ddont do this

vulpine-garden replied to your post “When art u spend 2 days on gets 15 notes while your shitposts get…”

At least you have active followers who send you an ask or two lol……I do hope your art get more attention tho!

now you see, here’s the problem for me

having 500 followers and getting 15 or so notes would be ok, i can understand that. that’s how many i had when i WAS at 500

but now its about 3x the amount and barely breaking 20 now, depending on how many times i reblog my art and even then, i hit 15 or so

i like getting asks and im appreciative to the people that DO pay attention- because y’all rock. but at this point it would be nice for those other 1600 followers to do something


Hey! It’s Friday My Day, and I just want to let you all know that I’m proud of you. If no one else has said it to you today, then here you go, this video is for you :)