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On April 7, 2011, a lone gunman named Wellington Oliveira entered the Tasso da Silveira Municipal School in Realengo, Rio de Janeiro, and murdered twelve children aged between 12 and 14 -most of them girls- and injured 20 more. A young boy who survived Oliveira’s rage said that the shooter selectively shot female students to kill while shooting the male ones only to injury and paralyze them.
A few children ran out of the school building as soon as Oliveira started shooting and alerted two policemen who were patrolling the area. As the policemen arrived at the school, Oliveira had already left the second floor and was preparing himself to proceed to the third floor where the remaining students and teachers had hidden themselves inside a classroom. While Oliveira went up to the stairs, a sergeant from military police shot him in the leg and in the stomach, he fell down the staircase and then committed suicide by blowing his head off.
Wellington Oliveira attended Tasso da Silveira Municipal School from 1999 to 2002 and, according to his classmates, teachers and principal, he was a strange, depressed and very reserved person constantly harassed by everybody, he was called “Sherman”, an allusion to a character from American Pie, and was often thrown into a dumpster by the other boys. Wellington Oliveira was actually the typical bullied, enraged and invisible student, he was a silent time bomb, the one who was always left behind by others and that only needed some affection.
In a home video he had recorded two days before the school shooting, Oliveira stated: “The struggle for which many brothers died in the past, and for which I will die, is not solely because of what is known as bullying. Our fight is against cruel people, cowards, who take advantage of the kindness, the weakness of people unable to defend themselves.”

Sempre observei o comportamento das outras pessoas. Elas se davam bem, juntas. Tinham um jeito parecido, faziam coisas parecidas, seguiam regras, leis e padrões dos quais eu nunca consegui me apegar. Eu simplesmente não me encaixava em nada. Em lugar nenhum, me sentia só e indiferente e isso me causava medo. Medo, por que eu me perguntava o que era e ninguém, além de mim, poderia responder isso, mas o pior de tudo é que eu não sabia a resposta.
—  O Calvário de Clara
O último teorema de Fermat diz: “Não existe nenhum número inteiro maior que 2 que satisfaça o seguinte: x^n + y^n = z^n”. Demorou 3oo anos para provar que ele estava certo, e ela é considerada a conta mais difícil da matemática. Provavelmente não conhecem nós dois, sei que não somos um teorema, mas somos um grande problema difícil de resolver. Somos equivalentes, porém cheios de incógnitas.
—  Bianca Menezes.