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Since we’re on the topic of drinking in Mexico, here’s a look at another alcoholic arrangement I was introduced to on Cinco de Mayo, the “Bandera”. It’s a three shot combo of fresh lime juice, tequila and Clamato, put down in this order, green, white and red, in order to represent the colors of the Mexican flag. (“Bandera” means “flag”.) You drink the tequila first, then the Clamato, chased by the lime juice. And even though I’m a tequila-averse individual, these went down pretty smoothly.

Anılar, insanın vücudunu içten içe ısıtan şeylerdir. Fakat aynı zamanda lime lime de edebilirler…

( Haruki Murakami )

Salsa display (pineapple salsa, guacamole, pico de gallo, and roasted garlic and stewed tomato salsa).

Pineapple Salsa. Pineapple (1), Cilantro (2-3 tablespoons), Jalapeno (1). Cut pineapple into small dices. Mince jalapeno and cilantro and mx together with pineapple.

Pico de Gallo. Tomatoes (12), Cilantro (1 bunch), Lime (2), Jalapeno (2), Garlic (4-5 cloves), Kosher salt (dash). Cut tomatoes into small dices. Mince jalapeno, cilantro and garlic. Mix with tomatoes, salt & lime juice.

Guacamole. Avocado (24 oz.), Tomatoes (3), Cilantro (1 bunch), Lime (4), Jalapeno (2), Garlic (4-5 cloves), Kosher salt (dash). Cut tomatoes into small dices. Mince jalapeno, cilantro and garlic. Mix with tomatoes, salt & lime juice.  Fold into avocado, top with sliced limes.

Roasted garlic & stewed tomato salsa. Stewed tomatoes (36 oz.), Cilantro (2-3 tablespoons), Kosher Salt (Dash), Jalapeno (1), Roasted garlic (1 cup). Puree all ingredients together in food processor.

Link to Roasted Garlic Recipe:


Aries ~Fire Breathing Cocktail

~ thai chili syrup, pink peppercorn, raspberry puree, Bacardi DragonBerry, lemongrass 

Taurus ~ Espresso Martini

vodka, coffee liquor, espresso, mocha sprinkles

Gemini ~ Smoking Hooka Blue Caterpillar Cocktail

malibu rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, blue sugar

Cancer ~ Your  very own fairy godmother

pink lemonade, coconut rum, cool whip, icing sugar, plum, syrup

Leo ~ Birthday cake martini

marshmallows, sprinkes, vodka, amerello, strawberries, oreos, honey, chocolate liquor 

Virgo ~ Hippie Juice

watermelon vodka, coconut malibu rum, pink lemonade, water, strawberries

Libra ~ Love Potion

pink lemonade, raspberry sherbet, sprite, vodka

Scorpio ~ Witches Brew

DragonBerry rum, blue curacao, creme de banana, lime juice

Sagittarius ~ Aurora Jungle Juice

tonic water, vodka, pink lemonade, cinnamon

Capricorn ~ Velvet Snowflake

vanilla vodka, creme de cacao, white chocolate, cake sprinkles

Aquarius ~ Galaxy Lemonade

bacardi, raspberry liquor, lemonade, grenadine, blue curacao

Pisces ~ Sea foam Sangria

blue heaven punch, lemonade, blue curacao, citrus


LoliRock Season 2 - Episode Order

Hi Everyone.

No need to hide it now… You can find the correct episode order & title on the IMDB page. And in case you want also the french titles : 

  • 2.01 : Musical Magical Tour / Une tournée magique
  • 2.02 : If You Can’t Beat'em / La bonne action
  • 2.03 : Puppylove / Mordu d'amour
  • 2.04 : Super Cute Kitten / Un chat trop chou?
  • 2.05 : Wicked Red / Loli-Rousse
  • 2.06 : Blurred Vision / Un message troublant
  • 2.07 : Princess Brenda Part I / Recherche d'Identité, 1ère partie
  • 2.08 : Princess Brenda Part II / Recherche d'Identité, 2ème partie
  • 2.09 : Cute As A Doll / Une poupée singulière
  • 2.10 : Amaru-niverse / Multi-Amaru
  • 2.11 : Rex / Rex 2.0
  • 2.12 : Lost In The Shadows / Dans l'ombre d'une star
  • 2.13 : I Want My LTV / Silence on tourne…
  • 2.14 : Desert Heat / Un artiste bien connu
  • 2.15 : The Ruby Of The Orient / Le rubis de L'Orient
  • 2.16 : Loli-Lime Sublime / Le Loli-Smoothie 
  • 2.17 : Truth Be Told / Ellira
  • 2.18 : Dancing Shoes / Un cours de danse particulier
  • 2.19 : Amateur Hour / La baguette ensorcelée
  • 2.20 : Strawberry Fields for Never / La cueillette de cristal noir
  • 2.21 : Stop In The Name Of Lev Part I / La trahison, 1ère partie
  • 2.22 : Stop In The Name Of Lev Part II / La trahison, 2ème partie
  • 2.23 : Statue Game / Le jeu des statues
  • 2.24 : Forget You! / Tombée dans l'oubli
  • 2.25 : Crowning Glory Part I / L'heure de gloire, 1ère partie
  • 2.26 : Crowning Glory Part II / L'heure de gloire, 2ème partie

Enjoy ! And remember : No spoil please. :)


Alexander Hamilton:  JUST YOU WAIT

(dark rum, orgeat, black tea, lime juice, creme de menthe)

How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a
Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a
Forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence
Impoverished, in squalor
Drink up to be a hero and a scholar?

The ounce-and-half rum is a starter but just a starter
Gotta go farther, make the drink a bit harder
Half ounce creme de menthe and a font of black tea–
Two ounces is enough, or should be

Move onto the orgeat, quarter ounce should do it
Then a quarter ounce of lime juice has gone in before you knew it
Agitate the mixture in a shaker, shake on through it
And my friend, that is how you brew.  Whatcha brewin’?

Alexander Hamilton
The drink’s for Alexander Hamilton
And it will get you wasted, son
Just you wait
It’s called a ‘Just You Wait’

- - - - 

[OOC note: Much like Alexander Hamilton himself, this drink needs a lot of chill in order for the flavors to marry properly.  Definitely chill both the glass you’re pouring the mixture into and also the mixture itself with ice, and it’s best if you let it sit for a few minutes before drinking as well.]

“Kış akşamıydı, ince ince biber doğruyordum ve kalbimi de böyle lime lime etmemin hoşuma gideceğini düşündüm. ‘O zaman sana aşık olduğumu anladım’. dedi.



It’s terrible, but once in a while we all have to deal with idiots. If you’re a Slytherin, you probably have to deal with them on a daily basis. Luckily when you finish with your day there’s (hopefully) a drink waiting for you that’s as ice cold as you are and will help to soothe away the pain of having to be around those people.

- MJ & K





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El juego Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight llegará a Occidente en verano.

El juego será lanzado de forma digital para PS4 y PS Vita. 

Bandai Namco Entertainment anuncio el jueves que lanzará su próximo juego de rol crossover de Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight en Occidente para PlayStation 4 y PlayStation Vita de forma digital en verano de este año. El juego llegará con audio en Japones y subtitulo en Ingles, Español y Francés. 

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