ddp comics

A lot of people are tagging about DDP Lotor. And… that’s actually from the second volume of the DDP comic which was mostly penciled by Su but they switched artists after the eighth issue.

The first volume had Lotor looking like this:

After DOTU, Voltron kinda had a weird thing where they were torn between showing Lotor looking more homely or more handsome…. It’s actually something the original Toei anime had a problem with as well, where the depiction of Lotor largely depends on whose the animation director of the episode.

(Left: from one of the episodes that have more poor animation / Right: from episode 22 that evidently spent a higher budget on the animation)

Though overall, Lotor’s official design in the original anime is the one on the right as it goes along with the whole part Altean thing that was only touched upon in the original anime (and in the crossover comic) where he’s supposed to look different from the other Galra.