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Percy and Keyleth determinedy but absentmindedly toasting  independence from gods and destiny while holding a book and a plant respectively, and forgetting that they aren’t holding drinks and both trying to inhale their respective objects, is the most succinct summary of their friendship that I can imagine


Homehive es un kit que permite no sólo criar abejas con facilidad, también se puede tener una pequeña fabrica de miel en casa.

Diseño que crea un refugio seguro para toda la colmena. Un prospero ecosistema para tener en casa y disfrutar de una rica miel fresca.


El Secreto De Sus Ojos (The Secret In Their Eyes)

dir. Juan José Campanella - 2009

Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film

Darío de Regoyos - Blast Furnaces in Bilbao - 1908

Darío de Regoyos y Valdés (November 1, 1857 – October 29, 1913) was a Spanish painter. He was notable for contributing to “the renewal of modern Spanish painting”. A student of Carlos de Haes at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in 1878 he studied at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts and in Brussels. He traveled extensively in the 1880s, accompanied by his friend, the painter Adolfo Guiard. He was a member of the art group L'Essor and a founding member of Les XX with the Belgian avant-garde scene. During these experiences he gained a significant influence from Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist painters.

modern vox machina fact: Percy and Keyleth have memorized Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog in general, particularly “My Eyes”, which they will duet whenever even nominally prompted. Often by each other. What’s lowkey terrifying is a) they do it amazingly, and b) with Keyleth singing Penny’s part and Percy doing Dr. Horrible’s, it’s unnervingly difficult to tell if either is acting.

They’re both aware of that, and generally giggle and/or high five when they finish.

What can I do? (Solarpunk edition)

It warms my heart to see so much support and interest in solarpunk! I know a lot of people are wondering how they can contribute, and hopefully this answers most questions.

Firstly, I think everyone has something they can contribute–even simply listening and sharing is a HUGE help for solarpunk as a whole. Arts, design, fashion, architecture, engineering, farming, forestry, pharmaceuticals, medicine, travel/transit, fiction/nonfiction writing, industry, politics, education… whatever you work with, whatever your passions or hobbies are, you have something to contribute.

Solarpunk does not just mean solar-powered, in the same way Steampunk does not only refer to steam power.

It means looking towards a brighter future, for all of us sharing this Earth. It means seeing the options we’ve been shown for the future (post apoc trash or corporate dystopias) and saying “I refuse to accept this”.

Solarpunk is our present day -punk genre. It has the ability to spread and enact true change, if we nurture it enough.

And in that vein, to answer the question “What can I do?” We can break down solarpunk into three branches (for now):

Diversity: celebrating our differences, being empathetic, understanding and sharing multiple perspectives. Diversity in our sociopolitical lives as well as diversity for our ecosystems and economies.

Accessibility: advancement in technology cannot truly help humanity if certain classes or countries cannot access them. Disabilities (physical and mental) must be accounted for when we redesign cities for people; we must ensure everyone can get around them.

Sustainability: our current for-profit system is killing us and the beautiful creatures we share our planet with. We are wardens of Earth; we are here to protect and nurture it. Production based on need not profit, and de-industrialized agriculture. Communities should be able to function independently from the whole, in terms of necessities (food, water, power, shelter).

Along with these branches, I believe there are three other movements that will inevitably intersect with Solarpunk, if they haven’t already.

Permaculture: bringing back ancient/indigenous/sensible farming practices that we lost or considered “primitive”. Agroforestry, crop rotation, urban/vertical farming are good places to start.

Right-To-Repair: in response to companies like Apple denying our ability to maintain our own devices, there is a large movement dedicated to repairing tech in order to elongate their life cycle and prevent further waste. Why buy a phone every two years, when we could upgrade one continuously over ten?

Afrofuturism: Africa is finally beginning to get back on its feet after the imperialist Rape of Africa era. African Americans are strengthening their voices and cultural ties in this Eurocentric digital age. I cannot properly do this movement justice; it isn’t my voice that should be telling you. Supporting and uplifting the voices within this movement is crucial to not only Solarpunk, but to the wider goal of harmony and reparation.

The most important facet of Solarpunk is perspective: not everything will work for everyone, and listening to marginalized people is absolutely essential to growing our movement.

Be safe, be kind, and spread some love.

Montaje de enseres, cestería y mobiliario en “El arte en la vida diaria. Exposición de objetos de buen diseño hechos en México”, organizada por Clara Porset. Ciudad Universitaria, Ciuadad de México 1952.

Foto. Lola Álvarez Bravo

Grouping of household wares, basketry, and furniture showcased in ‘Art in Daily Life, Exhibition of Objects of Good Design Made in Mexico,’ curated by Clara Porset. Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico City 1952

such a weird coincidence how people who chose ending a or b are also people going to hell


My albums selection for the weeek :

- Dan Fröberg ‎ : The Existence Of Do-ti-la-so-fa-mi-re-do Is Everything!

- Richard H. Kirk :  Dasein

- Pierre Henry :  Le Voyage

- Punish Yourself :  Cult Movie

- The Young Gods  :  Live Sky Tour

- Coup de Grace :  Commencement

- Current 93 ‎:  My Name Is Nearly All That’s Left

- Xordox : Neospection

- Cabaret Voltaire : The Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord

- Cluster & Eno :  S/T