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TWO SHADOWS REACHING THROUGH THE HOPELESS (or Achilles and Patroclus’ reincarnation) ♛ WWII : Haustet, Belgium, December 1944

‘Let’s lose ourselves ‘cause there’s no one left for us to blame. It’s a shame we’re all dying and do you think you deserve your freedom?’

They met at the 117th Infantry Regiment’s training camp. They never met each other since one was coming from New York while the other one grew up in Arkansas but at first meeting, they bond, knewing they would become great friends. And they became buddies, trusting each other on the battlefield. They landed on Omaha Beach on D+4 but fought viciously during the rest of the military campaigns, demonstrating their aptitude and winning grades. They protected each other and saved each other life a countless time. Their brothers in arms never pointed out how close they were and accepted even more it that they were simply the best of them. On december 194, the Regiment was ordered to an assembly area in Haustet, Belgium and to retake Stavelot, a key crossroads on the Amblève River. They had to suffer 6 fanatical German assault on 20 December 1944 in the cold winter and on a frozen battlefield besides constant mortar attacks. On one of the last assault, while for once they were separated on the battlefield and fighting apart, Patroclus had been fatally wounded. Achilles’ sanity failed and he participated with his Regiment to defeat the elite 1st SS Adolf Hitler Division which was never again to do battle. He died a few weeks later, killed by a mortar attack.