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One Word Prompt: Quinoa

I’m guessing @therealschmidtshady and this anon watched the recent live show, huh? That or they really like health foods.

Here, have a badly written fic. More under the cut:

Tags: fluff, body issues, healthy eating, references to the live show and the swedish fish, potentially triggering if body-image and weight gain stuff isn’t great for you. Other than that, just Phil being adorable.

Words: 1322

The packet is back in the kitchen a mere week after they get back from America. Phil sees it nestled in the bottom of a shopping bag during their delivery and heaves it out with a sigh. 

“Are we back on that then?” Because it’s always we. Dan always insists he does it too. 

“I thought so,” Dan shrugs, pulling out broccoli and… is that fennel? “We’ve both had one too many pancakes in the last few months.” 

Phil nods, doesn’t try to fight him on it, because he’s seen the way Dan’s eyes linger over the comments on his latest videos. He watched him stand in front of the large mirror in the hallway, frowning softly. Phil doesn’t do much during these moments, just presses a kiss to Dan’s temple if the situation allows and leaves Dan to brood about it. He’s tried arguing the point that Dan is beautiful regardless before, but it doesn’t get him anywhere. 

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Working on this demo’s most requested feature, rebindable controls.

Now you can finally play with your specific input preferences or fix your non English QWERTY keyboard into being playable, as long as you don’t touch F1-12. All of the old debug functions were moved up there (like resizing/resetting the window) and some new ones were added to reset your key configs if you screw yourself over somehow.

Controller support has also been overhauled, so now you can properly mix keyboard and controller inputs without things getting weird. Actions can now also be bound to the shoulder buttons, with alternates available so you can mix shoulder and face buttons. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything silly like binding the dpad to the face buttons and vice-versa; Sorry DDR pad users.

date with seventeen [2/2]

// Seokmin / DK

Seokmin’s a fun guy, so he’ll probably take you for laser tag or to the new archery tag place that opened up downtown. You’re wondering if it will be okay with just the two of you, but you already have everything you need to have a great time if you’re with Seokmin. The two of you pair up to duke it out against other pairs and turns out that you guys are the dynamic duo. Sure, Seokmin misses a few hits and takes a few, too, but you cover his silly mistakes, and he’s both impressed but also knew you’d be the perfect partner. After a few hours there, you’re left breathing heavily while Seokmin gives out a huff and says, “Let’s go!” You’re not surprised that Seokmin now has karaoke planned for the two of you where he can be cheesy and serenade you with his favourite ballads, but also dance wildly when you sing a few feel good favourites. When Seokmin starts to run out of energy himself, he suggests the two of you get out of there and head back home. Before you hop on the subway, he buys some street food for the both of you. Seokmin steals a bite of your food, but he says he’ll repay you on your next date.

// Mingyu

Mingyu asks you to meet him at the park at noon because he has something prepared for you. When you show up at the park a bit sleepy, you’re surprised to see Mingyu dressed up in a blazer and dress pants (but Mingyu enjoys dressing up a lot) and holding what looks to be a picnic basket. “Are you serious, Mingyu?” He laughs and just guides you to an empty spot in the park where the two of you can lie down and enjoy the food he made. “Ah, wait,” he says, pulling something else out of the basket and it’s his polaroid camera. He takes a picture of you and a picture of the both of you. He also gets up every time a dog passes by to give it a good pat and rub on the stomach. He asks how you’re liking the food and you says, “It’s really good, Mingyu!” When you finish eating, the two of you just sort of lie on the blanket, staring at the sky and talking. He sits up and suggests the two of you go to the library and check out some books because Mingyu’s kind of actually a nerd sometimes. He’s a bit loud, laughing at some of the books he sees, saying the characters look like you, but he finally settles on some books and you sit down with him. You watch Mingyu read his book, but he says, “You’re probably thinking, ‘Wow, he’s so handsome,’ right now, right?” The rest of the day is just kind of spent talking to Mingyu, telling him to shut up every now and then and eating some more of the food.

// Minghao / The8

First date with Minghao takes place at the…… aquarium! Yay, you suggested the aquarium because Minghao has never been to one, but he loves fishies hehehehe (and he loves you). Anyway, so maybe you grab a light lunch before meeting Minghao in front of the aquarium. When you show up, Minghao is in front of the aquarium, amazed at just how big it is already. You two go in and start looking at the fishies yay. You touch the starfish and the stingray to which Minghao is surprised and giggles. You walk through a tunnel, and the two of you are surrounded by sharks and fish. Minghao…. is a m a z e d. Wowe, Minghao loves this so much he ain’t even trying to hide it. “Hey, this one looks like you!” Minghao remarks when his face is right up against the glass, and you’re starin at him. “What?” Minghao looks at you. “I like you.” “What?” “This fish looks like you.” “Wat” Minghao laughs because you’re all flustered, and he keeps walking. And yeah. That’s it. That’s the big confession.

// Seungkwan

Seunggwan, much to your surprise, is really good and fond of skating! You might not be as good on the ice as he is, but this is why he’s bringing you out on this date. He meets you at the bus stop and says he’s taking you somewhere “cool,” but he literally means some place cool: a skating rink. The two of you skate around and although Seunggwan may hold back some laughter when you fall, he’ll help you get back up and hold your hand tightly. He’ll skate in front of you, showing off how he can skate backwards. When “Adore U” is played overhead, Seunggwan lets go of your hand and puts on a whole performance on the ice, and it’s really cute and silly. Once the two of you are done skating, he brings you to his favourite restaurant and laughs, “Pick anything you want! It’s on me tonight!” You just have a great night talking to him, and he takes you home, but before you go inside your home, he asks for quick kiss on the cheek to which you roll your eyes but do so anyway (but sneaky Seunggwan turns his head so you kiss his lips).

// Hansol / Vernon

So, maybe you’re not used to the shy Vernon, but here he is, awkwardly standing at your door to pick you up. He scratches the back of his head, asking if you’re ready to go, “I mean, yeah you are, because you look really pretty and have everything on you and…” What Vernon has in mind for you two is just a day of hanging out. Maybe walking around the park so the two of you can discuss the latest episode an anime, or so he can share some lyrics he’s been working on. You’ll spend some time walking around the fashion district so you two can try on clothes and see what you like. Finally, the evening is spent at Vernon’s favourite restaurant that has both great entrees and dessert. More conversations are held here, and then he walks you home. He’ll gather up the courage and maybe sneak in a smooth, “So, I’m hoping we can talk over more food next time,” or “You have a great sense in fashion, maybe you can give me more pointers next time?” before the night ends.  

// Chan / Dino

Dino is a really playful, but shy boy, so it’s only appropriate that he takes you out to the lively streets of Seoul where you can go from playing at the arcade to sitting in a cafe. The two of you sit down in a restaurant where you have a few talks and store up your energy to spend with Dino. After filling your stomach, Dino challenges you to a Dance Dance Revolution battle at the arcade you passed by. You know you could get smoked (a very likely chance), but you don’t let the opportunity to see Dino get excited pass. You go first, just to get past the embarrassment now, but Dino is really impressed by how well you did. He goes up next, and the level of difficulty he chooses is wayyy up there (not sure how DDR works exactly, but hey Dino would kill it anyway). Dino attracts a crowd as he busts out some moves while hitting every step accurately, and Dino is shining right in front of your eyes. He hops off the DDR pad and turns to you. He huffs, “How did I do?” After crowning him the winner, the two of you play more games then get some ice cream from the shop right across and sit down, for more talks. He likes asking you a lot of questions to the point when he forgets about his ice cream and you have to remind him to eat. After the ice cream, he decides he’s still hungry and buys the two of you some ddeokbokki from the nearby street vendor. Now, he just wants to walk around the street with you and talk with you more because “you have a really different life from mine, I like hearing about what you did and do.” He takes you home after and gives you a quick kiss on the cheek before running away back to the bus stop, but later you receive a text from him saying, “I hope you enjoyed today~ can’t wait to beat you at DDR next time!”

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Undertale on a DDR Dance Pad - Stream #3 (Finale)

[ Twitch Channel | YouTube Playlist | YouTube Channel | The Boo Crew ]

Twitch Highlights:
» Vs Asgore
» Vs Flowey
» Vs Asriel Dreemurr

Undertale has been beaten with a dance pad!
So the Neutral run didn’t end up being too bad and was over rather quickly, so I decided to go for the TRUE PACIFIST run too. This game sure was a trip!
As for next week, I dunno what to play next. I know there’s some demand for a Genocide Run but I’ll likely only do the Sans Battle at a much later date.


Super Mario 3D World on a DDR Dance Pad - Stream #1

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YouTube Highlights:
» Captain Toad Can’t Climb
» Autoscroller Hell
» Diagonal Clone Hopping
» The time when I nearly did good

Every Sunday: 10am to 1pm - (UTC+8)

Super Mario 3D World started off very easy but is shaping up to be more and more of a challenge with each level that gets thrown at me.

The biggest problem I face is the lack of free camera control which sometimes forces me into a diagonal perspective forcing me to use my hands to hit the jump button when running diagonally.

It’s a fun time for sure and I’m really looking forward to getting to the end of this thing!


Splatoon on a DDR Dance Pad - Stream #1

[ Twitch Channel | YouTube Playlist | YouTube Channel | The Boo Crew ]

Twitch Highlights:
» Vs Mighty Octostomp
» Vs Dreaded Octonozzle

This game is ridiculous…
Also my capture card isn’t playing ball and decided to throw the sync off no more than 10-minutes into the stream so I’m gonna have to work out what the issue is and get it sorted.




My mom picked up more duct tape for me because she’s great. As soon as I got home from work I taped down the vinyl and added the trim.

It’s WAAAAAY better than a normal soft pad.

Now I can get back into DDR without the mat sliding all over the place or tearing or bunching up.


KY plays Spelunky with a knife and fork, a DDR pad, his feet, while entertaining a cat and more. The Vinesauce chat even got a chance to play for a bit. This video is insane.