de florian


An apartment discovered in Paris, after being left untouched for 70 years.

It was originally abandoned during world war 2, and the rent continued to be paid every month without fail until the death of the owner, the granddaughter of a Parisian socialite named  Marthe de Florian.

The secret love story between Italian artist Giovanni Boldini and de Florian was revealed after the discovery of a painting by artist and the accompanying letter. The piece was estimated at a value of 2 million Euros.

Imagine if Ben was deaf.

He’s really good at ready lips so the rotten four don’t even realise it at first.

They try to get Ben’s attention while he’s facing away from them before they find out and when Ben doesn’t respond their first instinct is that he’s ignoring them, they think maybe he’s getting sick of them.

They don’t ask him about it either because they’re scared he’ll confirm that he’s getting sick of them and they can’t stand being rejected by the person in Auradon that matters the most to them. This creates a bad circle because Ben gets worried something happened when the four of them are suddenly very distant, whenever he get’s close they drop their gaze and go quiet.

Doug is the only who finally asks the four of them what’s going on and he’s the only who tells them Ben is deaf (he’d assumed they already knew since they’re all very close with Ben). 

Things go back to normal fairly quickly after that, they talk it out with Ben.

Even though Ben is very good at reading lips it’s a really exhausting task to do and it doesn’t take long after they find out for the four of them to realise that.

They ask Doug to teach them sign language to make things easier for Ben. (Doug knows it since he’s father is mute) Because Ben has done so much for them and it’s only fair they do things for him too.

They do it secretly at first so they can just casually slip into signs when they think they have enough knowledge to not butcher it.

Ben cries when he finds out, at first they think they messed something up but Ben is just so touched and happy. He’s signing and saying thank you over and over again. Because it’s the first time anyone besides his parents learn sign language for him, because he can read lips most people tend to think it won’t be necessary to learn.

The four of them don’t know how to react to Ben crying, Carlos hands over Dude, Jay kind of awkwardly claps his shoulder, Mal hugs him carefully and Evie gives him something to wipe away the tears with.
Ben tries not to shower them in affection because he knows they’re not used to that kind of stuff but he’s such an affectionate guy you know


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ur lying if u say the way booboo & cameron say “core” in rotten to the core doesn’t do weird things to ur heart and make u want to tear it out

Just out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in starting a Descendants Network? Anyone even slightly interested could join, and we could meet other people that share interests (such as ships or character tropes or anything rly tbh) and have a place for people to have discussions over different things, new head canons, complaints, etc.,

  • Mal: Yeah, my boyfriend's pretty cool.
  • Ben: Aww, Mal-
  • Mal: But he's not as cool as me.

oh my hopes, they are high, I must keep them small… though I try to resist, I still want it all.


Mal, daughter of Hecate
Evie, daughter of Aphrodite
Jay, son of Hermes
Carlos, son of Hephaestus
Ben, son of Apollo

• The Big House is transformed into a haunted house.

• Jay thought it would be funny to ask Carlos along because he knows Carlos would be scared to death of everything

• Travis and Connor teasing their brother Jay about dating a Hephaestus boy

• And Jay gets them back by planting spiders in the Athena cabin and spray painting “T & C” on the walls, causing the whole mass of Athena kids to attack Travis and Connor. The thing about revenge was, never do it yourself- get someone else to do it for you.

• Carlos finding Evie and pleading her to help him with his Halloween vampire costume makeup.

• Mal also shows up and demands for Evie’s help, determined to beat Ben at Best Costume of the Year, also maybe because she stupidly bet with him that she would beat him- not that he doubted it.

• Rotten Four + Ben going into the haunted house- they all cling to Jay when scared, which is pretty often. Jay is actually also scared, but he couldn’t show that.

• The Hecate kids actually made things move in there with their magic… Jason and Thalia makes the ghost sheets move around by controlling the wind. Jason sometimes flies over their heads with a sheet covering him.

• Rachel pretending to give a prophecy right there and then while green smoke surrounded her, scaring the shit out of the whole camp (Percy didn’t even want to hear it, he could barely help himself from screaming in exasperation)

• Leo and Carlos becoming REALLY GOOD FRIENDS/ HALF SIBLINGS and Leo actually helps Carlos in making DIY things for Jay, in this case they both made the mechanical skeletons hanging from the ceiling

• Piper telling Evie she’s beautiful and not to let any dick guys deem her worth or she’d whack the hell out of them with Katoptris, while she helps her dress up in her costume

• Annabeth and Evie instantly hitting it off- Evie also helps Annabeth with her costume.

• Of course, the true Halloween terror was when Jay got mad. So, teaming up with Percy, they both acted like they were fighting and rampaging mad.


jay is SUPER SCARED OF THUNDER and whenever it happens he just screams and holds his hair over his ears and carlos laughs at first but hops over to engulf him in a big cuddle soothing him O K A Y OMG