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foreign films 2.0

hi all! follow-up on THIS post.

this is another very long post giving you film and series suggestions in foreign languages - i have included my three target languages and french just to spice things up a bit. 

if you’ve seen any of these or want to expand on the post please fell free to do so!! this list is obviously very subjective and contains things that i have seen and enjoyed, so i would love to see a greater variety of genres/directors featured on here.


wakolda - this is straight up one of my favourite films ever. 1950s argentina. a family accomodates a guest at their hotel, unaware that their guest is nazi monster josef mengele. 

tiempo sin aire - colombian mum and son escape the horrors of civil war and move to the canary islands, but the mother will not rest until she has found her daughter’s rapist. contains some graphic scenes, not for the faint of heart.

la regenta - adaptation of 19th century classic, both film and miniseries (3 x 1.5 hrs) available on youtube. the film is mediocre but the miniseries stole my heart. pious wife anita torn between sexy local liberal and dark imposing priest. features an absolutely superb carmelo gomez as the cunning don fermin.

el crimen del padre amaro - another c19 classic, this time in a modern latin american setting where hot priest gael garcia b. can no longer fight his feelings for a certain young lady…

ocho apellidos vascos - SOOOOOOOO FUCKING FUNNY!!!!! 

la piel que habito - almodóvar, banderas, weird, cringy, intriguing,  “a horror story without screams or frights” [wiki]

la nana - “Raquel, la amargada e introvertida nana (eufemismo chileno para denominar a las sirvientas) de la casa de los Valdés … ve peligrar su puesto cuando éstos contratan a una nueva empleada para que le ayude durante su convalecencia. Raquel se dedica a hacerle la vida imposible a las nuevas nanas. Esta mecánica se repite una y otra vez hasta la aparición de Lucy, una mujer de provincia que logrará penetrar la coraza de Raquel.” [wiki]

el secreto de sus ojos - “Using a nonlinear narrative, the film depicts a judiciary employee and a judge in 1974 … as they investigate a rape and murder case that turns into an obsession for all the people involved, while also following the characters 25 years later reminiscing over the case and unearthing the buried romance between them.”[wiki] RECOMMENDED

vacas - portrays the conflict between two basque families that lasts three generations, starting in 1875.

la princesa de francia - looks ery promising, centred around a group of actors preparing shakespeare’s “love’s labour’s lost”, in buenos aires. read review here 


ligações perigosas [BR] - recently released tv globo miniseries, NOT A NOVELA, available on yt. adaptation of laclos’ les liaisons dangereuses. set in 1920s brazil. love, sex, intrigue, DRAMA, 1920s music. great acting by selton mello and alice wegmann. i cried watching this. i love selton mello

justiça [BR] - also a globo miniseries, follows various characters in recife as each of them searches for their own private justice. RECOMMENDED

amores roubados [BR] - yet another miniseries, based on the book “a emparedada da rua nova”. leandro returns to his hometown from SP and becomes involved with three women.

3% [BR] - a dystopian thriller series, apparently available on netflix. “ The show is set in a future wherein people are given a chance to go to the “better side” of a world divided between progress and affluence in the Offshore, and devastation and poverty in the Inland, but only 3% of the candidates succeed.”[wiki] RECOMMENDED

pecado fatal [EU] - angst, drama, shy sweet love but also bitten family secrets. “a young man and woman fall in love on the night they meet, but he takes advantage of her when she gets drunk. although she doesn’t remember anything from that night, something nags at the back of her mind.” not the most accurate description - just watch it its good

o convento [EU] - a literature professor goes to a portuguese convent to confirm a conspiracy theory about shakespeare. this film is actually in english and french as well as portuguese, but i’ve included it here because it was directed by the great manoel de oliveira. stars john malkovich and catherine deneuve.

o dia de desespero [EU] - another one by oliveira, portuguese entry for 1992 oscars. the film shows the final days of the life of famed c19 writer camilo castelo branco, his blindness and eventual suicide. probably available on youtube. 


malena - a classic, story of how a beautiful young woman is ridiculed by her prejudiced community told through the eyes of a young boy lusting over her. very tastefully done and visually very pretty. plus it has monica belucci

la prima notte di quiete - 1972. scruffy alain delon is bitter and elopes with a mysterious student of his who keeps some dark secrets. very beautiful visually, lovely music, unexpected ending. watch this if you want to be sad and vague

lºeredità ferramonti - set in 1880s rome, cunning young woman weds into a split family and wreaks havoc. dominique sanda is brilliant in this. also very nice music by morricone.


des hommes et des dieux - algeria. eight monks live a secluded life in the mountains. when war breaks out, they are forced to make a choice between their faith and their lives. “a luminous tale of faith and heroism”, and also very prettily made. 

venus noire - based on the true story of saartije bartman, a black woman showcased in 19th century europe because of her body. explores prejudice, otherness, fetishisation, directed by tunesian abdellatif kechiche. RECOMMENDED.

la dame aux camélias (1981) - isabelle huppert stars as the destitute and illiterate alphonsine who travels to paris and becomes a courtesan. based on alexandre dumas’ novel, of the same title.

I have massive artblock but I managed to finish this quick piece (it took me like one evening which is a fucking success for a depressive fuck like me).

Anyways, if you wonder what the hell is going on here: I decided to draw young book!Claude during his work as a herbalist (that multiskilled mofo) and Quasi (cute little ball of pain here) as always hiding his ginger mane in folds of his daddy’s robes. That’s it.

Quick idea, quick fan art.

Anyways, hope you enjoy.


Ende. The Battle of the Bird and the Serpent, The Apostles, The Whore of Babylon, The Beast, The Baptism of Christ, The Woman Dressed in the Sun and the Dragon, The Angel Of the Abyss and the Infernal Locusts, Heaven. Beatus de Girona. 975. 

Dutch Harry Potter Vocabulary!

I’m a huge Potterhead. Since I’m reading the books (again…) at the moment, a HP themed vocab list seemed like a great idea!


  • The magic - De magie
  • The wizard - De tovenaar
  • The witch - De heks
  • The wand - De toverstok
  • The spell - De (tover)spreuk
  • The cauldron - De ketel
  • The potion - De toverdrank
  • The castle - Het kasteel
  • The dungeons - De kerkers
  • The secret passageways - De geheime gangen
  • The towers - De torens
  • The hallways - De gangen
  • The classrooms - De klaslokalen
  • The lessons - De lessen
  • The books - De boeken
  • The parchment - Het perkament
  • The library - De bibliotheek
  • The quill - De ganzenveer
  • The Marauders Map - De 
  • Hogwarts - Zweinstein
  • Hogsmeade - Zweinsveld

The professors - De professoren / leraren

    • Severus Snape - Severus Sneep
    • Minerva McGonagall - Minerva Anderling
    • Albus Dumbledore - Albus Perkamentus
    • Filius Flitwick - Filius Banning
    • Dolores Umbride - Dorothea Omber
    • Quirinus Quirrel - Quirinus Krinkel
    • Horace Slughorn - Hildebrand Slakhoorn
    • Gilderoy Lockheart - Gladianus Smalhart
    • Alastor ‘Mad Eye’ Moody - Alastor ‘Dwaaloog’ Dolleman
    • Pomona Sprout - Pomona Stronk
    • Sybill Trelawney - Sybilla Zwamdrift
    • Remus Lupin - Remus Lupos
    • Rubeus Hagrid - Rubeus Hagrid

The subjects - De vakken

    • Divination - Waarzeggeij
    • Care for magical creatures - Verzorging van fabeldieren
    • Transfiguration - Transfiguratie
    • Potions - Toverdranken
    • Defence against the dark arts - Verweer tegen de zwarte kunsten
    • Astronomy - Astronomie
    • Herbology - Kruidenkunde
    • History pof magic - Geschiedenis van de toverkunst
    • Charms - Bezweringen
    • Study of ancient runes - Oude runen
    • Muggle studies - Dreuzelkunde

The students - De leerlingen

    • Gryffindor - Griffoendor
      • Harry Potter - Harry Potter
      • Ron Weasley - Ron Wemel
      • Ginny Weasley - Ginny Wemel
      • Fred Weasley - Fred Wemel
      • George Weasley - George Wemel
      • Percy Weasley - Percy Wemel
      • Charlie Weasley - Charlie Wemel
      • Bill Weasley - Bill Wemel
      • Hermione Granger - Hermelien Griffel
      • Neville Longbottom - Marcel Lubbermans
      • Seamus Finnigan - Simon Filister
      • Dean Thomas - Daan Tomas
      • Lavender Brown - Belinda Broom
      • Parvati Patil - Parvati Patil
      • Colin Creevey - Kasper Krauwel
      • Dennis Creevey - Dennis Krauwel
      • Alicia Spinnet - Alicia Spinet
      • Angelina Johnson - Angelique Jansen
      • Katie Bell - Katja Bell
      • Lee Jordan - Leo Jordaan
      • Oliver Wood - Olivier Plank
    • Ravenclaw - Ravenklauw
      • Cho Chang - Cho Chang
      • Luna Lovegood - Loena Leeflang
      • Padma Patil - Padma Patil
    • Hufflepuff - Huffelpuf
      • Cedric Diggory - Carlo Kannewasser
      • Ernie MacMillan - Ernst Marsman
      • Justin Finch-Fletchey - Joost Flets-Frimel
      • Hannah Abbott - Hannah Albedil
    • Slytherin - Zwadderich
      • Draco Malfoy - Draco Malfidus
      • Vincent Crabbe - Vincent Korzel
      • Gregory Goyle - Karel Kwast
      • Blaise Zabini - Benno Zabini
      • Pansy Parkinson - Patty Park
      • Millicent Bulstrode - Margriet Bullemans

The ghosts - De geesten:

    • Nearly Headless Nick - Haast Onthoofde Henk
    • Bloody Baron - Bloederige Baron
    • The White Lady (Helena Ravenclaw) - De Witte Dame (Helena Ravenklauw)
    • The Fat Monk - De Dikke Monnik
    • Peeves - Foppe

Magical creatures - Magische wezens:

    • Hippogriff - Hippogrief
    • Dragon - Draak
    • Mermaid - Zeemeermin
    • Giant octopus - Reuzeninktvis
    • Niffler - Niffler
    • Acromantula - Acromantula
    • Basilisk - Basilisk
    • Centaur - Centaur
    • House Elf - Huiself
    • Leprechaun - Kabouter
    • Three-headed dog - Driekoppige hond
    • Fairy - Fee
    • Doxy - Doxy
    • Fire crab - Schroeistaartige kreeft
    • Flobberworm - Flubberworm
    • Phoenix - Feniks
    • Unicorn - Eenhoorn
    • Werewolf - Weerwolf
    • Thestral - Terzieler
    • Dwarf - Dwerg
    • Giant - Reus
    • Goblin - Aardmannetje / Kobold
    • Troll - Trol
    • Vampire - Vampier
    • Dementor - Dementor
    • Boggart - Boeman

Magical objects - Magische objecten

    • Elder Wand - De Zegevlier
    • Resurrection Stone - De Steen van Wederkeer
    • Invisibility Cloak - De Onzichtbaarheidsmantel
    • Remembrall - Geheugensteen
    • Deluminator - Uitsteker
    • Philosopher’s Stone - Steen der Wijzen
    • Exploding Snap - Knalpoker
    • Wizard’s Chess - Tovenaarsschaken
    • Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring - Asmodom Mergel’s ring
    • Tom Riddle’s Diary - Marten Vilijn’s Dagboek
    • Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup - Helga Huffelpuf’s Beker
    • Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem - Rowena Ravenklauw’s Diadeem
    • Godric Gryffindor’s Sword - Godric Griffoendor’s Zwaard
    • Salazar Slytherin’s Locket - Zalazar Zwadderich’s Medaillon
    • Goblet of Fire - Vuurbeker
    • Sorting Hat - Sorteerhoed
    • Mirror of Erised - Spiegel van Neregeb
    • Pensieve - Hersenpan

Saint Raymond of Fitero (Spanish: San Raimundo de Fitero) (*? -  1163) was a  fighting monk,abbot, and founder of the  Military Order of Calatrava which played a crucial role in the Spanish Reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula against the Muslim Moors.

anonymous asked:

Hola, me encantó tu blog, quería saber si me puedes decir películas que traten sobre trastornos mentales. Me serían de mucha ayuda, Gracias!

Bueno. Hay muchas! Por ahi lei que si no existieran los trastornos mentales Hollywood tendria que inventarlos.

Autismo: Rain Man, el caso de un autista savant, que viene del termino peyorativo idiot savant, el sabio idiota. El tipico que no puede atarse los zapatos, coger un autobus, maentener una conversacion fluida, pero hace calculos mentales de diversa complejidad en cuestion de segundos y/o tiene una memoria prodigiosa cosa que muy pocos saben hacer.

Trastorno bipolar: Mr. Jones. El lado bueno de las cosas.

Esquizofrenia: Una mente maravillosa, Cisne negro, El club de la lucha, El resplandor. American Psycho puede ser esquizofrenia o psicopatia segun la interpretacion de su final.

Trastorno de identidad disociativo (comunmente llamada personalidad multiple): Las tres caras de Eva, Psicosis, hay discuiones sobre si El club de la lucha es TID o esquizofrenia y tambien lo mismo sobre Psicosis.  

Trastorno limite: Inocencia interrumpida

Trastorno narcisista de la personalidad: Alfie, American psycho

Trastorno obsesivo compulsivo: Mejor Imposible, American Psycho, de series tienes Monk y The Big Bang Theory.

Adicciones: Días de vino y rosas, Requiem for a dream, Cuando un hombre ama a una mujer, Trainspotting

Depresion: Melancolia,  Las horas,  Helen, Prozac Nation, Un angel en mi mesa, Sylvia, Un hombre soltero, El ladron de orquideas

Psicopatia: No es pais para viejos, El silencio de los corderos, El perfume. American Psycho (segun se itnerprete). Amistades peligrosas, Perdida. De series, que recuerde, Dexter.

Sociopatia: La naranja mecanica, Tenemos que hablar de Kevin, Inocencia interrumpida.

Asperger: Adam, Crazy in love (Mozart y la ballena). En series tienes The Big Bang Theory, Bones, House, Dr. Mateo…


Monk Centennial Concert from
         Laurent de Wilde’s New Monk Trio

Laurent de Wilde – piano
Jérôme Regard – bass
Donald Kontomanou – drums

0:00:50   Misterioso
0:09:25   Thelonious
0:15:50   Monk’s Mood
0:23:25   ‘Round Midnight
0:33:25   Four In One
0:41:45   Tune for T (de Wilde) [solo piano]
0:46:10   Coming on the Hudson
0:56:15   Pannonica
1:05:00   Friday the Thirteenth (with audience participation)
1:12:30   Reflections

Mr. de Wilde, who has written an award-winning biography of Monk, expounds quite a bit on the man and the material between tunes, but if your French is no better than mine you might forward on to the next song as indicated by the time marks.

Wow Teldrassil… with intent of taking away all the nelf lands to make Kalimdor horde only?

I might have to de-monk my night elf monk. I don’t think he’ll be too into inner peace after that.