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Annem akşama misafir gelecek markete çiskek almaya gideceğim dedi bana da vericen mi diyorum sen formun portakallı bisküvilerini ye diyor aq eve çiskek alınıyor ve bana verilmiyor ben yiyemezsem misafir de yiyemez banane bana light bisküviyi mi layık görüyosun anne

AGE: 30
CHARGE(S): Second Degree Criminal Trespass, 60-day sentence
ADD. NOTES: Worked at a dept. store; is married; suspicious lack of background info on him. Can apparently sew pretty well; Is always laced-up, which scares people; Best beat-boxer; Best source of pod information.

AGE: 23
CHARGE(S): Third Degree Assault, 1 year sentence
ADD. NOTES: Former combat medic; was studying law at Columbia University; has family in London, England; Gets himself into a LOT of unnecessary fights; Has a phenomenal R&B voice; Keeps a sketchbook on him, draws mostly turtles; Regularly complains about the fact that jails don’t provide drinks.

AGE: 19
CHARGE(S): Resisting Arrest, 60-day sentence
ADD. NOTES: Immigrated from Nevis at age 17; First LT in the US army (under Major General Washington**); has no known living relatives. Uses an extensive vocabulary; Talks too much; Has an amazing girlfriend; Spends most of his time reading/writing; Free-styles like nobody’s business.

CHARGE(S): Fourth Degree Criminal Mischief (Vandalism), 1 year sentence
ADD. NOTES: Immigrated from France last year; knows only basic English but learns quick; worked at a local bakery. Is a surprisingly fast rapper; Always goes out of his way to celebrate on July 4th; Shows impressive strategic skills; Seems pretty chill most of the time.

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Lighting, Layers and Reflections by Autumn de Wilde

American photographer, Autumn de Wilde has designed a pair of transparent and reflective jewel toned structures for a photo-shoot in the dry Californian landscape.  

Made of a combination of mirror and colored plexiglass, images of the landscape are reflected on the structure, and  the landscape is simultaneously cast with rose, warm gold and aqua tinted sunlight.


Tokyo Stories #23 da The smiling monkey

Lap Dance

Requested?: It was! However it was meant for @daveeddiggsit who so graciously handed it to me so yeah (Thank you Bri! This one’s for you.)

Words: 771 (short and sweet to start out!)

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Prompt: …giving Laf a lap dance???? Something really private like just a game between u two and u get him sitting in a chair and start moving your hips on him and he’s holding onto the chair so hard and cussing in french and ya ya you guys please go on (This is a modern AU because why not?)

Warnings: cursing (in french), gets a little spicy (i guess?)

Dedication: Firstly, @daveeddiggsit for convincing me to take this prompt and run with it, thank you!

@diggs4life for proofreading this for me and for the general encouragement <3

@tempfixeliza for also proofreading and being a kind soul

@sunshinemiranda because your ask really pushed me to try and believe in myself, i hope you enjoy!

(A/N: I do not speak French so I used a translator and I am so sorry if it fucked some stuff up. I tried! The translations are at the end! Also if you want a song to jam to while reading, I wrote this to Company by Tinashe. It’s a bomb song yo.)

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Lafayette was nervous, you could tell. There was some sweat beading around his hairline, he kept shifting in his chair and his knee was bouncing rapidly; it was pretty cute. You chuckled, making Laf lift his eyes to meet yours. He visibly relaxed when you gave him a warm smile.

“You okay, Laf?” You asked, going to your phone and scrolling through your playlists.

“Never better, mon amour. Just waiting for you.”

You could feel Laf’s eyes trailing down your body, you took the liberty of changing to shorts and a tanktop when you thought up the idea to give your boyfriend a lap dance. Why?

Well…why not?

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