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  • Dani:This may be a lot to ask for tonight since you said you might or might not be spending the night with your girlfriend but, I kind of need a favor.
  • Dani:Nevermind.
  • Dani:I'll figure something else out, I forgot you said you were really looking forward to tonight with her.

I have this headcanon every morning bro has to drag dave out of bed because he was up till 6am talking to his friends online and by drag I mean dave hangs onto the bedpost for dear life while bro pulls him by his feet threatening to not let him use his xbox for three days if he doesn’t get his ass out of bed. Bro finally yanks him off the bedpost and drags him into the kitchen to get breakfast.  Dave usually lays there for a few minutes just to spite him.


So I just came home to an inbox of over 100 messages and a number of new followers only explainable by being in a Homestuck update (which I’m still partially flipping my shit about but we won’t get into that ahaha) But wow hello everyone my name is Alex and I love Striders and cosplay with all my heart and I really appreciate you all for being here, it means a lot to me so thank you so much for following my silly little blog!

I’m going to try and spend the next hour or so working my way through these asks, replying to what I can privately and making a master post for the anon’s.  Thank you so much for all the kind messages you guys are all so sweet I can’t handle it.  ; A ;

Today I showed my mom pictures from the huge beta kids/trolls shoot at youmacon and after a few minutes she’s like, “honey this is great and all but what in lords name are you wearing I’m pretty sure that’s the ugliest costume I’ve ever seen."  So I laughed and proceeded to show her the first page of Homestuck and she was just like oh.

Like the fact that there were twelve grey people with candy corn horns in the pictures didn’t even phase her it was John Egbert’s horrible fashion sense.