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Edmond Jean de Pury - At the Well by Gandalf
Via Flickr:
Trained at the Paris École des Beaux-Arts in painting and engraving, the Swiss-born Edmond Jean de Pury (1845 - 1911) is best known for his Italian figurative subjects, namely the working-class local colour of Rome, Capri, and Venice. At the Well, an exquisite portrait of a water carrier, epitomises this Italian body of work, evincing his facility at rendering human personality. In addition, the white-and-grey palette, as well as the attention to textures, stone walls and earthenware pot, pleated linen chemise, and woven skirt, recall Pury’s background in printmaking. In fact, his numerous etchings were reproduced in illustrated magazines of the time, further contributing to his renown.

[Heritage Auctions - Oil on canvas, 128.9 x 74.9 cm]

Astazi m-a intrebat ce ochi imi plac… Primul meu gand a fost sa-i spun ca imi plac ochii albastri, acei ochi profunzi in care poti sa vezi tot cerul si care iti dau senzatia ca e vara si in luna ianuarie. Acei ochi in care am vrut de atatea ori sa ma pierd ca intr-un labirint, cei pe care ii visam si noaptea, la care puteam visa cu ochii deschisi in fiecare moment al zilei. I-as fi spus asta, dar as fi mintit. Ochii albasti te fac sa uiti de celelalte calitati ale persoanei. Si te fac sa uiti de tine. Te prind si te fac sa iti uiti inima acolo. Ochii albastri sunt … egoisti.
As fi putut sa-i spun ca imi plac ochii caprui, acei ochi misteriosi care iti starnesc curiozitatea, care te fac sa cauti ce se ascunde in spatele lor. Este privirea care te dezarmeaza, care iti intra si in vene si te lasa fara cuvinte. Si te fac sa visezi la acea siguranta, incredere in sine si putere pe care ti-o ofera. Sunt frumosi, sunt superbi, dar imi e frica de ei. In mister se ascund secrete. Prea multa putere creeaza monstri, imi este frica de monstri, imi este frica de ochii caprui.
Apoi m-am gandit sa-I spun despre ochii verzi, acei ochi atat de primavaratici, inocenti si puri care iti amintesc de copilarie. Privirea lor nu poate ascunde secrete, este sincera si plina de bunatate, desface lacatul oricarei inimi ferecate si sadeste caldura in plina iarna a sufletului. Dar unde e maturitatea, stabilitatea cand ma uit in ei? Cum ma pot baza pe ceva ce are nevoie de stabilitate? Mi s-a intamplat sa vad cum inocenta se transforma in imaturitate.
Pana la urma, raspunsul a fost simplu. Imi plac ochii in care pot vedea cerul, sensibilitatea, misterul, profunzimea, dar si inocenta. Fara sa imi fie frica de secrete, de incertitudine, de necunoscut. Iubesc ochii in care pot sa ma pierd, regasindu-ma. Imi plac ochii la care nu doar visez, ci pe cei care ma privesc si… ma vad. Pe mine, asa cum sunt. Imi plac ochii tai…

Traveling 4 Food :: Brooklyn, New York :: Ali’s T&T Roti

Our last stop, because there’s only so much two people can eat in half a day. We decided to end big, after previously having jerk chicken at Peppa’s and doubles at De Hot Pot. Dhal Puri roti is like the West Indies take on a burrito. I went with a chicken curry, which had huge chunks of potato. The special thing to notice here, because not everyone does it well, is the roti is stuffed with a spiced pea filling before being cooked off. You can see the specs in between the layers in the last photo. While the curry was OK, the dhal puri was delicious and man did this bring the spice! This will keep you full all day, for a mere $6 US.

Ali’s T&T Roti | 1267 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York


#WhoIFollow: @simondepury’s Life Follows Art

In the #WhoIFollow series, we ask Instagrammers to share their favorite people to follow. For more photos and videos from Simon and his discoveries, follow @simondepury, @richardprince4, @damienhirst, @alexisrael, @alexdacorte, @luciensmithstudio, @vikmuniz and @osgemeos.

Art plays a significant role in the life of the auctioneer, art dealer, artist and DJ Simon de Pury (@simondepury). “While we do not need art to live, I couldn’t imagine a life without it,” he says.

Art plays a starring role in Simon’s Instagram feed as well. “Whenever I see something on my travels that visually intrigues me, I like to photograph it with my iPhone,” he says. “I’m interested in high and low, in beauty and ugliness, in substance and superficiality. Choosing which artworks to post is similar to the work of a collector or an editor or a DJ.”

On Instagram, Simon stays informed about the work of artists who interest him. “I love to follow artists, musicians, fashion designers, photographers and art dealers,” he says. “From an art market perspective, Instagram has significantly contributed to the current boom of emerging art.”

Here are Simon’s recommendations for following the art world on Instagram:

  • Richard Prince (@richardprince4) – “Richard Prince uses Instagram to show some of his latest works, which he then takes down again a few hours later. Following him allows you to participate in his creative process. Lately, he started a body of works using Instagram posts on which he adds his own comments.”
  • Damien Hirst (@damienhirst) – “Damien Hirst is a newcomer to Instagram. When he recently generously donated his amazing new mammoth sculpture that I had the privilege to auction off for $15m to benefit amfAR, the foundation for AIDS research, he opened an Instagram feed to disseminate images of the work a few hours ahead of the event. Within the first hour he already had 14k followers.”
  • Alex Israel (@alexisrael), Alex Da Corte (@alexdacorte) and Lucien Smith (@luciensmithstudio) – “They are some of my favorite younger artists. Their Instagram feeds are always fun and entertaining.”
  • Vik Muniz (@vikmuniz) – “Vik Muniz, one of Latin America’s leading artists, infuses his Instagram feed with an infectious joy of life and an irresistible Brazilian flavor.”
  • Os Gemeos (@osgemeos) – “Brazilian twins whose worldwide fame is based on street art that they originally started to do in the streets of São Paulo. They painted the airplane that will carry the Brazilian football team during the FIFA World Cup.”

Ava DuVernay - “I made my 1st film when I was 35, I have some catching up to do, I don’t mind,I’m gonna get it done”

- RUSH Philanthropic Arts Foundation’s Art for Life Benefit Honoring Dave Chappelle, Michaela and Simon de Pury and Ava DuVernay Held at Fairview Farms - Water Mill, New York, United States - Saturday 18th July 2015