ddt4 2013


PWG DDT4, 2013.  El Generico is about to retire (coincidentally, Sami Zayn is about to debut in the WWE) and has reluctantly entered a tag team tournament with his former-friend Kevin Steen.  The first match in the tournament was all about how much they hate each other–blind tags, angry violent tags, seething glaring, etc.  They just barely started to connect again at the end of it.

This second match, against Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole, is all about the thwarted hot tag.  Over and over again, Kevin tries to tag in Generico.  Their efforts to reach each other grow increasingly frantic as the audience’s need to see them connect grows increasingly desperate.  He has to duck O’Reilly; then Cole drags him away; then O’Reilly drags Generico away.  When Kevin’s finally clear he almost crawls to the wrong corner.  But finally, finally, they make the tag and are working together sincerely and authentically for the first time since Kevin’s betrayal.