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These are the first-ever Harper’s Bazaar covers to feature transgender models

The idea for the editorial came to art director Christopher Sollinger after he read about Tracey Norman's career in the ‘70s and '80s, which ended abruptly when she was outed for being transgender. “The way she had to live in hiding and in fear, being such a beautiful woman with so many talents and gifts, just felt so wrong. She’s someone who should be celebrated. I wanted to create an image that she would be able to look at and feel proud and seen and loved and appreciated.”

Photos: Stockton Johnson at De Facto Inc./Harper’s Bazaar India

What Life Is [2/4]

It grew guys. It grew and grew.

Part two of my CSSS gift to @littlebabeswan who wanted fake dating and Will Scarlett and got this instead. Tagging also @cat-sophia @lenfaz and @profoundlyfadedprincess because you asked and are super kind people.

All credit to the wonderful ladies of the CS Writers’ Hub for the sprints, encouragement, and general tomfoolery.

This part 5.6k. Rated M (eventually). Part one is HERE.

It’s not the most auspicious start to a marriage. Or a business merger, for that matter.

Regina meets them in the cool of the underground garage, where the harsh lights emphasize Emma’s hangover pale skin and the scuff marks in the bug’s bright yellow paint.

“Is this the transport you lay on for all your honoured guests?” huffs Will as he tries to extract himself from the back seat. “No wonder you need a fucking shipping company!”

“How sweet,” Regina drawls as he finally makes it out. “You brought a pet.”

Killian’s mouth twists in annoyance.

“I brought my business manager.”

“Him?” Regina scoffs, and folds her arms, shooting Emma a look that she knows well. It’s the one that says we’ve got this in the bag. “Let’s get inside, shall we? I can tell we have much to…” she looks down at Will - a real skill being so much shorter - and smiles. “Discuss.”

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