Sometimes you just gotta..
  • Marinette:*Chilling in the park playing with a yoyo*
  • Civilian:Stop, thief!
  • The Thief:*Running towards where Marinette is*
  • Marinette:*Braces herself and reflexively flicks out her yoyo and hits thief in the head briefly stunning them*
  • Marinette:(Oh shit oh shit I'm not in costume right now)
  • Thief:(Shit oh shit Ladybug's here-- or... Not?)

anonymous asked:

Have you used copic markers before? They're sooo expensive but they make such beautiful art!

I have! I still have mine, and talk about my art supplies here

With the exception of the “Everyday is Halloween” one (from almost a year ago), these are from about four years ago when I used to work primarily with marker (before I decided watercolor was my favorite paper medium). I also have a bunch of Faber Castell and Prismacolor markers and I mostly use them for tattoo flash work nowadays, not completed drawings.