de construct

puis c'est si fragile l'amour, c'est si consternant de voir à quel point une phrase, un mot, un geste, un simple malentendu peut briser des mois et des semaines de construction intime.

okayokay but like: chef!au where dean is the traditional, play-it-safe linecook in his family’s rundown roadhouse. he’s been in the kitchen since he was seven, washing wishes or peeling potatoes or swiping warm pies as they cooled on the counter. despite being enraptured by contemporary cuisine and the innovation inherent within it, truckers aren’t in the mood for de-constructed lemon meringue pie at 2am; they just want their food, and they want it fast. 

enter cas.

cas is a weird, dorky little guy who shows up one day with a huge-ass backpack, roughly 300 bucks to his name, and a resume. he applies to be a dish washer. 

dean hires him. and hey, it turns out that cas just graduated with a masters in accounting, but two months into his first job just couldn’t stomach it. turns out that, like dean, all cas wants to do is cook. 

but cook different

so they kinda get closer; they take their lunches together and talk about the stuff they’ve made and the places they’ve eaten. they talk about where they shop. they talk about their favourite foods. and then they start going for drinks. and then just hanging out at dean’s place. and then it becomes really dumb for cas to pay for a motel room when they both end up falling asleep to chef’s table anyway so cas moves in.

and then, y’know, as these things sometimes go, they go from sitting on the couch, to snuggling there, to making out. 

but cas never meant to stay in lawrence forever. so, with the vow that they will make the long-distance thing work, he sets off for a different state and a different diner. 

they do the long distance things for months. then john winchester dies.

with their abusive father out of the way, sam encourages dean to ditch the decrepit roadhouse and pursue his passion, but it takes cas confessing that he’s going to open his own restaurant to seal the deal. he doesn’t know where yet, only that he’s been saving his money, and he’s planning on selling everything he owns (which turns out to be a substantial amount off stuff in a storage unit—turns out that cas came from money before he was cut-off). 

they tear down the roadhouse and, themselves, build something beautiful in its place.

and it’s hard; people aren’t used to small portions and artistic plating when the ingredients are those you’d find in a diner (though infinitely more fresh and of better quality)… but they make it work. they have a hard couple of first years, but what comes after makes the hardship worth it.

a michelin star. 


Gyudon as it stands is like ultimate comfort food. A hearty bowl of beef, onion, potatoes and rice. It’s like coming home to someone stroking back your hair (or your preferred type of endearment) after a trying day. You know that image of sitting cross-legged whilst you’re clutching a steaming bowl of rice in your hands, close to yourself? Admittedly not the oddest thing I’ve waxed lyrical about. But fortunately for you, this food epitome of a warm hug would most likely be sitting de-constructed in your fridge right now!

Gyudon Recipe

100-200g thinly sliced beef, 1 onion, 1 tblsp cornstarch, 1 potato, 1 tblsp sugar
2 tblsp soy sauce, 3cm piece of daikon, Parsley, Bowl of rice, 1 tblsp sake, 1/2 tsp salt, Pepper

Season sliced beef with 1 tblsp sake, 1/2tsp salt and pepper. Mix well with cornstarch.

Slice onions into wedges and potatoes into batons.

Cook in a (very important), nonstick frying pan until soft.

Peel daikon and grate with the smallest form (which is surprisingly easy, Daikon isn’t as hard as it looks)

Squeeze out excess water. Isn’t t cute? It looks like it would roll forward, forming eyes and ears and attack you headfirst.

Add beef to the pan and cook thoroughly. (Nonstick! Cornstarch sticks otherwise! You can tell by the degree of emphasis that I did not use a nonstick pan)

Add 1 tblsp sugar and 2 tblsp soy sauce, which will thicken glossily. And thank god for perfect days where the sun hits the exact spot to make your cooking appear more ethereal than it actually is. This is also where the aroma of warmth begins.

Top with rice, add daikon garnish (which provides a refreshing element to cut through the hearty ingredients) and top with parsley.

Go eat and cry that a bowl of rice is what consoles your deadened spirit way better than any friend can.

1973 - Éloge de la dynamite

Issues des pires cauchemars des créateurs, quelques expériences architecturales continuent de me séduire. Qu'il s'agisse du mouvement Brutaliste ou Métaboliste, des constructions de béton projeté ou des Maisons-Bulles, je suis subjugué par ces tentatives, surtout celles mal-aimées qui ont lamentablement foiré.
Soutenues par des promoteurs mégalomanes et des politiciens véreux, quelques unes demeurent encore parmi nous.
Et, même si ma Dame préfère la meulière, il y a cette tour dans laquelle je finirai bien par habiter un jour.

consider this harry potter au: the houses actually effect what you learn and werent just fluff so like 

hufflepuff students got the most well rounded education and basically assured that your child would get a good career somewhere, like all classes are on a rotation so they get a generalization of everything and third year is p much like they can select a focus and finals are like just a bunch of proficency tests

ravenclaw is more focused on theory and studying so like arthimancy and any class has this focus and students basically have to figure practical magic out for themselves, graduating finals involve de-constructing a spell and making one of your own with a thesis of construction

slytherin is focused on history and tradition so like traditional spells and potions that tie in with the period of history theyre spelling along with like learning like wizarding home ec stuff, theres probably like an ancient wizard decorum court that over sees finals

gryfindor is the most hands on, like practical magic, care of magical creatures, herbology with your hands in the dirt day one, they have like a wizard gym class and the finals include the most explosions and are all like puzzle rooms and mazes to solve with magic

Arc de Triomphe - France

The construction of the  Arc de Triomphe was ordered in 1806 by the French Emperor Napoleon. It was built to honour the French army, then known as the Grande Armee, who had conquered much of Europe and were considered invincible. The names of 128 battles are inscribed on the white walls of the Arc, along with the Generals who took part in them. 

Beneath the Arc is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, accompanied by an eternal flame, which burns in memory of all soldiers who have never been identified. 

Parroquia de San Juan Bautista de la Salle durante la construcción, Virgilio Garza 400, Col. Chepevera, Monterrey, Nuevo León, México 1956

Ing. Gustavo M. Coindreau Barri

Parrish church of San Juan Bautista de la Salle during construction, Virgilio Garza 400, Chepevera, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico 1956

Frein à la souveraineté des nations du Vieux Continent, l'Union Européenne est de plus en plus remise en cause, à gauche comme à droite du spectre politique. L'UE est-elle garante de la démocratie ou destructrice des libertés ?

Nous reviendrons sur la construction historique de l'UE, avant de d'analyser les institutions qui la structurent, et finalement nous interrogerons l'état de l'UE de nos jours.

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