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So this is my first long post and I hope you all like it ;) I got a question about which supplies I used since the first day for learning French and I thought it was a good idea to tell you all about it more in depth here! So there you go!

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anonymous asked:

hi! i really need some unilock/teenlock fics to cheer me up... do you have any suggestions of fics that arent super popular? maybe new ones?

We hope this cheers you up, Nonnie!  💖 💖 💖

À côté de toi - Of French textbooks and puppy love - this one’s just starting out, but I have high hopes!

Here Be Dragons - a How to Train Your Dragon fusion!

The Thing About Love - by one of my fav teenlock authors

2/13/93 - It’s never too late for Valentine’s Day fic. :3

Dreamt of in Your Philosophy - unilock

The Prevailing Condition - omegaverse

Hell, Glory and everything inbetween - Potterlock!

The Werewolf and The Human - short werewolf au.

Until the summer ends - this one is sooo good.

Will You Still Hate Me? - based on the anime It Started with a Kiss

The Sign of Magic - more potterlock :3

Also, since you didn’t specify a pairing, here’s some non-Johnlock:

The start of something unexpected - cute, complete Johncroft.

Sleepwalk - all sorts of pairings. Mind the warnings!

WillyougooutwithmeMollyplease? - Sherlolly.

Let’s get these teen hearts beating faster, faster - Mormor.

Princess - Mystrade with side Johnlock.


True story of a Mexican student: siempre lleno todas las páginas de mis textbooks de chile. Whether it be salsa Valentina, chile rojo, or tajin, there's always chile on my books 🙄🌶

Abridged Version of “De arte phisicali de cirurgia”, “Fistula in ano”, Including an Obstetrical Treatise 

 Arderne, John, active 1307-1370


Manuscript X 188 in the National Library of Sweden dates to around 1425–35 and contains two works by John Arderne (active 1307–70), an abridged version of De arte phisicali et de cirurgia (Of the physical arts and surgery) and Fistula in ano. Also included is a tract on obstetrics by another author, Muscio. De arte phisicali et de cirurgiais a textbook on medicine and surgery; Fistula in ano deals with rectal disorders. The manuscript is written in two long columns on a parchment roll that is 542 centimeters long by 36 centimeters wide and illustrated with a number of small and larger images. The small images, in the margins, portray people afflicted with various ailments. The standing figures between the columns illustrate the different systems of the human body. There is also an image of a woman in childbirth as well as 15 drawings of the fetus. On the back of the roll is an image of an operation on the digestive tract. Also visible are four anatomical figures depicted from the back in cut-away views. The images of surgical tools used for operations are found on both sides of the roll. The Stockholm roll possibly was commissioned by Phillippa, the English princess who, in 1406, married the Swedish king Eric of Pomerania. John Arderne was her grandfather’s physician.

estudiar | to study

el estudio | study

aprender | to learn

el aprendizaje | learning

repasar | to revise

el repaso | revision

la asignatura | subject

el tema | topic

el módulo | module

la prueba | test

el examen | exam

el diagrama / el esquema | diagram

el libro de texto | textbook

las fijas / las tarjetas | flashcards

el mapa mental | mind map

el nemotecnia | mnemonic

el método de loci | method of loci

estudioso | studious

diligente | diligent

trabajador | hardworking