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Growth occurs when we discover how to remain authentically ourselves in the presence of potentially threatening things. Maturity is the possession of coping skills: we can take in our stride things that previously would have knocked us off course. We are less fragile, less easily shocked and hence more capable of engaging with situations as they really are.
—  Alain de Botton, Art as Therapy

my favorite part of being a hardcore fansie is that you can show me any gif, from any production, for .3 seconds, and i can literally tell you when it took place, who the entire cast is, at what point in the broadway/tour it is, and who’s playing who

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Steve is obsessed with keeping his boots clean and shiny, and with making sure Sam's and Bucky's boots are in tip-top condition as well. He especially likes cleaning and polishing their boots while they are wearing them. He could sit at their feet for hours working on their boots. Gently brushing away dirt, removing the laces, washing and drying the leather, spreading on the polish and working it into the leather. Sam and Bucky enjoy the experience of watching Steve and the intimacy of the work.

Omg yes this is such a wonderful headcanon! I just really love where this could go. It’s Steve’s coping and de-stressing activity. Steve, losing it when he’s had a horrible mission and his boots get dirty (don’t wanna think about with what but…). Tossing them and being upset about them getting dirty because he loved them instead of cleaning them. Sam and Bucky knowing that and maybe cleaning them for Steve. Yes!

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À ton avis qui est dom/sub parmi les politiciens français ?


Non, pour de vrai ? Je pense que ça dépend des ships en fait, des dynamiques etc. PRENONS COPE (pas dans ce sens là non), par exemple. Je peux pas vraiment avoir un headcanon sur lui sur ce sujet, parce que ça dépend TELLEMENT des ships je pense. Enfin, c’est mon avis. 

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(Heads up anon is off not sure if you meant for that) Can I suggest the RFA + V finding out MC is really into scrapbooking? Like she has entire books for copying down her favourite moments with the RFA along with little doodles of them with all sorts of pencils and paint and just spends alot of time writing down her thoughts and keeping a diary. Bonus points if they JUST discovered she did this by finding her collection.

I’ll see about the anon thing when I get to my computer! I’ll stick w/ neutral pronouns for MC for rn !

•probably goes into full happy puppy mode
•he runs out of the room holding the scrapbook smiling like “OMG MC why didn’t you tell me about this its so sweet aaaaaa” (all in one breath probably)
• of MC gets flustered he’ll probably hug and kiss them and tell them its like the sweetest thing ever and he loves it. (except maybe the page with The Chocolate Milk Incident™️)
•totally helps MC all the time, new fav hobby

•probably takes pictures of the pages with him
•round out to MC and exited hugs them and gushes about how sweet it is
•asks if MC could teach him how cause it seems really fun and like a good way to de-stress after practice

•probably found it while cleaning or something
•admits to MC that she scrapbooks too!!
• they start doing it together, and when she’s extra mad @ Jumin for whatever reason they make pages roasting him
•eventually start hanging pages on the wall of the café, mucho aesthetic.

•calmly brings it up at dinner, if MC gets embarrassed he assures them that he thinks its super sweet and sentimental
• LOVES watching MC do it, like they’re so focused and at peace it makes him really happy
•tries to help but isn’t too good at it, ask he just helps pick colors and cut shapes :)

•he does it too!!!
•he whips out his MANY scrapbooks and shows MC literally everything.
• its a great de-stresser and coping mechanism, and he’s more than eager to do it with his best friend and partner
•totally makes meme scrapbooks I’m calling it

•without a doubt scrapbooks all the time
• he’s so happy when he finds MC’s scrapbooks! (precious puppy, p r o t e c t t h i s m a n)
•OBVIOUSLY does it with MC, he gives them pictures to use, and I’d think he’s a pretty good artist, so he’d totally draw stuff for them.
•kisses papercuts