de furbowl

So we went to DE Furbowl...

Last night, Wes and I went to our first furbowl, and first furry meet in general! So, I’m making the obligatory post about it. 

We left at around four in the afternoon after getting packed up and ready. I ironed some bead sprites I had made the night before and Wes printed and cut out some of my stickers. We never actually got around to handing these out, unfortunately. Oh well, we still have them for another day. 

The drive up wasn’t bad at all. We chose to avoid tolls, which is why we left so early, and ended up driving out of our way to find a Wawa for drinks since we can coupons. I actually drank something with coffee in it for the first time (hot chocolate and english toffee coffee), and it was delicious. We also spotted a Waffle House and saved the location for later. We ended up going through lots of pretty back roads and over little bridges and enjoying the scenery a lot. We got to the Cici’s around 6:30, just as some other furs were heading in. 

When I got in, I was so nervous that I was shaking and clinging to Wes. I was a silly, anxious wreck about meeting people, since I’m actually pretty shy. We ate a bit, talked to a couple of people, and then left to go to the bowling alley. 

Once there, we sat and I tried to draw, but couldn’t concentrate. We waited to bowl and had Kitt3ns (the main host), add a couple of people to our group (Rondo and Jimm) who were really nice! We had some tech difficulties with our lane (the light going out, a pin falling from the machine onto the lane and getting stuck, and a ball actually coming back down the lane) but it was fun! I actually ended up winning by one point, which is strange because I royally suck at bowling. X3 

Then we mingled for a while, meeting tons of cool furs. I saw some great suits (notably Luckie, Comet, and some others) and got lots of hugs from furs. I chatted with the artists and met up with a couple people from the forum (like Kit Drago and Rexxie) and made an awkward mess of myself. XD There was a group photo and cake as well. 

Around eleven, we decided it was time to peel out. It would be a long drive and we were both tired. When we left, I actually started crying a bit. Not because it was over, but because I was just so happy. I really felt at home being around other furs, even if I was nervous a lot of the time. Everyone was so nice and accepting and I wish I could come back. <3 Unfortunately, I’ll be moving soon and won’t get the chance. 

Still, I’d like to thank everyone for being awesome and my mate for coming with me. 

We ended up eating at Waffle House and getting more drinks at Wawa before we got home. I had a hard time getting to sleep from caffeine and excitement, but I eventually drifted off to sleep. I’m sad that the furbowl is over, but I can’t wait for my own meet and to become a part of the furry community in Raleigh. 

Not to mention, Wes and I are starting on our suits soon. <3