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A pesar de verte apenas pocas veces mi corazón supo desde un principio que eras tú esa persona que iba a habitar en él, te vi y suspiré,te vi y pensé: Qué armonia me transmite ,desde aquel día supe que eras tú y solo tú. No importa ¿ćomo? ¿cuándo? ¿Por qué? o el tiempo para aprender a quererte sin excusas ni remordimientos,solo sé que aquí y ahora tú formas partes de mi mundo.
—  Ru
Amis and co. as things customers at my (fast food) job have done

Bahorel: tipped me 10$ on a 9$ meal because I made “the best fucking fries in history”

Joly: ordered our largest size (which is enough food for two-three people) with extra gravy but then added peas on top because “I’m trying to eat healthy”

Feuilly: ordered, paid, and then just. Fell asleep. Right there at the till.

Enjolras: got legitimately angry when our card machine didn’t have a tip option and got even angrier when I said I was working through New Year’s eve until 5 am. Offered to call head office and complain about it.

Cosette: also on New Year’s eve, gave all of the staff chocolate bars and thanked us for working so hard and so late

Montparnasse: came in to the shop twice a week in the summer while we had a limited time meal called the Mac Daddy and only ever ordered that. Never came in again after we got rid of it.

Combeferre: lives in the flat above the shop, comes in every week with a ceramic bowl and asks me to make his meal in it (instead of our paper boxes) to reduce waste

Jehan: reads, considers, and takes a picture of every single quote I write on the blackboard. Always asks for extra pickles.

Gavroche: had an actual laughing fit when I squeezed the cheese sauce bottle and it made farting noises 

Courfeyrac: came in around 3 am on the weekend before Halloween dressed as David Bowie. Picked up a feather boa a customer had left behind, put it on and kept it

Éponine: started yelling at some idiot who was catcalling another customer. It got so heated they had to take it outside 

Musichetta: nice regular who just comes in to write Instagram handles on the board, chats with us for a few minutes and leaves

Marius: apologized like five times even though I was the one who messed up the order. Tried to pay with Euros (in Canada)??

Bossuet: came in slightly drunk at 2 am on a snowy day so the shop floor was wet, fell down literally more than ten times even after I mopped

Grantaire: stared at the menu of poutines for 10 minutes, gave up and asked me “which one’s the most dank”

Tony may not be the most self-aware guy in the world, but there are a few things he knows:

  1. Iron Man and Tony Stark are one and the same,
  2. he’d make a terrible father,
  3. and his teammates don’t trust him.

So naturally, he’s the only man left standing when Loki ages them all back to toddlers.

This is going to go well.

26k gen MCU Tony-centric de-aged!avengers fic featuring Rhodey and Pepper. Rated T for violence and swearing. Final chapter will be posted 10/9.

Read on Ao3.

“—and i grab percy around the neck and kiss him on the cheek.” []

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