - day four - favorite parallel - caretaking 
damon and elena will ALWAYS put each other before themselves. their love is pure and true and real. over and over we see them protecting, supporting, and taking care of each other. in moments of weakness, they give each other strength. in times of danger, they fight unrelentingly until the threat is vanquished. in a town shrouded by darkness and uncertainty, they give each other bright, brilliant starlight. they give each other a foundation that cannot be broken, will not be shaken. even death is no obstacle for their love.

if the rest of the world goes up in flames, these two will stand side by side, hand in hand. because if they can’t douse the flames, they’ll watch the world burn. together. 


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